Persona 5

A Persona fanfiction

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Author's Note: Now, I know we've all read other people's attempts at making original Persona stories, and those either discontinue, or aren't too interesting. I hope that you, the readers, do not consider this story one of those. Let's Begin.


Episode 00: Arrival

A young man is sitting in a large chair. A silent, mysterious melody plays in the background. He opens his eyes. The room itself seemed to be similar to a train car. He looks ahead and sees a large blue table in front of him. Behind that is seated two very strange looking people.

The one directly across from him looked to be a balding middle-aged man with long, white hair; a long straight nose; wearing a blue suit; and had long skinny hands covered by white gloves. A woman was seated to his left. She wore a similar blue suit as well; a blue baret covering her short red hair; a smile tracing her lips covered in bright red lipstick; she wore long white gloves that came up to her elbows. She stared at him with a very odd intensity.

"Hello, my boy." The man said. "Welcome, to the Velvet Room." As he said this, he motioned to the room itself. "You are about to end a long journey. Yet another, more arduous one is laid out ahead of you. I trust you will make the correct choice as you travel down this road of darkness. In the near future, you shall make a contract on which your entire world shall change. I wish we could talk more, but it seems we are almost at your destination."

"Next stop: Abaraki Station. Next stop: Abaraki Station. Please make sure to collect all of your baggage as you exit." the announcer said over the speakers.

"But do not worry." The man said, the room beginning the blur. "We shall meet again, in due time."


Shinji Nakamura opened his eyes and saw that he had arrived at his station, and people were exiting through the doors. He looked down at his MP3 player and shook it, at the same time, tapping his large headphones.

'Hmm, batteries must be dead.' he thought as he grabbed his suitcase.

He left through the doors and saw the bustling mass of people going to and from the station. Shinji pushed his way through the people to the front gate. He looked around for the ride that was supposed to be waiting for him. He didn't see it.

He sighed heavily and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed in his cousins' number. After three rings, he picked up.

"Hello, you've got Shuji."

"Where are you?"

"Oh! Hey, Shinji-chan! What's up?"

"Don't call me that. Where are you?"


"I'm at the train station. Where. Are. You?"

"Train station...? Wha...? Wait. That was today?"


"I'll be right there!" And he hung up.

Shinji sighed heavily as he closed his phone. 'Knowing him, I'll be here a while.' he thought as he took a seat at a bench near the front gate. When he sat down, his MP3 player miraculously came back on and began playing. He pulled out a pocket knife and began flicking it open and closed.

And All The Leaves Fell Down~

And All The Rain Fell Down~

And All The World Fell Down~

Everybody Rise Up!~

"Oi." Shinji opened his eyes and saw Shuji's car in front of him. "Let's go."


"Sorry about forgetting about you, man. I got stuck in a meeting and-" Shuji said as they drove.

"It's fine, it's fine. It's not like the end of the world."

"Hmm. Let's test that theory." Shuji said as he looked out his window. "Hmm...sun's still shining." He licked his finger and held it out. "Wind's still blowing." Then he snatched Shinji headphones off his head.

"Hey! Give those back!" Shinji said angrily.

"And you're still attached to these things. Yep, I guess it isn't the end of the world after all. Come on, you know I'm just messing with you." He said as he slapped the headphones back onto Shinji's head messily.

Shinji let them hang around his neck as he looked out the window and watched the cars go by and let his mind wander. 'What was with that weird dream? Contract? With who? Or what?'

"Yo, Shinji. We're here."

Shinji looked through the front window and saw a large apartment building looming in front of them. They drove up the parking building and walked to the 30th floor. 'Hell of a walk.' Shinji thought as he leaned against the side railing to catch his breath.

"You okay?" Shuji asked.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm good. Let's get there so I can take a seat." Shinji said as he trudged on.

It was mid-April and was shortly after the start of the new year for students, so it was fairly quiet around the place, and the weather was still kind of cool, so Shinji found a bit of relief in this. When they arrived at Shuji's apartment, he unlocked the door and they went in.

"Alright. Grand tour. This is the den." He said motioning to the small area around them. He pointed to door on the right side of the room. "Bathroom." He pointed at a door on the left side. "My bedroom. Do not go in there, unless you're on fire or dying." He pointed across the room to an opening. "Kitchen. Help yourself. Don't burn down the place or drink my beer." Then a door next to the bathroom. "You room. Do whatever. There's a bed and TV in there. If you've got a laptop, there's wireless. Now, I gotta go back now. See ya tonight."

