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"No, no! You can't mean that. You can't! You said you loved, that we would always be together. Your lying!" I screamed at him.

"At the time I said that I meant it, I thought we were destined for one another. I was wrong. You are the way you are and I can't change that. I know that know." He said, his voice calm and collective, the look in his eyes pleading for me to just understand.

"You are going to find that someone some day. Your beautiful and funny and you always kept me on my toes but that just wasn't enough. I need someone that can love me back. Someone that…" He continued.

"Well…someone that just isn't you and for that I am sorry, I am truly sorry. Goodbye my love." And with that, he turned towards the door allowing himself one last look at me before he left for good.

I stumbled backwards against the fall and began to crumble. All my hard exterior was breaking. I fell to the ground, my head between my knees trying to gain composer but unable to achieve it. I slowly raised my head and whispered "But I do love you" and began to cry.

"CUT" My director yelled.

I stood up and wiped the eyeliner off my face with my hands. That was one of the most annoying things about my job. Every time there was a crying scene, I was always forced to wear massive amounts of makeup that was made to drip down my face when I started blinking quickly. It always burned and was a big hassle but it is a part of my job.

"Jessica?" I called out as I walked off set.

"Yes?" I heard someone answer from behind me. I turned to face my assistant who was more like a friend to me then anyone else.

"Hey do you know if we are going to do another take or are we done with this shot?" I asked her.

"Your done I think, by the way that was really good. I think that this is going to be your best movie to date. I mean it looked so real. Ohhhhh this is going to be great for your career! You might get a award. Oh I bet you will! The critics just love indie movies now! Oh my god I'm going to be friends with a-"

I loved Jessica don't get me wrong, I really love this girl but she just gets over excited sometimes. And when she gets this way she tends to go on and on and she just doesn't know when to shut up. It's even worse when it comes to me. She has been with me since the beginning, since I was a lowly no one. She was my assistant on my first T.V. appearance,.

It was only a guest starring role on a crime drama but it earned me a not only a Emmy nomination but a Golden Globe nomination as well. I didn't win either one but it jumped started my career.

I played a young girl who had been raped by her older brother and was deeply mentally disturbed as a result of it. It solidified me as a serious actress in the industry and I received a lot of job offers after that but they were always serious roles.

This role wasn't any different, I was playing a women who loved a man but didn't know how to show it. As a result she loses him but doesn't know how to let go which leads to her take the only way out she can find.

I love that I get serious roles, I really do. Many actors work in the industry for years before they get a chance to pursue a serious role. I have entered the acting field with a abundance of serious roles at my feet. I am very grateful for that but sometimes I just want to do something more like who I am.

I am a young 20 year old girl. I like to go out and have a good time. I am not this serious girl who cuts or anything like that. The media always makes me out to be like the characters I play and for once I would just like to show them a different side of me.

"Thanks Jess, if we are done can u help me get this god awful make-up off of me? Its making it hard to see" I asked her, I mean my eyes are starting to burn.

"Oh yeah! Of course! That's my job after all! Doing whatever I can to make your life easier." She replied enthusiastically.

"Sweetie, you know I don't just think of you as my assistant right? You're my friend too hun" Sometimes I feel like Jessica thinks she is just my assistant. We don't go out together a lot but she is still like the closest thing I have to a real friend.

"Thanks Bella!" She replied. I think she didn't realize that I thought of her that way.

"Hey Jess, do u want to go out tonight? We can go to that new night club that open down the street from my new condo." I feel like I need to show her we really are friends. Plus it would be good for my image to be seen doing something less serious.

"Yeah! Oh my what am I going to wear. Ohhhh I'm so excited!" I could see the wheels turning in her head.

"You know what Jess. Why don't you head home early for the day. Then you can get ready for tonight. Want to meet at my place around 7 and then we can go grab some dinner before we hit the club?"

"Yeah that would be awesome Bella! Are you sure you don't need me?" She was so sweet, she always is thinking of me.

"Of course, I can handle myself for a few hours!"

"Okay then, I will make a reservation for us around 7:30 at Ku Lah Tao."

"That would be great, now go get ready I will be fine" I have wanted to go to that place for months, I love Asian food. Its so delicious!

"Bye Bella! See you in a couple hours!" She was so excited. I love that girl, she is so adorable!

I made my way over to my dressing room to wash my make-up off and get out of my wardrobe so I can head home for the day.

"Bella wait up!" I turned to find my sweet costar Jake attempting to catch up with me.

"What's up Jakey?"

"Not much just seeing if you wanted to hang out tonight?" Ohhhh not again. Jake was a sweet heart but I just didn't see him that way. That didn't mean he didn't see me that way. I wanted to be friends with him but it was hard to do when he had something else in mind.

"Ummmm Jake I am going out with Jess tonight." He saw that I was rejecting him and his face began to fall. I felt so bad that I just had to invite him "But you can tag along if you want" His face brightened immediately.

"That would be great Bella!"

"We are going to meet at my condo around 7 then get some dinner and hit the new club that just opened, that okay?"

"That sounds great!" His big goofy grin was adorable "I cant wait to see your condo, wow that sounds creepier then I meant it too."

"Well I gotta jet, see you tonight Jake!" As I walked away I heard Jake yell. "Bye Bella!" I couldn't help but grin. After I got to my dressing room I grabbed my Iphone and quickly selected Jessica's number from my contact list. She answered the on the first ring.

"Hey Bella" her voice rang through the speakers.

"Hey Jess, Can you do me a favor?" I was hoping this wouldn't be a problem.

"Of course Bella, what is it?"

"Would you mind adding a couple other people to our reservation?" I really hoped she could squeeze a few more in.

"Sure, how many?"

"Can you add three more?"

"No problem, I will call right now?"

"Thanks Jess" Tonight would be interesting, I wonder what it would have in store for us.