The halls of the royal palace of the Fire Nation are dark, tall, and imposing. Vast columns decorated with flames and dragons line the halls. The only light comes from the sparingly placed torched on the walls. In some places, the ceilings are so high, that they completely disappear in the darkness. When they can be seen, though, they reveal intricately painted murals displaying beautiful scenes filled with countless firebenders winning massive battles, massive dragons locked in resplendid aerial dances, phoenixes dying in flames and rising from the ashes, and amazingly detailed scenes from the countless stories and legends from the Fire Nation's mythology.

Sokka should not have ditched that guard. He was completely lost as he wandered through the empty halls, that all looked different and yet the same to him. He had come here on official Water Tribe business, but he wanted to see the Fire Lord for some private matters as well. Also, the guard that was escorting him was boring as hell and didn't even crack a smile at any of the jokes Sokka told him. So, in a sudden bout of impulsiveness, he decided to ditch the guard and find his own way to the throne room. It wasn't the brightest idea he had ever had.

Dressed in his normal, bright-blue Water Tribe fashion, Sokka felt completely out of place between the deep red and black colour scheme of the palace. He usually liked impressive architecture like this, but right now it made him feel small and vulnerable. Like a drop of water caught inside a circle of advancing flames. It came as quite a surprise to him, then, that there was a room with an even more imposing and oppressive atmosphere. It was a large hall with giant columns decorated with fierce-looking dragons. It was amazingly well-lit, but that only made the fact you couldn't see the ceiling in the darkness above even more impressive and, most of all, almost terrifying. On the walls of the hall were gigantic, full-body portraits of the previous fire lords, each easily four times larger than Sokka was himself. The paintings were ornate and filled with symbolism that mostly went over Sokka's head. He only recognised a handful of the fire lords.

The fire lord with the comet above him and the soldiers below him was obviously Fire Lord Sozin, who started the war over a hundred years ago and used the comet now named after him to completely wipe out the Air Nomads. Next to Sozin's portrait was the portrait of Fire Lord Azulon, standing on top of a turtle — a creature that lives both in the water and on land — to symbolise his military victories over both the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom. Next to Azulon was the portrait of the previous fire lord, Fire Lord Ozai, holding up black flames and surrounded by cogs and pipes, symbolising the industrial advances made under his command. Advances he used to try and wipe conquer the world and even wipe out the Earth Kingdom completely.

Next to the portrait was Fire Lord Zuko. It seemed to emanate a kind of tranquillity and peacefulness, in stark contrast with the previous three portraits. It seemed more like the portraits of Sozin's predecessors, probably his father and grandfather, who were depicted surrounded by clouds and flowers. Zuko was surrounded by symbols and celebrating people from all four nations, symbolising the peace he brought back to the world, together with the Avatar.

Sokka stood still in front of Zuko's portrait and looked at it for a while, thinking back to all the adventures they had together. He would never have imagined he could actually become friends with someone that tried to kill them for the longest time. Still, friends they had become and close friends at that. Very, very close friends. You could even call it intimate. Very, very intimate. Yeah, they had done some sexual stuff together. They had never gone all the way, though, and they had only done stuff on one or two occasions when they were both far away from their girlfriends. Well, that last wasn't completely true. On the second occasion, Sokka's girlfriend, Suki, had been very, very close by. In fact, Suki had found out about their little escapades that day. Luckily for both boys, she had not become angry or even jealous. On the contrary, she squealed like a fan girl about how cute she thought it was and how she regretted not having been the one to interrupt the boys before they could actually do it. She would have loved to watch. It took the two boys a while to have her agree to keeping it a secret from the others, especially Zuko's girlfriend, Mai.

That was quite a long time ago now and Sokka had always regretted not going all the way with Zuko. He could only imagine the bragging rights he would get among the other Water Tribe warriors if he could say he shagged the new fire lord. This may or may not have been part of the reason he snuck away from the guard to try and find Zuko alone. Sokka would try anything to finish what he started that day, even if it meant sneaking through the Fire Nation's royal palace, risking getting caught by the guards and thrown in the dungeons without questions, and most dangerous of all, trying to persuade Fire Lord Zuko to have sex with him despite now actually being married to Mai.