And with that, he closed the door, leaving Shinji by himself. He threw his bag into his new room and, feeling a bit hungry, went into the kitchen. He opened the door and saw it was full of nothing but month-old take-out. 'Guy needs a better diet. He'll croke at 30 if he doesn't.' Shinji thought pulling a few boxes out and emptying their contents on a plate. A few minutes later, he comes out with something that actually looks appetizing and goes to the small table in the den. He sits down and breaks his chopsticks. "Itadakimasu!"

After he finishes eating, he goes into his new room and looks around. There was a small TV atop a dresser, a decent sized bed in the corner, a small loveseat, a small window overlooking the building below, a multitude of shelves for who-knows-what, and a study desk. "Well, not what I was expecting, but what can ya do? At least I've got a place to study and read." Unfortunately, Shinji did not have a laptop, so he turned on his TV and began to unpack. Suddenly, he heard that insufferable tune.

Tanaka, Is Coming To You

Across The Airwaves!~

To Sell You Items

High And Low

On Tanaka's Merchandise~

'Ugghh. Why is that tune so annoying?'

"Hello, all you people out there! It's time for Tanaka's Merchandise! And I am the honorable Tanaka-san, your host. Today we have a real treat for you! On today's show, we are expanding our merchandise and letting out some rare items! First, we have this beautiful Ming Vase! Only 15,000 yen!"

"Heh. Things probably fake." Shinji threw in his commentary.

"Next, we have the complete set of Phoenix-man R collectables! We are letting this treasure go for the low, low price of 13825 yen! A fair deal if I may say so myself." Tanaka said with his trademark smile.

"Who buys these things?"

"And finally today, we have this magnificent set of hunting knives! Look at those blades! Made from the famous Deidara Metalsmiths and brought here to you! Only 3692 yen!"

"Deidara? Heh, yeah right. On the other hand, Tanaka may sell mostly crap, but he does know his weapons. Hmm. I'm gonna hate myself for this later, but..."

He pulled out his phone and dialed in the number. "Yes, I'd like a set of the hunting knives please...Yes I'm 16 or over...63945518-7725051...1180-137 5th Street...Thank you." He hung up.

"Well, it seems like we're all sold out folks! See you all next week!"

Shinji shut off his TV to spare himself from the theme song again. He unpacked his suitcase, pulled the knife from his back pocket, and plopped onto his bed. He was exhausted and fell asleep soon after.

His sleep was uninterrupted and restful.

End Episode 00


Author's Note: Alright, so what'd y'all think? Don't forget to review. Oh, and here's Shinji's bio for those who want to get a good picture of him.

Name: Shinji Nakamura

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Appearance: Slightly long, straight, black hair with large, gray eyes. 4' 10", with a lithe, yet strong build and a slightly high voice octave. Wears a single ring on the middle finger of his left hand. He is left-handed. Given his appearance, he is often mistaken as a girl, and has earned the nickname 'Shinji-chan' from his cousin, because of this. He carries around a set of large black headphones and an MP3 player with him. He has an affinity towards knives and carries a pocket knife in his back pocket. His bishounen appearance attracts a large group of fan-girls at the schools he has gone to, much to his annoyance.

Back story: Shinji is a 17 year old boy who has just moved to the city of Abaraki as per his parents' request. He is a tad socially awkward as a result from years of bullying because of his looks, but otherwise is a normal enough teenager. On his way to Abaraki, he has a strange dream of a blue room and a man with a long nose. His stay in Abaraki will definitely be interesting...

And Shuji's.

Name: Shuji Nakamura

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Appearance: Shuji has short, brown hair and brown eyes. His personality is very open and brash. He always speaks his mind. He usually wears the suit he wears at the company he works at. He constantly picks on Shinji since they were kids, calling him 'Shinji-chan' and referring to him as a girl.

Back story: Shuji is Shinji's older cousin. They are very close friends. He currently works in Abaraki, Japan where he works at a company. He lives in the second largest apartment building in the city and has an easygoing attitude. He doesn't know how to cook, so he eats take-out quite often.

There y'all go! I see you soon!