Tony and Ziva Story 1

(Set after Truth or Consequences)

(The truth serum is still wearing off)

Ziva: Tony?

Tony: Yeah?

Ziva: Do you love me?

Tony: Yes. Do you love me?

Ziva: Yes. Remember neither of our truth serums have worn off yet so we really do like each other.

Tony: Ziva, I have to tell you something.

Ziva: Okay.

Tony: You're the reason I stayed at NCIS.

Ziva: Really?

Tony: Really. I was upset when Kate died and you made it all go away.

Ziva: Let's go to your apartment, Tony

Tony: Okay. Why?

Ziva: So we can do something we have each waited a long time to do.

Tony: What might that be?

Ziva: You'll see.

(At Tony's apartment)

(In the bedroom)

(1 month later)

(Ziva looking at something)

Ziva: Oh no this can't be happening to me!

(Ziva calls Tony)

(Tony answers)

Tony: Tony here.

Ziva: Tony I need to tell you something, and I'm going to kill you one of eighteen different ways with a paperclip.

Tony: Okay. What the heck did I do?

Ziva: You'll find out later.

Tony: What happened?

Ziva: Meet me at my apartment after work.

Tony: Okay. Anything else?

Ziva: Please tell Gibbs and Director Vance I will not be in today. Personal reasons.

Tony: Ok. Do you want me to pick up anything on the way over?

Ziva: No. I'm good.

Tony: Okay.

(Tony walks to his desk)

Tony: Probie.

McGee: Yeah?

Tony: You seen Gibbs anywhere?

(Gibbs and Director Vance walk up)

Gibbs: Is someone looking for me?

Tony: Yeah. Uh Boss, can I talk to you and Director Vance for a minute?

Gibbs: Sure. Talk.

Tony: In private.

Gibbs: Sure.

(In Director Vance's office)

Gibbs: What Tony?

Tony: Ziva asked me two favors this morning boss.

Gibbs: What were those favors?

Tony: She called me this morning, threatened me, and said for me to meet her at her apartment after work. I think something's wrong. Ziva wouldn't tell me what was wrong. The other thing was to tell you she won't be here today.

Gibbs: Are you sure she was threatening you?

Tony: Yeah. She told me she would kill me one of eighteen different ways with a paperclip.

Gibbs: This is not good.

Director: Seriously? Ziva? Saying that? Are we talking about the same Ziva?

Tony: Are you talking about Ziva David?

Director: Yeah.

Tony: Then yes. We are talking about the same Ziva.

Director: I just can't believe Ziva would say that, especially to you.

Tony: Can I go now?

Gibbs: Yes.

(Tony leaves)

(Gibbs pulls out his cell phone)

(Gibbs calls Ziva)

Ziva; This is Ziva.

Gibbs: Ziva, what's wrong?

Ziva: Nothing.

Gibbs: Ziva. I know better. Please tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help.

Ziva: Nobody can help me except for Tony.

Gibbs: Fine. I'll tell Tony to call you.

Ziva: Okay then.

(Gibbs hangs up)

(Gibbs goes and finds Tony at his desk)

Gibbs: Tony.

Tony: Yeah boss?

Gibbs: You can go.

Tony; Go where?

Gibbs: Ziva's duh. Put this piece in your ear so if you need anything we'll come get you out. We'll be on the floor with you.

Tony: Okay.

(At Ziva's)

(Tony knocks on Ziva's door)

(Ziva answers)

Ziva: Tony, what are you doing here? It's not even noon yet.

Tony: I was so nervous at work that Gibbs let me go.

Ziva: Why were you nervous?

Tony: Because I've never, ever heard you threaten me to that degree before.

Ziva: I have to tell you something, so take that earpeice out and talk to me.

Tony: How did you know about the earpeice?

Ziva: I didn't. I just guessed and you told me.

Tony: Okay then (Takes the earpeice out) What did you want to tell me?

Ziva: I'm pregnant Tony, and it's your baby.

(Tony faints)

Ziva Talking into earpeice): Gibbs. Tony just fainted.