Sokka mused about all this as he was staring at Zuko's portrait, already getting quite aroused. He was rudely awoken from his daydream by a cold, monotonous voice that sounded amazingly bored and quite familiar.
"Oh look, a Water Tribe spy infiltrating the palace. That's an act of war, you know."
"Mai!" Sokka said, trying to sound casual and cheerful and totally not like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "So great to see you again! How are you doing? You look amazing in those robes, are they new? Black is so your colour—"
"You could at least address me properly in my own palace, commoner," Mai said coldly.
Sokka was dumbfounded for a moment, not sure how to react. He quickly came to his senses again, though, and forced himself to calm down and act as polite and mature as could be expected of the son of the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. "My apologies, Fire Lady Mai. I did not mean to insult your highness."
Mai rolled here eyes. "It was a joke, you idiot. What happened? Did you leave all your humour back in Ba Sing Se?"
Sokka's eyes lit up and he smiled brightly. "Oh Mai, I should have known you hadn't grown so cold and spiteful!" He gave Mai a big, tight hug. Mai didn't move a muscle, though, or even changed the tone of her voice. "Don't touch me. I will have you arrested for that."
Sokka, realising she wasn't kidding this time, quickly let go of Mai and took a few steps back. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again."

Mai wiped her robes, as if trying to remove the dirt Sokka had transferred there. "You still haven't explained what you are doing here in the Royal Gallery, all alone without as much as a guard escorting you."
"Oh yeah, that," Sokka said with a sheepish grin, "I kinda ehm… lost the guard?"
Mai gave Sokka a long, cold stare. "Still the same old fool you've always been, I see."
Sokka scratched his head and smiled apologetically. Mai just shrugged and started slowly walking past Sokka, towards the main entrance of the gallery. "Zuko is in his study, adjacent to the throne room. Take the exit in front of you and keep walking until you arrive at the doors with the gigantic, pompous dragons on them. I will be leaving now and I will not return until tomorrow afternoon. Good day."

With those words she left, leaving a dumbfounded Sokka behind alone, staring after her with open mouth. When she had disappeared, Sokka got himself together again and shrugged, before walking towards the entrance Mai had told him about. The route was dark and quiet, making Sokka seriously wonder who on earth designed this place and whether they were extremely depressed, or extremely fond of horror stories. The torches cast long shadows on the walls and floors, making Sokka jump at every corner and he kept having the distinct feeling the dragon murals were following him with their eyes. Finally he arrived at the entrance to the throne room. The doors were every bit as much gigantic and pompous as Mai had described. They were easily ten times as tall as Sokka was and could definitely fit at least a dozen people in a single line at the same time. They seemed as heavy as they were large, as well, making Sokka wonder how anyone could open them. He took a deep breath and hesitantly knocked on the door. When nothing happened, he knocked again with more determination. Again, nothing happened, and this time Sokka lost his cool and started pounding on the door with all his might.

Suddenly, the door flung open with as much ease as any old wooden door of ordinary size and shape. Sokka was caught by surprise and fell forward on the hard, dark wooden floor. The throne room was completely devoid of life and there was barely any light, causing the darkness to obscure the beautiful pillars that filled the room. The throne itself was also empty and the customary wall of fire in front of it was nowhere to be found. Sokka quietly got up and tiptoed towards the throne. He admired the magnificent carvings and decorations with silent awe. Unable to contain himself, he snuck up the platform and sat down on the throne. It was amazingly comfortable, so Sokka sat back and relaxed for a moment. The moment was cut short by a loud, angry voice coming from the darkness.
"What on Earth do you think you're doing on the throne of the Fire Lord?"
Sokka immediately jumped off the throne and stepped away from it, before replying with a trembling voice, "I-I'm a friend of the Fire Lord's, I swear! I didn't meant to… I didn't think…"
"You didn't think what?" the voice continued, its source still obscured by the darkness. "That anyone would catch you? Well you were gravely mistaken, Water Triber, and sitting on the Fire Lord's throne is an offense that carries the death penalty."
Sokka had absolutely no idea how he should get himself out of this situation. All he could do was hope Zuko could help him. "Please, let me talk to the Fire Lord! He's a close friend of mine! We were both part of Team Avatar, really!"
"Do you honestly think I would bother the Fire Lord with something as trivial as this? Everyone says they're friends of the Fire Lord. No, you're going to spend a nice, long night in the dungeon and tomorrow morning, you will be executed."
"Please, I beg you," Sokka implored, "I'm here on official duty from the Southern Water Tribe! Don't I get diplomatic immunity or something?"

