My experience as an Extra on the set of

Twilight: Breaking Dawn!

Hi there, its been a while since I've written but I wanted all you fans out there to know this amazing experience I had as an extra.

If you would like me to answer questions, I would be happy to. But please understand that I signed a confidentiality agreement so I cannot say what the filming was about or about the scene, so please don't ask.

Other than that I'm happy to tell you what you want to know.

So on with my real life dream come true!

I wake up at 3:30 am with Velcro rollers in my hair and start to get ready for the day.

I apply minimal makeup and grab my back pack and head out the door.

My dad drops me off at the locations and right away I'm approached by fans waiting at the doors.

I bypass them and head into the building and check in.

My call time was 6:30 and its now 5:55am.

I sit and wait for the call that I have to go to wardrobe. My costume was already pre-fit the week earlier so I was already tagged. There are about 90 of us and it becomes chaos in the hallways. I grab my costume and head on over to make up and hair. My eye brows are black and huge and my eye shadow is a copper brown (like Rob's hairJ). I think I look totally ridiculous but that's what I'm suppose to look like for this era.

It takes about 2 hair people to take out my stupid painful rollers, I sit and get my hair done and then I'm sent back up to holding (area where all the extras stay).

So I'm reading my book just chilling and watching the rest of the extras check in and a hair person comes up to me and says that I need to get my hair redone, its not styled right. So I make my way back down to the hair dept. and tell them that it needs to be pinned up not let down. It takes about 30 mins to redo my hair and then I head back upstairs.

Once I get back I notice that I'm one of six extras in the room. The rest of them is on set. I don't think much about it, so I keep on reading and wait till the rest get back.

It's been about 1 hour and 30 minutes and I'm starting to freak out. I'm thinking what's taking so long ? Then I hear over the radio….. "should we get Rob on set?" Now I'm starting to freak out. He's going to be on set and I'm stuck in holding. This so isn't fair. Then another 20 mins goes by and I hear over the radio again, " I think that's it for the day" Now I'm starting to feel sick and dizzy. There's no way that I'm here and he's there and I can't see him. Just then the rest of the extras come back from set and so I talk to some of the girls at my table and ask them, "what the heck?" One of the girls tells me that they're only doing one more scene and then we're wrapped (finished for the day).

So now I'm crushed and so mad! Just then the wrangler comes and asks who hasn't been on set yet. I raise my hand and he almost misses me, so I stand up and wave at him telling him that I haven't been. So he calls the other six and myself and brings up to set…

Once I arrive, I'm told to sit down in a certain seat. Now we're in a theatre so I'm to sit in the fourth seat from the isle. Ok that's cool. Then I look in front of me and notice Rpattz's stand in and that the camera is right in front of him. I tell myself that I'm too far away from where the stand in is and I'm praying that I can somehow move closer to where the aisle is. Then the director Bill Condon looks and points to me asking to switch seats with the guy next to me. So now I'm in the third seat from the aisle. But still too far away.

The 2nd seat from the aisle is open and I once again pray that I can sit there. About 5 minutes goes by and Bill Condon tells me to move into the second seat. So now I'm behind the Rpattz stand in but a little to the left. You know how in a theatre the seats are staggard? Well I was so close, I was pissing myself.

So after a while, when the director and photography people work on lighting and angles of the camera, he holds up his radio and says, " let's get Rob in here…." So now I'm 100% freaking out.

As soon as he called for Rob, the entire set goes quiet. So quiet you could hear a pin drop. Just the anticipation of him coming to set has everyone on pins and needles.

So we all wait about 10 min and I'm looking around taking in the scene and listening to the director talk about ideas etc…Hair is fixing me and makeup is retouching my lipstick…. Next thing I know I turn around to my left and there he is in all his handsome glory. I whip my head forward and take in some deeps breathes. Trying not to let the others see that I'm totally freaking out inside. About one more minute and he comes over to us and walks down the stairs and sits in front of me. He turns and says "Good Morning" in his sexy British accent and takes a drink of his Starbucks coffee. I say good morning back and keep breathing deeply just thinking that Robert Pattinson just said good morning to me.

So we shoot the scene and Bill Condon wants to see the playback. So he turns the monitor attached to the camera towards Rob and myself as well as the other 6 extras and low and behold I'm looking at a scene with Edward and me in the back ground. I can't believe it. I smile and hide my face so no one see's my excitement and kicks me out. LOL!

He asks Rob of his opinion of the take and they chat for a while about how Edward is suppose to be feeling in this scene. So we do another take and then a couple more. He was done so he gets up and nods to the girl beside her and then as he's in the aisle ( I can't stop staring at him ) he slightly nods his head to me and winks!



So in conclusion, let me just say that he's even hotter in person and his face is flawless. When he smiles, he lights up the room and everyone is smiling. He's a joker and a potty mouth. His chiseled jaw is real and so are his gorgeous eyes. He's perfect!

The end.