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Chapter V-Battle in the tower, Kin's new life begins Part III

Many battles were fought many winners and losers were shown and named. But now this battle-tower is about to come close to the end.

As the mask fighter of the sound village was up next, she was would fight was about to be shown.

Would it be Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga, Hinata, Hyuga, Shikamaru Naru, Kankuro or Gaara of the Desert?

All eyes were focus on who this mask fighter was and what she could do. And when the name appeared on the broad who she will be fighting all eyes widen in surprise as Gaara of the Desert closed his eyes and vanish into sand dust and reappeared down below on battle floor.

Mask fighter vs. Gaara of the Desert!

But before the battle began the ill Jounin asked the mask fighter "What is your name? And would remove your mask?" The mask fighter looked up at Orochimaru who was still hiding as a Jounin team leader of the team Dosu.

Orochimaru nod his head with a snaky smiled on his face.

The mask fighter remove her mask and shown everyone her face. As the mask was remove long red hair shot out and reach down to her back. Her eyes were brown colored but yet looked very angry. Her face was shown as the female mask fighter then spoke her name "Tayuya."

Tayuya vs. Gaara of the Desert was now on the screen broad.

Kin frown it was just as she feared 'So it was her, the deadly melody of the sound five Tayuya of the north gate.' Tayuya looked up at everyone with angry eyes those eyes even made Guy and Kakashi sweatdrop at the same time 'This might be an ugly fight.' Kakashi thought to himself.

Once the battle started Gaara was the first one to attack Tayuya, but Tayuya was quick on her feet. She hopped side to side avoiding Gaara's grab attacks. Tayuya launch a paper-bomb at Gaara but quickly Gaara's sand grabbed it and allow it blow up as it had no effect on Gaara being it never reach him.

Gaara was fixed on defeating or killing Tayuya. He really didn't have time to bet wasting Chakra on her. Tayuya kept avoiding Gaara's sand easily for being a woman, Gaara thought that was the reason she was so easily to avoided his attacks. Tayuya liked Gaara didn't want to waste chakra during this fight. Tayuya dash toward Gaara, knowing she was going to attack him, Gaara didn't do anything he knew his sand guard would protect him. Tayuya tighten her right fist and launch it at Gaara.

'You can't hurt me.' Gaara thought to himself knowing he was always right. However Tayuya wasn't a normal ninja fighter Gaara thought. Amazing enough Tayuya actually punched Gaara in the face her punch broke through his sand.

Gaara flew two feet away from Tayuya. Gaara shook his head he knew something was wrong. For a quick moment he saw Tayuya's right hand had strange marking on it. And a purple glowing chakra was glowing off her right hand for a moment. Gaara didn't like this at all. He would have to be more careful for now on. Gaara clap his hands together and created two large sand hands as they reach out to grab Tayuya. But once again Gaara saw a part of Tayuya's body glowing with purple chakra but this time it was her feet.

Tayuya dash toward Gaara avoiding his sand hands attacks. And back-flip kicked Gaara, Gaara fell down to the ground landing on his head first before his body hit the ground. Gaara's face was cracking bits of sand and dirt was falling off him.

Gaara was getting really piss he didn't like this at all he felt he was being cheated somehow. Even though Tayuya was using chakra to fight him, Gaara felt there was something else behind this. Gaara looked up at Orochimaru with a stare filled with venom. When he looked at Tayuya he could see someone else was there with her.

While up above Kin watched the fight and kind of felt sorry for Gaara, she knew he was gonna lose. Tayuya was on a different level then he and Naruto was. Even Naruto was frowning while watching the fight.

'I won't let my existed disappear.' Gaara thought to himself.

'It's Time to put this beast to sleep.' Tayuya suddenly smiled. Tayuya reach from left side of her hips and took her weapon of choice. Her flute Tayuya chuckle knowing this fight was over right here and right now.

"Now hear my melody, Melody Crying Beast!" Tayuya played a special melody for Gaara. When she first started there was nothing no sound not even a note. But suddenly enough Gaara heard it he heard it clear as a whisper the sound was a very high note. Gaara held his head as he began to scream out in pain, Gaara got on his knees while screaming in pain. Gaara's eyes widen in fear and pain it was driving him nuts as well. But as Gaara looked upward he saw Naruto Uzumaki was having the same thing.

'He can hear it too?' Gaara thought to himself. Gaara and Naruto's ears were bleeding. Kin and Kakashi, Rock Lee and Sakura were trying to find out why only Naruto and Gaara were the only one screaming in pain.

Gaara got up from the ground trying to fight it. Gaara had about enough from Tayuya as the boy screamed out in fury "YOU WON'T MAKE MY EXISTED DISAPPEAR! I'LL KILL YOU SAND B-"but before Gaara could finish what he was about to say. Gaara found himself in a different area he no longer was within the battle area but a different place a dark place the ground had skulls and bones. Suddenly Gaara saw himself slowly melting to the ground.

The sound of Tayuya laughing was being heard. Gaara didn't want to end this way he knew he couldn't die this way. But then something in Gaara snapped something inside just snap. Gaara grab his cheeks and start scratching his skins Gaara was only scratching the sand skin off his own skin.

He let out an inhuman roar as he smash his head down to the ground very hard. When Gaara raise his head up again all of the sand/dirt that protected him were cracking down cracking leaving his face unprotected and as Gaara was about to bash his head down to the ground again.

"ENOUGH!" a voice roar out as everything stopped, Gaara was back in the battle area. Tayuya stop her beast crying melody. As all eyes were turn to the Third Hokage as the third Hokage eyes were furies as Gaara fell to the ground.

"Winner is Tayuya!" said the ill Jounin.