Suddenly the voice snickered softly in the darkness, making Sokka bat an eyebrow. The snickering started to come closer, until suddenly the form of Zuko appeared from the shadows, in full fire lord regalia. "You honestly tried to play the diplomatic immunity card Sokka? That's pathetic, I had expected something more ingenious from you."
"Zuko?" Sokka called out, before slapping himself for not recognising the voice. "Don't you ever dare do that again!"
Zuko started now started laughing outright, "you fell for it completely, didn't you?"
"No way," Sokka lied, crossing his arms and looking away from Zuko in anger. "I would never fall for such a weak joke."
"Yeah, you fell for it," Zuko answered, making Sokka crack a smile himself.

The two young men hugged each other tightly, happy to see each other after such a long time. Zuko led Sokka into his study through an almost invisible door to the right of the throne platform and offered him a seat. The study was warm and pleasant, without the cold and imposing atmosphere of the rest of the palace and with far better lighting as well.
"So, what brings you here Sokka?" Zuko asked as he poured them some jasmine tea.
"Official business," Sokka replied, stealing one of the treats Zuko had on his desk. "Boring stuff about the help you promised in rebuilding the Southern Water Tribe."
"That can wait until later then," Zuko replied as he sat down. "You have you been doing all this time, Sokka?"
"Same old, same old, really," Sokka replied as he smelled the sweet scent of his tea. "Rebuilding is hard work, so I have little time for new adventures."
"And how is Suki doing?" Zuko asked with a mischievous grin.
Sokka grinned back. "Very well, in fact, as is Mai I've seen."
"Yeah, Mai's doing great as the fire lady. She's a lot better at all this formal stuff than I am."
"It fits her personality, I guess," Sokka replied, making Zuko laugh.

They chatted for a while, catching up on what had happened in the time they hadn't seen each other. How Aang was doing, and Katara and Toph. How the rebuilding of the Earth Kingdom was going and more things that were really little more than small talk. Finally, after the third cup of team, Sokka finally decided it was time to reveal his true motive for coming to the palace.
"Hey Zuko, do you remember back on Ember Island?" Sokka asked, trying to be as tactful as possible.
Zuko immediately started blushing a bit. "O-of course I do. How could I ever forget that…?"
"Suki really adored me shaving my pubes, you know. I never got the chance to thank you for teaching me that."
Zuko blushed some more and quickly took a sip of his tea to calm his nerves, only to almost choke on it. After coughing a bit, he managed to reply, "Did she like the boomerang shape?"
"Hell yeah! She loved it," Sokka said enthusiastically.
Zuko smiled and managed to sip his tea without almost dying this time. Sokka's smile turned into a rather horny grin, though. "It's a shame we never got to finish that night. Stupid Katara."
Zuko choked again, coughing loudly and spraying jasmine tea all over his desk. Sokka laughed heartily at the scene before him, but offered a helping hand by patting Zuko's back. "Are you okay Zuko?"
"I-I'm fine," Zuko said, quickly cleaning up the mess he made.
Sokka grinned again. "So, wanna finish what we started?"

