Well its been a long time since I updated this story and I know all of you are looking forward to Naruto kicking ass anyway on with the late chapter here we go

Naruto Tenten and Neji were on their way to training ground nine dreading that they would be doing more training from boot camp hell and were scared of what their Sensei Jin had in store for them.

When they got to the training grounds they saw their sensei there with a serious look on his face it was his business face he usually had a I am pissed off face but right now he just had his business face which meant one of three things.

1. his girlfriend is mad at him and kicked him out for the night and he is trying to figure out why

2. He is gonna teach them new techniques

or 3. The Hokage gave Jin their first mission.

"Team we are going on a mission it seems that Kakashi's genin team ran into Zabuza ex kiri swordsman so we are being sent as take over team we are to get there and take over the mission oh and Naruto you are my second in command with your bloodlines and the weapons you have created with your bloodline and your clan techniques as well as your new armor type that you made for all of us I think it only fair."

"Hai Jin-sensei" said Naruto while Tenten and Neji smiled that Naruto was second they knew he would be better than either of them even though Neji was close he knew Naruto was better than him he had already gotten the fate stick ripped out of his ass by Naruto.

"Be ready in one hour we leave" and with that Jin was gone in a column of flames.

Team Jin was now on their way to wave they had packed everything they needed into sealing tattoos that Jin had given them on Naruto had a the word venom tattooed on his arm he liked the name and it was because the boss in his demonic reptiles contract was named Venom so he went with it on Tentens arm she had what looked like a suit of armor but if you looked closer it had red eyes and a blue feather on its head signifying the Higurashi summons the Durahan which were a suit of armor inhabitited by a soul to make it move and act as if a human were inside it and finally on Neji he had an eagle tattooed on his arm the summons of the Hyugga branch family the Hyugga main branch had a Hawk summons which were bigger than the messenger hawks that Konoha and the other villages used and finally Jin had multiple sealing tattoos but the newest was an ogre covered in fire it was the blaze clans summons the walking bonfires just like their summoners they were covered in fire but they stayed on fire never being able to turn it off.

"Alright we are almost at the point where Kakashi's team encountered the Demon brothers and later the Devil of the mist himself". said Jin as they were running at their top speed which was faster than Lee with his weights off and two gates open the reason they were this fast was because at the beginning of their training they had multiple resistance seals put on them and gravity seals as well which were now all up to level ten and they had taken some off to move at this speed so they could move faster but they wanted to surprise the idiots of team seven.

When they got to wave they asked around for where Tazuna lived and explained that they were the reinforcements sent to the team already guarding him and his family as well as the bridge they reached a huge house that looked to be an inn and knocked on the door they heard a womans voice saying they were coming and the door opened only for Naruto to put his hand up and catch the Kunai that was sent at them curtosey of Sasuke Uchiha who was still

standing there with hand in the thrown position meaning he was aiming to kill whoever was at the door. Naruto held the kunai and crushed it with ease with his strength and looked at the Uchiha with a glare and a shit load of Killing intent that scared Sasuke so much he farted and started running to his shared room with kakashi and Sai and on his way there everyone saw the brown stain in the back of his pants and bust out laughing at the Uchihas misfortune.

"HAHAHAHAHA that was so fucking hilarious" Tenten said with the others nodding even Naruto who had been the cause of it and not being pissed anymore do to the funny misfortune of Sasuke.

"Anyway whats the situation Kakashi" said Jin

"Well after the genin got me out of the water prison that Zabuza had me in I battled him and almost killed him when senbon needles pierced his neck and he fell down dead and a hunter nin from kirgakure came and got him and shunshined away but I figured out he was a fake after waking up in the room here at tazunas it was a fake hunter nin and its because Hunter nin destroy the body on sight and decapitate them to prove the kill anyway now you're team is here and that wraps up what happened."

"Well my team is taking over this mission you are to do as I say and when I am not around you do as Naruto says he is my second in command do you all understand".

"Yes Jin-taichou" said Kakashi.

"Why does a clanless nobody get to be second in command it should be me an Uchiha" said the stupid walking peice of shit that just came from changing and cleaning himself upstairs.

"Because he is stronger than you and cause I said so and any trying to do otherwise would mean immediate insabordination write up and Treason Charges when we get back to the village but while we are here it would mean a new practice dummy for my students jutsu ideas mainly Naruto and he has some really good ones in fact Naruto show this Uchiha that new Jutsu you were working on last week the one you finished"

"Hai Taichou" "Spirit style- Kaoken times ten" all of a sudden Narutos body gained a lot more muscle and his veins were visable everywhere on his body and looked like they would pop with the slightest movement but the thing that stuck out the most was the Red Aura surrounding his body it was like the aura the gates gave Lee and Gai but more Powerful.

"Holy shit Jin-taichou where did Naruto figure out this stuff" said Kakashi.

"Well he just does things that normal people would never be able to do he uses other energies besides chakra he can use Chi and Ki and that Ki is what he is using right now."

"Are you serious can he teach anyone how to use these other energies" asked a giddy Kakashi

"Of course he can he taught all of us and the Hokage how to use Ki and Chi but since we all wear disruption seals the byakugan and the sharingan and any other doujutsu can't copy or see us when using them."

"WHAT YOU WILL TEACH ME THESE TECHNIQUES AND TAKE OFF THOSE FUCKING SEALS OR I WILL FUCK YOU TO GET THEM". yelled a very pissed off and people not sure of his sexuality Uchiha.

"You will not demand any of us to give you what you want Uchiha the techniques are mine and my teams to use and I won't teach a spoiled brat like you" said Naruto who was turned back to the Uchiha who had leaped at him only to have his back in the wall on the oposite side of the room with his back stuck in the wall when everyone looked at Naruto they saw his pinky finger out and Kakashi's eyes went wide when he figured out that Naruto had just poked Sasuke with his pinky and he flew across the room.

"What incredible strength" Said Kakashi

"You haven't seen anything yet" said Jin and went and took the Uchiha out of the wall and tied him up with Ninja wire that was Chakra infused to keep him tied up.

"be ready I plan on training you to the ground for the battle coming soon understand" said Jin

"Hai Taichou" said teams 9 and reluctantly the last two members of team seven

"Good lets eat and then get some sleep we wake up at four to train"

and that is the next chap hope you all enjoy and I will update again soon I have finally gotten my muse for this story back so be sure to enjoy it and next chap we see the armors Naruto has made for his team and himself ja ne for now