"Gaara!" Temari and Kankuro jumped down to check on their little brother. But to their surprise Gaara was out cold whatever Tayuya did to him screw him over. But just him Naruto Uzumaki was barely hanging on, Naruto shook his head.

"Naruto are you okay?" Kakashi asked the boy. Naruto kept shaking his head and slap his forehead "What the hell was that? Didn't you guys hear it? Oh man I almost went deaf what was that girl doing. That song she played it draw me nut."

Kakashi glare at Tayuya but move his glare down to Gaara 'Only Naruto and that boy were effect what does this mean?' while Kin glare at Tayuya with a mean stare while Tayuya left the area happy as she rejoin with Dosu. The ninja asked Tayuya "What the hell did you just do?" Tayuya stop smiling but frown at Dosu and whisper to Dosu "A new song Orochimaru wanted me to test out. It seems it worked just fine."

Dosu turn his stare over to Gaara and Naruto and also was lost in thought 'Why did it affect only those two?'

A team of medic ninjas came to take Gaara to the nearest medical central. The last thing Gaara saw before he completely black out was the stared of a pair of blue eyes.

"I never thought Gaara would be defeated." Kankuro he couldn't believe his little brother was defeated in battle. Even Temari was surprise how Gaara was defeated and how much of a mess Gaara was after Tayuya did to him. Temari gave Tayuya a piss glare hoping she will face Tayuya in the finals.

As the next match would be…

Suddenly a loud voice of cheer was heard as it came from Rock Lee as he saw his name on broad. After Gaara was taken away, Temari left with Gaara to make sure her little brother was alright as Kankuro stay behind.

"Alright now it is my turn to show what I can do." Lee smiled let an out big smiled.

"GO LEE!" Guy cheered his favorite student on. As everyone watched at the broad on who Lee would face and when the name appeared. Everyone eyes widen in surprise as Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai and Guy all four together sweatdrop at the same-time.

"Forget what I said before this will be an ugly match." Kakashi said.

Guy face-palm "This isn't going to end well."

"Huh what's wrong?" Naruto asked Kakashi and Guy.

Rock Lee vs. Hinata Hyuga

Rock Lee blink his eyes twice even he couldn't believe it. He heard a lot of things about Hinata from Neji and Tenten. And also it was one of Lee's codes of honor never harm a lady in combat. Lee was tearful he really wanted to go on to the finals but he didn't want to hurt Hinata in anyway. It wasn't his nature at all Lee was truly a good-guy at heart.

Lee turn and looked up everyone on the right side with tearful as everyone sweatdrop.

"Guy-sensei we got a problem." Lee said.

But then Naruto spoke up "What's wrong why everyone is looking worry?"

Guy looked at Naruto and let out a sigh "It's one of Lee's codes. Lee said he will never lay a hand on a woman. Even in combat he will not lay a hand on a woman."

"And he's fighting Hinata…I see that is a problem." Naruto cross his arm over his chest to think what he can do to help Lee. Kin looked over at Hinata "Hey Hinata do you really want to win?"

"Um it really doesn't matter to me…I just want to prove to everyone I'm really strong."Hinata told Kin as Kin quickly had an idea a good one she believed. Kin jump down to joined Lee as Lee backup a little bit hoping Kin wasn't going to fight him.

Kin point out at Lee and said "How about I take your place?" Lee looked confuse for a moment as Guy jump down to join with the two Genin.

"Lee are you okay with this?" Guy asked.

"No I can't allow Kin-chan to battle Hinata-chan for my sake. But I cannot harm a woman in any way it is my code. But I want to make it to the finals there is a special someone I want face in the finals." Lee was having a very difficult time with this choice.

"I pass my turn." Hinata said as everyone was shock to hear her said that.

Kurenai looked a little bit worried "Hinata are you sure? You sure you really want to do this?" Hinata looked at Kurenai and smiled as she nodded her head "Yes I am sure, I can make up for it during the next time of the Chunin Exams. I have already proven myself strong by being here."

Kurenai smiled at her student and was glad "Alright Hinata it's your move."

"Hinata-chan do you really mean it I can't allow you to throw your chance to be the finals-." Lee was cut off by Hinata "I have made my choice. I can always do it the next time."

Lee suddenly cheered out loud loudly "THANK YOU HINATA-CHAN! FOR THIS I WILL PROTECT YOU UNTIL THE DAY I DIED!" Lee gave Hinata a thump up as his teeth shine bright. As everyone and even Hinata of Konoha sweatdrop together but smiled at Lee glad to see he was happy and also glad that she had made another friend.

Guy laughed "AH It's good to see new allies being made right here right now." Guy turned and looked at Kurenai "Your student, Hinata was it? She has a good heart she doesn't seem the type that wants to fight."

Kurenai sighed but smiled anyway at Hinata "She's different from the others. But different is good this isn't her time to shine, not yet." But a certain Hyuga thought a different reason "She isn't strong to be here in the first place. Only luck and fate has brought her here nothing more."

Rock Lee so rejoined the group as he overheard Neji Hyuga he point at the Hyuga "That is no way to treat your cousin like that Neji. She has made it this far by her own will and strength." But Neji laughed at Lee's remark.

But so as Lee was about to talk back to Neji the next names appeared on the screen.

Neji Hyuga name appeared on the screen as the next name to appeared as the name appeared on the screen. Naruto's eyes widen in surprise while Shikamaru Naru let out a sighed and said "This is going to be troublesome."

Next Time- Battle in the tower, Kin's new life begins Part IV

So there you have it was Tayuya after all who was the mask fighter, now I wanna know how did you guys and girls knew it was Tayuya? I didn't give you any hint it was her at all LOL XD, wow you guys and girls read my plans right throught hahahahaha.

But anyway up next,

Is Neji Hyuga but who he is fighting?

Is it Kin or Shikamaru or Kankuro?

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