Zuko froze in his tracks. It took his mind a while to register what exactly Sokka was suggesting here. When the situation got through to him, Zuko quickly closed the door and locked it securely, before turning back to Sokka.
"Are you serious? I couldn't do that!"
"Why not?" Sokka asked innocently. "You didn't seem to have much trouble with it back then."
"I'm the fire lord now! Not to mention the little fact that I just happen to be married to Mai!"
Sokka shrugged. "That's different and you know it. Besides, I think Mai actually gave us her blessing. She explicitly told me she wouldn't be home until tomorrow afternoon."
Zuko didn't really seem surprised to hear that. In fact, he seemed more annoyed than anything. It was obvious his defences were slowly breaking down, though. Sokka only needed to give one final blow to them.
"Besides, I'm sure Mai only wants boring vanilla sex. Don't you ever fantasise about doing it on the throne or here on your desk?"
Zuko blushed deeply and it was obvious Sokka had convinced him. "I will tell the head of the guard that I don't want his men patrolling the inner palace this night…"

Sokka sat back in victory as Zuko quickly wrote a note and send it to the head of the guard with a messenger hawk. When he was done, he looked at Sokka and smiled. "I think you have a very bad influence on me, Sokka."
"Ain't I awesome that way?" Sokka replied, grinning wide.
"I won't deny that," Zuko answered, before walking towards the door. "The throne, hm? I wonder if that's sacrilegious."
"Just imagine the look on your father's face if he ever found out about it," Sokka replied as he got up to follow Zuko.
Zuko couldn't help but grin like a little mischievous devil. "I wonder what he would fine most terrible, that I had sex on the throne, that it was with another man, or that it was with a Water Triber."
"Maybe you should do it with Aang as well some time. That would really make him go crazy."

The two laughed cheerfully as they walked towards the throne. Zuko dutifully took his seat, looking amazingly majestic. Sokka couldn't help but gasp a bit.
"I can see why you are the fire lord, Zuko. It's in your whole being."
Zuko smiled. "Thanks for saying that. Uncle said something similar when he first saw me take my seat here. I can't say I really feel the same way, though."
"Stop being so ridiculous," Sokka said as he walked up next to the throne. "You deserve this throne far more than your sister or father, or even your grand father and great-grandfather!"
"Does that mean I get to top this time?" Zuko asked with a sly smile.
"Maybe the second time, but the first time is my turn," Sokka asked as he returned the smile. "I've been waiting far too long for this."
"Then why are you still waiting now?" Zuko asked, making himself comfortable on the throne. "There's nothing stopping you this time."

Sokka didn't need to be told twice. He grabbed Zuko's collar and gave the boy a deep kiss, taking Zuko completely by surprise. It didn't take long for Zuko to return the kiss, though. For a minute or so, the two boys kissed passionately, savouring each other's taste and the intense intimacy they felt now. Eventually they had to breathe again, though, so they had to break the kiss again.
"That was awesome," Sokka said cheerfully.
Zuko looked a bit guilty, though. "Don't you think it was a bit too much?"
"Don't tell me you're worrying about what Mai will think. Don't worry, any kiss between us is completely different from a kiss with the girl you love. We're just close friends, bu they're our lovers."
Zuko decided to ignore how illogical and contradictory this sounded and slowly nodded. "I guess you're right..."
"Of course I'm right!" Sokka announced loudly, completely certain of his case. "Now let's get naked!"

Zuko cracked a smile and rolled his eyes, before carefully taking off his robes and neatly stacking them next to the throne. Sokka, in the meantime, all but ripped of his own clothes and threw them on a pile somewhere behind him. Zuko, now completely naked and already very hard, sat back down on the throne and looked at the very naked and equally hard boy standing in front of him.
"As a guest in the palace of the Fire Lord," Zuko said solemnly, "it is your duty to greet the Fire Lord with the proper respect he deserves."
Sokka grinned and fell to his knees before Zuko. "Oh great Fire Lord, grant me permission to pay my respect!"
Zuko ginned back and spread his legs a bit more. "You hereby have my permission, honoured guest from the Southern Water Tribe."

Sokka tenderly took Zuko's dick in his hand and gently kissed the tip, making Zuko gasp softly. He slowly started licking it, working his way up and down several times, while gently massaging Zuko's balls. After a while, Sokka took the tip of Zuko's dick in his mouth and started sucking it good. As he sucked, Sokka started stroking the sensitive area around Zuko's dick and balls, going back to massaging the heavy balls with regular intervals. Soon, Sokka started taking more and more of Zuko's dick in his mouth, moving his head up and down and sucking good enough to make Zuko's moans fill the hall. It didn't take long before Sokka could take almost Zuko's entire dick in his mouth, something that was helped by the fact that Zuko was by now moving his hips, trying to get as much into Sokka's mouth as he could. Eventually Zuko couldn't control himself any more and started bucking his hips wildly, warning Sokka of the inevitable orgasm that was soon to come.

