Kayako pov


One day I was picking up Toshio from daycare.

"Momma momma I love daycare take me there tomorrow please."Toshio said

"Well I've got to go to work so sure."I said

"Okay,I love you mom."Toshio said

When I got home I put Toshio in bed and I wrote in my diary.

Dear Diary,

Today I saw a just any was Peter,My Love,My Soul,My Heart.I loved him so is like the love of my life(don't tell Takeo) Hee is a poem I wrote for Peter-He doesn't know I wrote it for here it goes.

My Love, My Love I love you I've alwys have and I always Takeoknew I'd be dead.

But you'll be I had you I'd be happy.

If I had you my my son would be I had you I'll love you forever.

Your Love,

Kayako Saeki

I was done writing for a little bit(about an hour)I'll write again.

"There, I always write in my diary after I pick up Toshio and put him in bed."I told Takeo.

Toshio came out of his room.

"Oh, go to bed Toshio."Takeo said

"Okay dada"Toshio said

"Goodnight Toshio"I said

"Goodnight momma"Toshio said back

Has I tucked Toshio in bed I seen Takeo reading my diary so I ran to him and he looked at me.I think he seen my poem to ran after me and I ran I was turning I heard my ankle snap.I was about to cry but I was trying to get away from caught up to me and grabbed my he grabbed my chin.

"Toshio run!"I yelled has I was looking at him.

Takeo snapped my neck then finally Toshio went after him.

Has I lay there I asked God to take away my said, is not for me to take away, it is you to give it up.

I said "Darn my love for ..Now because of my love i'm dying."

After I said that I died.