(In hallway)

Gibbs: Let's go. Tony fainted. Let's go.

(Ziva hears a knock and opens her door)

Gibbs: Ziva, where's Tony?

Ziva: Over there.

Gibbs: Thanks.

(Gibbs pushes past Ziva, followed by McGee who elbows her in the stomach)

Ziva: Oww. (Rubs belly)

Gibbs: What's the matter Ziva? Why so sensitive in the stomach area?

Ziva: I'm pregnant.

Gibbs: I know.

Ziva: You do?

Gibbs: Yeah. I know you and I know the two reasons you threaten him like that.

Ziva: Which are?

Gibbs: Number one. You threaten him if he kills someone you love. Number two. You threaten him if you're pregnant.

Ziva: How did you know which one?

Gibbs: I didn't until McGee elbowed your stomach.

Ziva: Thanks Gibbs.

Gibbs: For what?

Ziva: For letting Tony come here. Even if he did faint.

Gibbs: It's going to be okay, Ziva. You know that right? Tony really loves you. He's been so nervous today, he probably fainted from stress.

(Tony stands up on his own)

Ziva: Tony. Tony are you okay?

(Tony comes over)

Tony(Whispers): It's gonna be okay sweetie.

Ziva(Whispers): I know. Come back after everyone leaves so you don't look suspicious.


Ziva: Okay. Everybody. Now that Tony is better I would like you all to leave.

Tony: Me too?

Ziva: I said everybody please leave before I kill each and every one of you a different way with a paperclip.

(Everyone rushes out)

Tony: You guys take the elevator. I'll take the stairs don't wait on me if I'm not down there when you guys get there.

(Goes and stands behind stair door to hear the elevator)

McGee: Boss, What's wrong with Tony? He seemed a little nervous.

Gibbs: Nothings wrong McGee, so get in the elevator.

(McGee gets in the elevator)

(Tony comes out from behind the stair door and sees Gibbs)

Tony: Gibbs. What are you doing here?

(Gibbs smacks Tony on the back of the head three times)

Tony: What was that for?

Gibbs: The first one is for making Ziva threaten you and not knowing what was wrong. The second one is for knocking hony: Got it boss.

Gibbs: Good.

(Gibbs gets in elevator)

(Tony goes back to Ziva's)

Ziva: Tony, that was fast.

Tony: Yeah. Ziva, did you tell Gibbs?

Ziva: Yes.

Tony: Why?

Ziva: Because he asked me if I was.

Tony: Okay. I'm sorry.

Ziva: Why? Did something ha I should have known, once for making you pregnant and once for fainting when you told me. He also told me that if I do anything to hurt you or the baby then he will kill me and make it look like a suicide because their will be no forensic evidence.

Ziva: Tony, come here.

(Tony goes over to Ziva)

Tony: Why?

(Ziva kisses Tony, which leads into a makeout session)

(Ziva pulls away)

Ziva: Tony?

Tony: Yeah, Ziva.

Ziva: If any of my family members found out I am pregnant with an American's baby they will kill me. Then go after you.

Tony: I won't let that happen. They'll never get to you.

Ziva: Okay.

Tony: Get behind me.

Ziva: Why?

Tony: I hear something and have a bad feeling about this.

(A bullet comes thru the window aimed at Ziva's head)

Tony: NO!

(Tony jumps in front of Ziva and the bullet hits him in the back)

Ziva: Tony, are you okay?

(Tony does not answer)

(Ziva pulls out phone and dials Gibbs)

Gibbs: What's wrong, Ziva?

Ziva(in between sobs): Tony got shot and might be dead.

Gibbs: I'll be right there.

Ziva: Okay.

(5 minutes later)

(Gibbs and team enter)

Ziva: Tony's over here, Ducky.

Ducky: Thank you. Come on Mr. Palmer.

Gibbs: Did Tony hurt you?

Ziva: No. He actually took the bullet for me. He said he heard something so I got behind him and he got shot because he jumped in front of the bullet for me.

Gibbs: Great.

Ducky: Ziva, we have good news and bad news.

Ziva: May I please have the bad news first?

