Suddenly feeling incredibly stiff and uncomfortable I tried to roll over but realized I wasn't really lying down, I wasn't really sitting up either. Gently opening one eye I remembered that I wasn't in my own apartment, the warmth I was feeling wasn't caused from my bed.

Instead I was wrapped in Aaron's arms on the couch we had dozed off on, I was sure that Aaron's shoulder would be sore in the morning since it had served as my pillow.

I quietly slid out of Hotch's arms when my eyes caught sight of the clock hanging on the wall letting me know it was nearly two o'clock in the morning.

Granted nothing more than one long intoxicating kiss between Aaron and I, I wanted to save the two of us as well as Jack an awkward moment had Jack gotten up and found his father and I sleeping together on the couch so I slipped out the front door

I knew Aaron would be just as confused as I was when he got up, and I would also understand if he would be upset that I slipped out in the middle of the night without a saying a word. But it was better this way.


I jumped off the ground at the dinging sound the elevator made letting me know I had reached my floor, luckily no one else from the BAU was on the elevator with me to see me nearly dump hot coffee down my dark green blouse and jeans.

Aaron and I had not spoken since Saturday, which would undoubtedly make for an interesting morning. Dumping my bags and coffee onto my desk I headed straight for Aaron's office, deliberately ignoring greetings from Morgan and Emily.

Inside his office Aaron was seated behind his desk speaking with someone on the phone, motioning for me to take a seat when I gave a gentle tap on his door. "Alright thanks," he wrapped up his conversation and hung up the receiver. "Good morning, Sam."

However, I didn't take a seat. Instead I stood in front of him, leaning over with my hands resting on the top of his desk. "Aaron-" I began but he held his hand up to stop me.

"Sam, I'm sorry about Saturday," Hotch wouldn't meet my eyes. "You were right I probably did have too much to drink. I'm not upset about you-"

"Aaron-" I tried to cut him off but he just ignored me.

"-leaving, it was probably for the best before we did anything we would have regretted."

I lifted my hand and ran it along his face, raising his chin so he would be looking me in the eyes. "That's just the thing," I said, flashing him a gentle smile. "I'm not sorry about any of it."

Hotch pushed out his chair and walked around his desk so he was standing next to me. "Then what was all that about how I shouldn't want to protect you?"

Running a hand through my long hair I let out a deep breath before answering. "I was scared," I admitted. "I was afraid that I would finally have to admit to someone that I've wanted this for a while now. I was afraid that you might feel the same way."

"It appears we both failed in hiding what we wanted."

Still standing in front of Aaron's desk, staring at his now empty chair and my right hand pressed against the hard wood, Aaron gently placed a hand over mine. "How are we going to work this?" I asked, looking up at his gentle face.

"I don't know." Aaron closed his eyes tightly for a second as he shook his head. "I will suggest that we do keep this quiet for a while though until we figure things out."

"And then there are the fraternization rules too," I pointed out.

"Yes, those too."

There was a light tapping on Hotch's door that must have reminded us that we were still inside the BAU, which meant our keeping things quiet was in effect.

"Excuse me, sir?" I looked over my shoulder to see JJ standing in the doorway, judging by the look on her face she must have noticed Hotch's hand resting on mine, which Hotch quickly pulled away. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No," I said quickly feeling like my face was burning. "I was just finishing up here."

"What've you got JJ?" Hotch asked, turning towards her sounding more like Aaron Hotchner Unit Chief than Aaron Hotchner the regular guy.

"We've got a case in DC that needs our attention." That's when I realized that JJ had a stack full of files cradled carefully in her arms.

"We'll be there in just a second," Aaron let her know, suddenly turning towards his desk pretending to shuffle through some files. "Sam, I can't seem to find that file but I'll make sure you've got a copy of it sent to you."

JJ flashed both of us a polite smile before continuing on the conference room, and just as I was about to leave Aaron's office I leaned over and whispered softly in his ear, "Great way to start the whole keeping it quiet, don't you think?"

Separately, Aaron and I left his office and made sure that we sat across the table from one another. After this morning and JJ and seeing us holding hands we were not wanting to take any chances just yet. Plus both of us were more focused on our work at the moment that anything that was happening between us outside of the BAU.

And I instantly understood why JJ said that this case needed our attention.

Eight year old Jacob Fleming, the son of a high profile political lobbyist, had gone missing roughly a week ago and his body had turned up in a dumpster in the heart of Washington, DC. The startling part wasn't who his parents were but that over the past six months he was the third boy with similar physical characteristics to go missing, but his was the only body to be found.

There were no signs of abuse, no wounds of any kind.

"JJ" Hotch began, "You and I will start by going and visiting the boy's family, Morgan and Prentiss will go to the medical examiner's office before speaking with the families of the boys who are still considered missing to determine if they are connected, and Reid I want you to stay at the station and start a geographic profile.

"Dave," Aaron continued passing out assignments, "I want you and Sam to check out where the body was found. This is the only one we'd found so I want it gone over well because it might be the only way to find out anything about the UNSUB."

