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Amu:How did you come up with the names except for nadeshiko...

Me:I Don't know...but were they good names?..I'M EXCITED THIS IS MY SECOND FANFIC!...but I bet it will suck :p

Amu:I don't know...yes and I bet it will suck..

Ikuto:Why is this one army love?


Ikuto:I don't get it...


Ikuto 22 Amu 21

Ikuto's P.O.V

The last thing I rememberd was I was in the infirmary. I guess a gernade exploded close to me, and I hit my head on something hard. I felt something warm go on my forehead. I opened my eyes, and it was a went towel. I sat up straight, and looked around. I was the only one hurt, but there were still many nurses here. One was walking towards me, she had short pink hair with honey comb eyes. She looked cute, but she would look better without a worried look on her face. She took off the towel on my forehead, and put her hand there instead.

"Does your head hurt anymore?"She asked me with a sweet voice.

"Kind of..."I said not taking my eyes off of her.

"Ok..I'll go get somone.."She said walking away.

I grabbed her hand before she could leave. She looked back at me shocked, but then former a smile on her face.

"What do you need?"She walked back to my bed.

"Whats your name?"I asked her, no expression.

"I'm Amu Hinamori, whats yours?"She stood there still smiling.

"I'm Ikuto Tsukiyomi..Nice to meet you amu..."I smiled at her.

My head hurt, so I closed my eyes. "I'm going to get a doctor hold on ikuto..."I heard amu say, the next thing I heard was her walking away.

"He looks like his head hurts..I'm going to go get him a glass of water."Amu said walking away again.

I opened my eyes, I saw a man standing next to my bed. He had black hair, with green eyes.

"Hello. Does your head still hurt?"He asked me.

I nodded, and closed my eyes again. I opened my eyes again, but this time he was sitting down next to my bed on a chair.

"Ok..I'll go tell miss hinamori to go to a different patient so you can get some rest.."He said standing up.

"No..I only want amu to be my nurse..I don't want anyone else.."I said grabbing his wrist.

"Do you think that if she does you would feel better?"He asked me.

"Yes..I think so.."I looked passed him and towards the door.

Waiting for amu to come back with my water. I only have six more weeks to serve for the army and then I can go back home after the 5 months in the army.

I guess I better make it last...

5 weeks later..

"Ikuto!"Amu was urging me to eat my food.

"But I'm tired."I said shoving my face into my pillow.

"Come on ikuto...please..."I turned to her, and she was pouting at me.

I sighed. I don't really know why I was still here. My head never hurts anymore, I just like the feeling of when I see amu.

"Fine..."I sat up straight and grabbed my bowl of cereal from her hands.

I finished my cereal and just sat at the edge of my bed, while amu was taking the bowl back to the sink.

"So how's you head ikuto?"She asked me when she came back.

"It still hurts, but not as much."I lyed.

She put her hand on forehead, but sighed when she took it off.

"At least you don't have a fever.."She stood up and started walking around.

"What are you doing?"I asked her.

"Nothing..."She stopped at the window, she had a sad expression.

"Whats wrong..."I stood up and walked to her.

"Do you remember me from anywhere else but here?"She asked me.

I looked at her shocked. Why is she asking me this?

"Have we met before? I had amnesia 2 weeks before I joined from hitting my head, and i never remembered anything before the 2 weeks."I sighed.

"No, No..we have not met before.."She walked away from me.

Amu's P.O.V

I walked away from ikuto. I tried not to cry, but it was too late. I made small gaphs for breathe.

"Amu whats wrong? What did I do?"Ikuto said behind me. "Everything.."I said to myself.

I didn't look back at him. I just left the room, and walked away. Once I knew he wouldn't see me I slid down to the floor...

'Amu whats wrong? What did I do?' I keep on remembering him saying that to me before I left.

I started to cry even more. He doesn't remember anything..He doesn't remember...

Me:I know this chapter is short..BUT DON'T HATE ME FOR IT!

Ikuto:What do I not remember?


Ikuto:TELL ME!

Me:No...you'll find out soon.

Ikuto:Thats messed up...


Me:*whispers to amu*




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