Hey Scorpionking12 here with the story that got the most votes in my poll Naurto the Ultimate weapons master as said in many stories I do not own naruto zen aku but I do own the bloodlines in my other stories and the bloodlines in this one so without further ado I present Naruto the ultimate weapon master

It has been 7 years since the Kyuubi attacked the hidden leaf and was sealed inside a young blonde named Naruto now it is October 10th and the Kyubbi festival is going on. Our young hero is running from a mob of about 40 civillians and 27 shinobi and Kunoichi all armed to the teeth with weapons including the kitchen sink. Naruto was running all through the city and ran into an alley way only to find a dead end. "Oh no what am I going to do they are getting closer and there is nowhere to run or hide". Naruto started panicking remembering the last time he got beat up by the villagers and was sent to the hospital where he was out for 3 days he did not want to experience that again. "We got the demon cornered he has nowhere to

run let's finish what the fourth started". yelled a villager who was a jounin. "Why are you guys doing this I did not do anything to you" "You killed my sister and my mom and dad you deserve to die". with all that said they started to beat cut slice and even gouge naruto to death what they did not realize is that there was blood and naruto was using a little chakra to keep from feeling to much pain when the blood hit what everyone thought was a freckle naruto's body started to shine with a bright golden light. "The demon is showing his true colors" someone yelled thinking that naruto was changing into the nine tailed fox. Once the light faded Naruto was 5 foot 4 and had mucsles that were a bit big for someone his age but what

caught everyone's attention were the 2 hook swords in his hands the first in his left hand was golden and had the kanji for every main sub and rare element on it this was the famous hook sword of elements and the one on the right was dark silver and had the kanji for adamantium on it once Naruto gripped the swords he instantly knew how to use them even their special abilities Naruto ran at the mob of people trying to hurt and or kill him and using his hook swords instead of hurting them just tripped them so he could get a head start and run as

far away as possible but he did not get far when a giant white fireball was in front of him gripping the sword of elements he thought golden ice and instantly his body transformed into a golden ice man when the fireball hit it just dissipated from the cold body it touched made of ice. This is when the Sandaime and his anbu came "What the hell do you think you are doing I have told you not to harm him and what do you do you harm him thinking the Sandaime won't kill me because he is just pretending to like the boy to gain his trust well guess what you die here fire style flame thrower" with that there were screams that could be heard all the way to the other side of Konoha.

In hell "oh goodie some more play things" guess who and you get a cookie

Sarutobi walked over to naruto and knelt down and asked "are you alright Naruto you took a beating and it also looks like you unlocked your bloodlines" "Huh" "look at what you have in your hands when you touched them you instantly learned how to use them in everyway possible and every style used for them and then your eyes changed from blue to silver with a gold infinity sign for the pupil now what the demonigan does is it doesn't get affected by genjutsu it copies other bloodlines but doesn't stop there it modifies them and makes them better and with no weaknesses and it also allows use of all the elements your last bloodline if you will look under your shirt you were channeling chakra to your body and did not realize that instead

of enhancing you made armor appear this is called armor weapon body it allows you to create armor and weapons that only you or someone you give permission to can use." "Cool so what is so special about the swords I have in my hands and why does it feel like I just got a load of information in my head telling me about thousands of jutsu including one called flying thunder god" Sarutobi's eyes widened at that and he thought "So that's where your library went huh Minato" the council had sold the fourths house before Sarutobi took office again and

gave it to Rain Haruno who said she would give the jutsu library to the uchiha as a gift so they could set up an arranged marriage between Sakuni Haruno and Itachi uchiha (Naruto is 1 year older than the rookies so this is before sakura and sasuke are born). But when the Harunos entered the house it did not have the weapons or jutsu library that it should have infact it was empty of everything so Itachi and Sakuni were not to get married. "Well Naruto the 1 in your left hand is called the hook sword of elements it allows your body to turn into any

element that you are Affiliated with and the 1 in your right I do not know because I have never heard of or seen a weapon with the kanji for adamantium" "okay Jiji I want to learn to be a ninja to better protect myself and later my precious people if I ever get more than you Asuma Old man ichiraku and ayame nee-chan". The Hokage chuckled and said "I am sure you will Naruto I am sure you will".

Naruto is now 16 years old (I made the graduating time 16 instead of 12 or 13 because that is just to young) Naruto was not the top student nor was he the dead last his friend Rock lee was considered the dead last because he could not use chakra. Naruto had seen Lee without his shirt on before and noticed a little green yin yang sign on his back Naruto went through all the knowledge of seals in his head and relized that that was a chakra restrainer and bloodline sealer in one and vowed to lee to learn to take it off he told the sandaime and he was mad because he did not think anyone in his village would try to seal a poor boys chakra and bloodline. Naruto had also met and was in love with a girl who had chocolate colored eyes

and chocolate colored hair her name was Tenten Tenshi her father Dustin and mother Gale were both very good friends with Naruto and did not see him as a demon just the prison the demon was sealed in. Tenten also loved Naruto they had been dating since they were 15 years old. On Tenten's 15th birthday naruto asked her if she would go out with him after giving her her present which was an adamantium kunai set and crystal sword with scale scabbard she accepted and they had a fun time at a new restaurant that sold Dango and red bean soup this is where Naruto met a girl about 3 years older than him with red eyes and black wavy hair named Kurenai she was very beautiful and Naruto had already told tenten that if they got

married she would have to share him with other girls because of his bloodlines tenten didn't care because she was Bi she had kissed a girl before and liked it. They are sitting listening to the teacher tell them team placements "Team 9 Neji Hyugga, Tenten Tenshi, and Naruto Uzumaki" "Yes Tenten-chan we are on the same team" Naruto said as he turned and locked lips with tenten for a 4 minute kiss Tenten had slipped her tongue in Naurto's mouth and they battled for dominance and naruto won out. They sat there until they heard that Rock lee would be apprenticing under Maito Gai and that there sensei was Jin Untaro who was from the clan of blaze bloodline holders they could turn their whole body into a walking bonfire.

All the senseis came in and took their genin and then came Jin "Meet me at the angels eye diner and go to the side that does not have strippers that is where you will find me be there in 10 minutes or you don't become genin and this card is what you need to get in see you there".

They arrived at the angel eyes diner and went to their sensei to talk. I am tenten Tenshi I love Naruto-kun weapons Dango Jasmine tea and my parents my dislikes are fan girls because they give a bad name to Kunoichi every where and arrogant people who thing they are better than every one else. I am Neji Hyugga I like Steak Red jelly beans and rice my dislikes are

the caged bird seal and Kumos old Raikage for getting my father killed and the hyugga elders I love my uncle and cousins I just act cold around them when we are in public. I am naruto uzumaki I love tenten-chan ramen, tattoos, and dango and Jasmine tea I hate arrogant people and the council of civilians that try to have me killed or put in a program called root almost

every week my dream is to become the most powerful person from both the clans I come from and to marry Tenten and restore my clans I also know that I will have to marry more girls but right now I will settle for just 1. Alright let's get to training we will start missions in 3 weeks after we get your teamwork and chakra control up.

Chapter 1 end

Hey this is strictly a 6 girl harem and the first 4 have already been picked by me and challenger they are tenten Haku Temari Kurenai now you can review and tell me who you

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