With a loud moan, Zuko came inside Sokka's mouth, filling it up until the cum dribbled down Sokka's chin. After what seemed like an eternity, Zuko's orgasm subsided and he managed to calm down and relax a bit again. He was still trembling a bit, though, as Sokka got up and kissed Zuko deeply, making him taste his own fresh load. Zuko's eyes grew wide in surprise, but he didn't manage to resist the kiss. He didn't really mind his own taste and Sokka's kiss was simply too desirable to him right now.

While they were still kissing, Zuko got up from the chair and made Sokka sit down. He broke the kiss with a big, happy grin. "I missed this, you know."
"I should visit more often then," Sokka replied while spreading his legs, allowing Zuko unlimited access to his rock-hard dick.
Zuko got down to his knees and started licking Sokka's dick, making sure not to miss a single spot. He slowly moved his way down, before reaching Sokka's balls and gently sucking them as well. Sokka was moaning loudly now and only grew louder as Zuko started stroking his dick while still sucking his balls.

After a minute of doing this, Zuko stopped and turned his attention back on Sokka's dick itself. He teasingly licked the tip a few more times, before taking in as much as he could and sucking it in earnest. Slowly, he started moving his head up and down, taking in a bit more every time. Eventually, he managed to get Sokka's entire dick in his mouth, making the younger boy moan with lust and buck his hips.

It didn't take long for the lust-filled boy to get near his climax, but he wasn't quite ready to cum yet. With a gentle nudge, he motioned Zuko to stop, before getting up from the throne and making Zuko lean against it with his ass in the air. Zuko blushed a bit as Sokka spread his ass cheeks and gently kisses his ass hole. He shuddered as he felt Sokka's soft tongue lick him there and grew weak in the knees when Sokka actually entered his tongue. After a while, Sokka figured it was time to go a bit further and slowly entered a finger. After a loud moan, Zuko grinned hungrily.
"This was where we left off last time, remember?"
Sokka grinned back. "This time there is no-one to disturb us, though."

Sokka fingered a bit, until Zuko had relaxed enough for a second finger. Slowly, almost teasingly, Sokka entered it, but quickly forgot about this carefulness as he started fingering and stretching Zuko's hole with abandon. Zuko moaned loudly, barely able to form a coherent thought. Soon enough, Sokka added a third finger and eventually Zuko even pushed back his ass, trying to get more inside of him. Sokka grinned and gave Zuko's ass a final lick, before pulling his fingers out and positioning his dick. "Are you ready Zuko?"
Zuko nodded, "definitely Sokka."

With a deep groan, Sokka pushed his dick into Zuko's ass, not stopping until he was buried to his balls. Zuko moaned loudly, throwing his head back in the mixture of pleasure and weak pain. The sense of fullness overwhelmed Zuko, prompting Sokka to start moving his hips. He went slowly at first, but soon picked up pace and not long after he was shagging Zuko's ass with all the passion and lust he could muster.

Zuko was half kneeling on the seat of the throne, holding himself up by the back. Sokka had put one foot on the throne, allowing him to put more force behind his thrusts and push in even deeper. The two boys completely lost themselves in the sex, forgetting everything around them except for the intense pleasure they were feeling.

Eventually, Sokka felt his own orgasm come up, so he grabbed Zuko's dick and started jerking it fast and good. Zuko moaned and placed his hands on Sokka's hip, trying to get even more of Sokka's dick inside him. He turned his head to Sokka's and the two kissed passionately. Zuko broke the kiss first, crying out as a forceful orgasm took over his body and he shot his load all over the throne and Sokka's hand. Feeling Zuko tense up around him pushed Sokka over the edge as well and he came deep inside Zuko with a powerful groan.

The two collapsed on the throne, panting and unable to speak. It took several minutes before any of them had caught his breath again.
"Yeah Zuko?"
"That was awesome…"
"Wanna do it in the gallery next?"
"Fuck yeah!"