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Keely signed off and sat beaming until Ted gave the announcement that they were clear. Phil stepped up the anchor table then to congratulate Keely as Ted shut down all the broadcasting equipment. Keely laughed as Phil sung her praises. She was pretty proud about what she'd accomplished, but she was still pretty embarrassed about what had happened during the first segment of the show. It was funny, though, so Phil told her she might as well laugh about it. Just then, the studio manager approached the duo.

"Teslow," his tone was sharp and bitter. He looked as though he was about to explode with anger. Suddenly, though, his obdurate visage turned into a full fledge smile and he exclaimed, "A little shaky at first, but I was impressed by the energy you brought into the show later on. Keep up the good work and you may actually find you have a future in this business."

"Thank you, sir," Keely smiled and looked up at Phil. He gave her a thumbs-up. The studio manager left the room then.

Phil started to ask Keely if she wanted to go out for breakfast to celebrate, but a voice snuck up behind him and said, "That was really great, Miss Teslow. You just blew me away!" Phil and Ted exchanged glances. Then, Ted leaned in close to Keely out of the blue and whispered something in her ear. Keely didn't seemed bothered by his actions, so Phil resisted the urge to sock the guy. Keely touched his hand a moment later and shook his head. Phil had a feeling that he'd just asked her out, although he seemed unfazed as he started to step away from the table.

Just as Phil started to ask Keely out, he was distracted by Ted reaching into his pocket and purposefully throwing a couple of pieces of paper on the floor. Keely had been busy cleaning up her notes and had apparently had looked up just in time to notice the papers floating to the floor. "Hey, Ted," she called as she stepped out from behind the anchor table to pick the papers up. When she saw what was written on them—the name of her favorite band—she screamed like a preteen and then promptly clamped her mouth shut.

Oh, great, Phil thought, recalling that Ted and Keely had gone to a pop concert for their first date.

"You like them, huh?" Ted grinned as he turned back to Keely and Phil. "I won these on a radio show the other day. I hadn't really planned on using them, so why don't you just go ahead a take them."
Phil knew Keely was never going to be comfortable accepting something for free that Ted could at least get a couple of hundred bucks for if he sold them. And Phil had feeling Ted knew the exact same thing.

"I-I couldn't," Keely insisted, attempting to shove the tickets back in Ted's hands. He wouldn't take them.

"Look…tell you what," Ted spoke, "I think I have a way to make things even here."

"I don't really have any money," Keely stated.

"Oh, no, that's not what I was thinking at all," Ted shook his head. "I was actually thing we could square thing off by you letting me take you to the concert."

That would square things off? Phil thought. This guy has got some of the cheesiest lines I've ever heard!

As Keely stared down at the tickets in her hand, wanting so badly to see the show, she figured maybe it wouldn't hurt to take Ted up on his offer after all. So she nodded and said, "Okay…I'll go with you."

"Cool," he chuckled. "I'll pick you up at 8:00 on Friday then." As he finally made his way toward the door, Phil found that he never so happy to see someone leave a room.

"Wait, wait, wait," Phil muttered as soon as Ted was gone. "One minute, you're turning the guy down, but the next you accept just because he's got some tickets to some concert?"

"What are you talking about? I never turned him down for anything." Keely insisted.

"Then what did he say to you when he was whispering in your ear?" Phil asked.

"He was trying to reassure me that I did a good job," she stated, her own tone growing more irritated by the second.

"Then why did he have to say it your ear?" Phil demanded.

"I don't know," Keely hissed. "Maybe he just doesn't like it when other people eavesdrop on his conversations and stick their nose into his business."

"Why are you going out with him anyways?" Phil questioned. "What about last night?"

"Last night?" Keely raised an eyebrow. "All we did last night was talk…"

"Yeah, but…I thought we were starting over again," Phil started to blush a little.

"Phil, you disappeared on me once," Keely sighed. "I'm not going to let you do that to me again."

She told him that she still had a few things to take care of, but that she would come see him at his hotel at lunch time. And she asked him to please not aimlessly roam the news studio during that time. Not wanting to upset her further, Phil complied.

That's it…she just doesn't want me I suppose. Maybe I should just head home now…I don't want to leave, though. And she said she'd come by later. What would she think if I wasn't there? She's already feeling betrayed enough, I think. Phil's thought's wandered as he made his way back to the hotel. It'd been pretty dark on his way over to the studio and it was still dark, despite the late hour. Phil expected that it was going to rain. No matter how hard I fight for her or how hard I try to explain to her that she's supposed to be with me, in the end, the only one that can make that decision for her is her.

When he got back to the hotel, he turned to the spot in the journals that recounted the concert, thinking he should take a shot at actually understanding Keely's feeling. He flipped through page after page for almost fifteen minutes looking for the entry. And as he carefully analyzed the section it was supposed to be in, he soon discovered that it was gone. He skimmed through a few later entries, finding the only thing had really been alter was how Keely referred to Ted. That is, she no longer acted as though Ted was a stranger to Phil, but relayed that Ted was someone Phil actually knew.

Phil lay down and decided to take a little cap nap before Keely showed up to go to lunch with him. A few hours later, he was awakened by a loud rapping out of door. He stirred and then burst off the bed and scampered to the door to let her in.

"Sorry, I was sleeping," he yawned and rubbed his still tired eyes. She asked if she should leave him alone to let him sleep some more and he insisted that wasn't necessary.

"Look, Phil, I'm sorry I blew up at you earlier," she didn't even bother to beat around the bush. Phil insisted that it was his fault. She simply shrugged her shoulders. "In any case, I gave the tickets back to Ted. I just didn't feel right having them."

Phil had figured as much. "What'd Ted say?"

"He said maybe some other time then…and I said sure," Keely replied.

"Okay, that's cool," Phil said dishearteningly.

"Phil," Keely spoke his name and then starting straight into his eyes, she asked, "Do mind telling me what exactly is going on here?"

"I don't know what you mean," Phil lied. Keely frowned and Phil sighed, "I mean, I can't tell you."

"Why can't you?" she wondered.

"Because you once said that you want your future to be a surprise," Phil stated.

"I did say that," Keely acknowledge, "but I also recall something you said. You said that you future should be whatever you want it to be."

"Okay," Phil replied, not sure why Keely was even making such a comment. Still, he queried, "And just what do you want your future to be?"

"I guess, I want my future to be burgers and fries at the same old place," she said. He stomach growled just then. Phil laughed and said that they had better get a move on it, then.

Smiling and laughing as they walked down the streets to that same old place, Phil thought about how there was the past and the future. And he thought about how easy it was for him to touch the two, but in doing so, he often found himself unable to live in the present. And so he thought it best to live out that one hour not worrying about Ted, but just enjoying the time he would be spending with Keely.

You already left me behind once, Phil. I'm not going to let you do it again…