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"Hey Alice, It's me B. I was wondering if you wanted to take the weekend off? I've got nothing planned so I thought that I would work. Ok well let me know. Love you."

I hang up the phone and walk over to my desk. I've been studying for finals and I need a break. Working would create the distraction that I so desperately need.

Alice and I owned our own clothing store. We sell all sorts of designs from up and coming designers. We've even had some celebrities come and ask us to dress them for the red carpet.

I've been going to college for 4 years now and I've almost completed my degree in business. Alice has another year to go, but she's majoring in fashion design. She really wants to be the next Vera Wang. Wedding dresses would be her specialty. She's really talented and has so much potential.

I sit back in my chair and pick up the book in front of me. I lean the chair back so it rests on the back two legs and balance it there. I flip through the pages of the same old material that I know top to bottom.

"Man I gotta get outta here!" I say to myself. I return the chair to its original position and shut the book closed. I stand and walk into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I'm about to drink when the phone rings. I groan and walk over and pick it up.

"Hey Alice, nice of you to call me back, where are you?" I ask.

"Not Alice, your father." I place my water down on the counter with a loud thud.

"What the hell do you want, daddy dearest?" I ask sarcastically.

"Now Isabella, is that any way to talk to your father who loves you so much?" I laugh into the phone and press the off button. I told him not to call me, I don't want to talk to him, I don't want to see him.

The phone rings again and I simply ignore it. I grab my ipod and walk into the bathroom. Taking a bath would help me relax. I get so worked up when it comes to my father.

Charlie Swan, where do I even begin?

He is a horrible person who does horrible things to other people. I'm not proud of my father and I want nothing to do with him.

He's the leader of the mob in this town. Well one of the mobs I guess you could say. Charlie keeps to this side of town and Billy Black keeps to the other side of the town.

There is never enough evidence to prove exactly what he does. The police have been trying to get at him for years, but somehow he covers his tracks and slips under the radar. He masks his business dealings with the excuse of real estate investments, that what he claims on his taxes anyways. But people know different in this town. Just not enough to prove it.

Charlie and Billy are enemies. They hate each other and they've been feuding for as long as I can remember. Charlie has told me on several occasions that he wants me to learn the ropes of the trafficking that goes on inside the business.

I told him that he's,


Crazy for wanting to put his only daughter in harm's way.

Crazy for even thinking that I would consider it.


Simply crazy.

I slip into the full hot tub and immerse myself in the bubbles that threaten to overflow onto the ground. I take a deep breath and listen to the calming sounds of Lykke Li. I love her song "possibility". It drives into the very core of my body and I lose myself in the mesmerizing quality of her voice. Just as the song is ending, and a small tear has slipped out of my right eye, the door bursts open.

"AHHHH!" I yell and shoot straight up in the tub, my iPod falling in.

"What the hell are you doing here? You can't just barge in on me like that! Get the fuck out!" I yell.

"Listen, when your father called the second time and you didn't pick up, he figured something was wrong and he asked me to come over here and check on you. So get out and get dressed, you're coming with me, he wants to see you." He pulls me up by the arm, water and bubbles dripping off of me. I try to cover myself with my other hand but fail.

"Emmett, geez I'm naked, let me go. I can get out myself. Get out!" Emmett, Charlie's bodyguard is a monster of a man and someone I'm not particularly friends with. He's rude and condescending, arrogant and just plain annoying.

"I'm staying, hurry up, here's the towel." He throws me the towel and I motion with my finger for him to turn around, while I half cover myself. He rolls his eyes and turns.

"Nothing I've never seen before babe." He laughs and crosses his arms across his chest.

I wrap the towel around me and fish out my ipod from the tub. I shake it a little and see the screen is completely water-logged.

"Great, just great." I walk past Emmett and he slaps my butt as I go.

"Piss off!" I yell back at him.

"Whatever floats your boat babe." He replies.

I walk into my room and slam my door behind me locking it. I fall back on the bed and push my hands across my face and through my hair.


"Hurry up Isabella, we're on a time limit." He yells as he bangs on the door.

"Uh… you're on a time limit, I'm not!" I get up and drop my towel. I walk over to my closet and rifle through the large amount of clothes. I purse my lips and decide on some skinny jeans with a sweater. I throw them on the bed and walk to my dresser to put on some underwear and a bra.