Rossi and I both shook our heads in agreement.

Aaron checked his watch, letting out a heavy sigh. "Alright, JJ let the lead detective know what we'll be there within the hour."

"About time we don't have to use that damned jet," I muttered to myself as I got up out of my chair, heading towards the bullpen.

"You don't like using the jet?" Reid overheard me.

"And you do?"

"Yeah," he began, shifting the files in his arms as he grabbed his go-bag from under his desk, "Plus flying is one of the safest and most efficient ways of travel-"
"Reid!" I interrupted to save myself about a fact comparing what probably would have compared airplane and automobile safety. "I prefer to keep my feet as close to the ground if you don't mind?"


"So," Rossi began as we climbed out of the SUV, "How are things going?"

"Splendid," I said sarcastically.

Dave pulled a pair of dark sunglasses from inside his jacket pocket and slipped them over his eyes. "Just checking, kiddo."

"Dave, we see each other every day basically and you're just now asking how things are going." I couldn't help but laugh; sometimes I wondered how profilers thought they could hide things from one another. "I would think after all these years you'd know just to come out and mention what happened on Saturday."

There was a line of photographers across the street, trying to get as close as they could to the crime scene without crossing the barricade.

"When did I get so old to have you be old enough to be profiling me?"

"You're not that old," I said, giving Rossi a light slap on the shoulder as we crossed the street. "But I'm doing fine."

The corners of Rossi's mouth turned up into a crooked smile like he was just caught doing something he wasn't supposed to. "I'm glad, I'm sure your friend wouldn't want another talk from Morgan or me."

I didn't want to ask, and I highly doubted Dave would have even told me what he meant by that. "Detective Daniels?" I called out as soon as we crossed underneath the yellow crime scene tape that was blocking off the alley.

A young man, roughly about my age at thirty, turned around at the sound of his name. "Right here," he answered, his face etched with tiredness and frustration. By the look on his face and his rigid body language this was going to be a long case. "You must be FBI?"

"Supervisory Special Agent Samantha Davidson," I introduced myself, shoving my hands in my back pockets as I stopped just a few feet from the detective. "This is SSA David Rossi," I added, nodding back at Dave.

"You're all we've got from Quantico?" Detective Daniels asked, his weary blue eyes shifting between Rossi and I probably hoping there were more of us that were just stuck in traffic.

"No," Rossi responded, extending his hand to the detective. "The rest of our team is either already at the station or meeting with the family, we're the lucky ones that get to be in the field."

The young detective seemed more relaxed and at ease when he found out there were more of us working the case by letting out a heavy sigh and reaching out to shake Rossi's hand. "Good to hear it, this case is starting to get a lot of media attention since the boy was the son of a big time political lobbyist."

"The boy had been missing a week before the body was discovered?" Rossi asked.

Detective Daniels shook his head, "That's right. Homeless man was digging through the dumpster and came across the body, which was wrapped pretty tightly in a blanket." My eyes glanced over towards the dumpster, noting the investigators examining some of its contents, as the detective continued. "As you can see we've got crime scene investigators going over some of the debris that was found around him."

I let Dave and the detective continue talked and silently made my way over to the dumpster, where several CSI's were going through several bags of garbage. "What've you found so far?"
One of the CSI's handed me a pair of gloves and said, "Not much really, typically it's your usual garbage. This whole block is nothing but businesses-"

"Hold it," I interrupted, my attention brought to one item in particular. "You said its all businesses?"

"That's correct."

I slipped on the pair of gloves and lifted a tattered copy of a Dr. Seuss book out of the pile of garbage. "Was this found in a bag or was it on its own?"

"It was just in there," another CSI chimed in. "It wasn't with the body or anything."

"Sam," Dave yelled as I lifted myself up so I was sitting on the edge of the dumpster. "We're not CSI, you don't have to go dumpster diving."

"I know that, but I'm not going to sit around and wait for another kid to be found in one of these things."

It wasn't long after I jumped into the dumpster, and a couple of words from Rossi, when I noticed the sky above started getting darker as if it was about to start pouring at any moment. "You've got to be kidding me?" I yelled to the sky as I felt several rain drops land on my face.

After a couple hours at the crime scene, with me wading through a dumpster of garbage, we made our way to the station with little to show. That was unless you counted both Dave and I soaked from the rain and me looking, and smelling like I had climbed out of dumpster.

"What is that god awful smell?" Morgan asked as I passed by the team, which was congregated around a fairly full white board as I headed towards the locker room with my go bag. "Smells like someone fell in a dumpster."

JJ must have noticed that I was not sticking around. "Sam? What happened to you?"

Looking over my shoulder I was just about to answer when Rossi opened his mouth to answer the media liaison. "Sam decided she wanted to do some research about DC garbage disposal."

Everyone seemed to get a good laugh out of my dumpster diving, I had to admit that it was highly unusual for a behavioral analyst jumping into dumpsters but I wasn't going to show them my amusement. Instead I just wanted to get into a pair of dry, clean clothes.

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