Ducky: Yes. The bad news is Tony might go into a coma. Right now he is just unconscious but he might. The good news is that Tony's alive.

Ziva: Oh great. Gibbs?

Gibbs: Yeah?

Ziva: Should I tell them now?

Gibbs: It's your choice Ziva but if it were mine I would say yes.

Ziva: Can I have your attention please?

(Everyone looks at Ziva)

Ziva: I just wanted to let everyone know that I am having a baby.

Abby: Who's the father?

Ziva: Tony.


Ziva: Yes Abby.

Abby: McGee, you owe me a hundred bucks.

Ziva: You guys bet if Tony would knock me up?

Abby: Yeah.

Ziva: Well why?

Abby: Because Tony was so nervous today.

Ziva: Thanks Abby. Now let's get to the lab and figure out who owns the gun this bullet is from.

(Tony gets conscious)

Abby: Great idea Ziva.

Tony: What's a great idea?

Ziva: TONY!

Gibbs: Clear out everyone.

(Gibbs and the team clear out leaving Ziva and Tony behind)

(The next day)

(NCIS' Parking Garage)

Ziva: Tony, will you do me a favor?

Tony: That depends on what it is.

Ziva: I was hoping you wouldn't say that.

Tony: Why?

(Tony sees guy pointing gun at the car)

(Tony dials Gibbs and sticks the phone behind his back)

Tony: Ziva, do you know him?

Ziva: Yes. He's my half-brother. His name is Elijah

Tony: Then why is he pointing a gun at us?

Ziva: They must have found out.

Tony: They?

Ziva: My family. I told you they would try to kill us.

(Tony hangs up)

(In office)

Gibbs: McGee, let's go now

McGee: Why?

Gibbs: If you want to see Tony and or Ziva alive again we need to go and not make a sound.

McGee: Okay.

(Gibbs and McGee go into parking garage to hear gunshots)

(Gibbs points to other side of a car)

Gibbs(Mouths): Search that side.

(Gibbs sees Elijah shooting at Tony's car and shoots him in the back of the head)

(Gibbs rushes over to the car and sees Tony across Ziva's lap his back covered in blood)

Gibbs: McGee, Go get Ducky!

McGee: Why?


McGee: Okay.

(McGee runs inside to get Ducky)

Gibbs: Ziva, are you okay?

Ziva: Yes. But I'm guessing Tony's not.

Gibbs: We'll see.

(McGee and Ducky rush out)

Ducky: My word Jethro. What was so important?

Gibbs: Tony.

Ducky: Don't tell me he fainted again.

Gibbs: No his back is covered in blood from getting shot by this lunatic.

(Gibbs Points to Elijah)

(Ducky comes over and examines Tony)

Ducky: Whoa he's in bad shape. Really bad.

Ziva: He'll be okay though? Right?

Ducky: He will be if he wakes up.

Ziva: What do you mean wakes up? Is he in a coma?

Ducky: Unfortunately, yes.

Ziva: Oh no.

Gibbs: Ziva, I suggest you go inside.

Ziva: I'm not leaving Tony's side.

Gibbs: We'll call you if we need anything. Go.

Ziva: But-

Gibbs: That's an order Ziva.

Ziva: No.

Gibbs: Why do you say no?

Ziva: I'm not leaving Tony. Not even for a second.

(Ambulance arrives)

Ziva: Who called an ambulance?

McGee: I did

Ziva: Why?

McGee: Because Tony's in a coma.

Med: Who wants to ride with us?

Ziva and Gibbs: I do.

Med: One person only.

Gibbs: Go ahead Ziva.

Ziva: Thank you Gibbs.

(Ziva Hugs Gibbs)

(Ziva gets in ambulance)

(At hospital)

(Gibbs walks in as doctor walks out)

Doctor: Family for Tony Dinozzo.

(Ziva and Gibbs stand up)

Doctor: May I talk to you in private?

Ziva: Of course. Gibbs may I go alone?

Gibbs: Yes.

(Ziva goes with doctor)

Ziva: What happened Doctor?

Doctor: Tony is in a coma.