Once I'm dressed, I tie my hair back into a pony tail and put in some hoop earrings. I add some black eye liner and mascara finishing up with lip gloss.

I open my door and walk out into the living room. Emmett is flopped down on the couch reading a Cosmo magazine.

"You know, I never understood why women go to the spa for the whole day, I mean like, what do they do there?" He looks up at me and I roll my eyes and snatch the magazine out of his hands. He grabs my wrist and pulls me down on him, into his lap. We're inches apart, he looks back and forth at my eyes and whispers, "You should be nice to your father Bella, he loves you you know?"

I rip my wrist out of his large hand and whisper back, I don't give a shit about my father, and don't call me Bella."

I stand back and walk to the small hallway that leads to the front door. I slip my legs in my knee length brown boots and grab my purse. I'm about to reach for my jacket, but Emmett grabs it and holds it out for me, offering to help put it on.

I take it out of his arms and put it on myself. He walks by in a huff and mumbles something along the lines of "stupid bitch."

I lock the front door behind me and follow him out to the waiting Escalade.

Emmett opens the door and slams it shut right in front of me leaving me out. I let out a big breath and walk around to the other side and get in. I sit beside Emmett and he motions to the driver to drive.

The ride is quiet and no one talks.

"Why does he want to see me?" I ask.

"Don't know, he just said, and I quote, "Go get Isabella." He says in a low voice. I shake my head and look out the window.

"Why did you come if you hate your dad so much?" He asks breaking the silence again.

"I've learned that it's no use to fight with him, and you never would've gone back there without me. Sure I could've protested and ran when you got in the vehicle, but you would've hunted me down like the rat you are." I kept my gaze at the scenery flying by. Emmett didn't say anything after that, he just put his hands in his lap and stared out the other window.

It wasn't long before we were pulling up to a cast iron gate. The driver rolled down his window and punched in a code. The gates opened and he drove through, right up to the mansion at the top of the small hill. I noticed that I wasn't familiar with my father's residence. I never once came over to his place, for a fear of him keeping me there and never letting me go.

After my mother died I stayed with my Uncle Aro in Port Angeles. Charlie was always on "business trips" and thought that it would be better if I stayed with him. At the ripe age of 21, I met Alice at college and was on the fast track to becoming best friends. Our 2nd year in college we decided to move in together with the financial help of Uncle Aro. He helped me get started with mine and Alice's clothing business. It soon grew and we were able to pay him back for all the money that he leant us. Aro and I grew close and I always thought of him more of a father than Charlie.

Emmett was the first to get out, waiting to shut the door after I got out.

"Thank you." I said simply. I started to walk towards the house but he grabbed my arm. I looked from my arm then up to him. He let go and mumbled something.

"Pardon me? I don't speak Ape!"

"I said, I'm sorry for earlier. About the bathtub thing, I should've knocked." I raised my eyebrows at him and crossed my own arms over my own chest.

"Look, I don't apologize very easily and I wanted to let you know that I'll try to be better. To give you some respect." I huffed out a breath and turned around in search of my father.

I walk up to the double front doors with a large cross engraved on front of them.

How ironic.

Not really sure how I should enter Charlie's home considering that I've never been here, I went to knock on the large wooden door, but just as I did a voice streams through some speakers up above me.

"Isabella! Glad you could make it. Have Emmett show you to my office. And please take your time to look around if you like." I turn to look over my shoulder and see the hulk walk over and step in front of me. He opens the door and with a sweep of his arm he ushers me in.

I step inside and my eyes grow large while my mouth drops to the floor. The design is Italian French Villa, formal foyer rotunda overlooking spectacular wood carvings and hand painted acanthus crown molding with upper and lower casements of fine wood detail unparalleled anywhere. And that's just the entrance.

I walk over the marble checkered floors to a room and stop to take in the beauty of the designs.

A throat is cleared behind me and Emmett is scratching the back of his neck.

"Ok, let me give you the quick tour. Ahhhh let's see…"

He starts to pace back and forth while puffing out his chest and pretending to have some sort of class. With a snobbish voice he says, "The home has 3 large salt water aquariums with incredible coral features and woodwork.

"It consists of imported custom Tuscan stone flooring and mahogany, walnut, madrone and other precious wood features.

"This place has five bedrooms/massage room, maid/nanny's quarters, office/library, formal living and dining, family room, home theatre/entertainment area with adjacent bar and full eating area.

"The art gallery also features a custom wine cellar and there is a custom hidden bar area.

"It's also equipped with a safe room and top of the line hepa filter system with ultra violet lights on three separate air conditioning systems for air quality."

Just as I'm about to think he's finished he continues. My eyebrows raise and I sit down on the plush suede white couch.

"Pool area features full covered entertainment area with stained wood ceiling, imported stone from Turkey and a massive water feature made of bronze in pool with corresponding water jets surrounding entire pool deck. The pool is done in Italian glass mosaic tile with two additional bronze fountains at each end.

"Extensive Italianate landscaping for privacy in a 24 hour guard gated community with full club house.

"Three bay garage, ahhh what else….let's see…the estate home has forest/conservation in front and behind for extreme seclusion and privacy. Community adjoins one of the largest paved bike/jogging/equestrian trails in the state of Washington. The county in which the house is in has some of the least expensive property taxes in all the surrounding counties and all other 67 counties in Washington.

"This surrounding area has homes valued in excess of upwards of $20 million dollars. The home can be sold fully furnished. The home was designed to minimize ongoing maintenance costs." He concludes his rant in one long breath.

"Wow, Emmett that's impressive. How do you know all that? And why?" He stops pacing and looks at me childishly.

"Uh…. I've always had a thing for real estate?" He looks nervous and runs his hands through his hair. I quirk my eyebrows and he looks to the ground.

"It's my job to gather information…..I mean, well to know stuff like this. I have to know everything about this place, for ahhhh…security reasons." He coughs again and I stand and walk over to him. He backs up as I stand in front of him and look him straight in the eyes. I can tell that he's feeling uncomfortable, so I pressure him a little.

"Emmett, I don't know what goes on in your pee sized brain and well frankly I don't care to, but something's off about you ever since you've worked for my father. And just because you fool my father don't think for a second you fool me." I turn to walk away and make it to the glorious aquarium in the middle of the foyer. I realize that I'm not entirely sure where I'm going. I look over my shoulder and Emmett's back is still facing me.

"I'm not sure where his office is. Can you take me there so I can get this over with and get home? I have things that still need to be done today." Emmett glides past me and we travel down the hall.

There are closed doors on either side of me and just for a moment I'm curious at to what my father has hiding behind those doors. I pause quietly and move to one of the doors. I reach for the knob and turn quietly. I crack it open and I feel my arm being almost ripped out of its socket.

"What the hell?" I yell. Emmett pulls the door closed and drags me the rest of the way down the hallway.

We stop in front of another closed door and he knocks three hard times and one soft one.

Like it's a secret code or something.

"Come in." My gut instantly recognizes the voice and I strain at the grip Emmett has on my arm. The door opens and I see Charlie sitting behind a desk with his elbows resting on the maple wood tenting his fingers in front of his face. Emmett stands me before the desk and leaves me there face to face with the father I wish I never had.

"You may leave now Emmett, thank you for your services." Emmett nods his head while I give him the glare of a thousand daggers. Emmett smirks and turns to leave closing the door behind him.

"Sit Isabella, no need to stand, daughter." I snort at the term daughter. Charlie leans back in his chair and starts playing with his moustache.

"Is there a reason why you brought me here?" I ask not sitting.

"You look so much like your mother." He says not bothering to answer my question.

"Charlie, why am I here?" I ask again.

"You know, if you knew what your mother looked like when she was your age you would be amazed."

I huff my annoyance and start tapping my foot.

"Yeah I don't care, can you answer me?" I ask.

"Remarkable, you act just like her as well." He smiles and rises out of his puffy chair and stands in front of me. He holds out his arms and I back up.

"What are you doing?" I ask moving back farther.

"Can't I hug my daughter?" His tone soft yet creepy.

"No, you gave up that right a long time ago." He steps back and his face grows a little red.

"What have I ever done to you that makes you hate me so?" I can see him shaking a little and I move to the back of the room ready to bolt if need be.

"You were never there my whole life. Your business took priority over your family. And what is the family business, Charlie? Huh? Selling drugs and weapons! You think that I want to be a part of that? Are you crazy? How many times have I told you that it's wrong! Everything about you is wrong.

"Are you aware that the kids on the streets are high and living in the gutters because of you? There are YOUNG KIDS dying because of what you do! How can you not know that's wrong?

"The gun violence is out of control in this country and where do you think they get it from huh? Who is the supplier Charlie? And where do YOU get it from? Ahhhh!" I throw my hands up in the air and walk to the other side of the room away from him. I look back and he turns around and faces me.

"Isabella, your accusations are appalling. Where do you get your information from?" He walks over to his desk, sits down and opens one of his side drawers. He pulls out a file and throws it over to me, it lands at my feet.

"I think that you should open the file." He calls from his desk.

"I'm not interested about what's in that file, Charlie." He breathes out a deep breath and claps his hands on the desk.

"I'm your father dammit! Show some respect!" I jump when he hits his desk for the second time and I turn to leave.

"Isabella, wait I'm sorry, come sit down, I actually need to talk to you about something important." He rushes over to me and steers me to the chair in front of his desk. I pull my arm out of his hand and walk myself sitting down in the chair.

"Okay look, I'll entertain (I think 'humor' would sound better than entertain) you for a moment and let you say what you want, but then I'm leaving because I actually have more important things to do than sit here and pretend to be your daughter." I say sarcastically. Charlie's quiet for a moment, trying to think of something to say.

"Isabella, there have been some developments that require my attention."

"So what does this have to do with me? I told you that I want nothing to do with you or what you do, including your "developments"."

"Actually, it has everything to do with you, my dear."

"Don't call me that." I state. He chuckles and I stand.

"SIT DOWN!" He yells. I roll my eyes and plop down again.

He stands and walks over to pick up the file that he threw on the floor.

He passes it across his desk and motions for me to open it. I sit there with my arms crossed.

"So fucking stubborn." He says as I lean back in my chair and cross my legs. I look to the left of me and look outside at the marvelous grounds. There is a massive infinity swimming pool as well as a hot tub. I hear the rustling of papers and look back at Charlie. He thrusts some papers at me as they almost fall on the floor. I move to grab them, noticing that the papers are actually photos. I turn them right side up and look closely.

"Is that me?" I ask.

"Yes, someone has been taking pictures of you and those aren't the only ones. There are others with death threats on them, as well as drawings of you murdered."

I gasp and my hand flies to cover my mouth.

"Isabella look, I think that you should stay here for a while. Just until I can find the person responsible and gut him like a fish." My eyes fly to Charlie and he winces at my reaction.

"Ok, that could be perceived as a little harsh for your ears, but trust me when I say that this person will pay actively for what he's done." I stand a flop the pictures back on the desk.

"I will not stay here. You can't control my life Charlie. What am I suppose to do about Alice, it could be dangerous for her too, and I'm not going to hide out while she's in danger too. We live together! They could get her. And SCREW YOU for dragging me into this!" I turn and walk out the door leaving Charlie at his desk mulling over the predicament he's gotten me into.

I walk back down the hallway and out to the lobby.

"Emmett?" I call. I look all around and walk out the door.

"Emmett!" I call again. I can't see him anywhere so I start walking down the driveway.

"Excuse me miss?" I turn and see a blonde man running up to me.

"Can I help you?" he asks.

"Yeah, I really need to get out of here, can you help?" he puts his hands in his pockets and holds out a pair of keys.

"I can drive you home if you like? Would you like Emmett to come?" He asks leading us up to the garage.

"I don't care, I just need to get out of here." He nods his head and jogs over to the black Escalade opening the door for me. I hop inside as he closes the door behind me.

Once inside he starts the vehicle and turns in the round-about driveway and makes his way to the bottom of the hill.

The gates open on an electric trigger system and he turns out onto the street racing down the road.

"I live at…."

"I know where you live miss." He replies before I can finish.

"Oh, okay then." He nods his head again and smiles in the rear view mirror. I smile back and turn to look back out the windows.

"I'm Jasper by the way." I look at him and smile again.

"Hi Jasper, I'm Bella."

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