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Gemini no Hito


Len's Pov:

"Len, you're moving to Tokyo with your father!" My mother excitedly announced as she set the phone down. "WHAT?" I yelled obviously pissed. Summer has just started, I thought I was going to be able to hang out with Mikuo and Kaito all summer but now I'm moving? Ugh. I sat on my mother's office chair as she sat on the desk writing something into her agenda. "Your father and I agreed that once you were seventeen, you would live with him until you graduate. Besides I'm sick already of going to pick you from the police every week. I'm sick of you" She calmly but maliciously said noting something not even caring really.

Well isn't this grand. By the end of the week I got all my crap packed into my luggage like clothes, money, manga, books, pocky, cds, and a few dvds. I didn't really need the other stuff in my room seeing as my mother expected me to visit once in awhile; like she was ever home to begin with… All she ever cared about was her damn image to the public.

At the airport Kaito and Mikuo came to say their goodbyes, who knows when I'll see them again. "Make sure to e-mail us every now and then, m'kay?" Mikuo shook my hand as we did the secret stupid handshake we made up when we were twelve. I nodded assuring him that I would call them once I arrived in Tokyo. I turned to face Kaito who was wailing and crying as he stuffed his face with ice-cream. "I'll… mm… miss… you… yum… Len… wah!.." He hurried eating his ice-cream trying to distract his dramatic tears. I sighed and punched his arm gently, "I'll come visit soon, you dork"

I waved goodbye to them going to the terminal. My mother was too busy to even say goodbye to her own son, she honestly wouldn't care if I dropped dead this second. I was disappointed but like I cared, I was more pissed with her than excited to move from her house. The flight to Tokyo wasn't that far, getting off and getting my crap I immediately saw my dad with a couple of people there waiting to greet me.

"Len!" He ran to me and hugged the life out of me. Unlike my mother, my dad was the creepy cheerful type but only when he wasn't dealing with his business. "Dad… let… go…" I stopped breathing, after he saw that he was suffocating he let go. Inhaling all the air I could get, I smelled oranges. A girl jumped out from the crowd of people, "Hi! I'm Rin!" She smiled widely taking my hand in hers.

Dad patted her head whispering something into her ear, "Bye bye!" She waved and walk off with one girl with pink hair. I gave my dad a questioning look as he laughed, "I'll explain later. That was Rin and Luka that left to get the car. Now this is Miki and Teto and that's Ted" He introduced the small crowd to me. They waved as I nodded.

Throwing my stuff into the trunk of the minivan, we headed to dad's mansion. Living with my mother all this time, it was a middle class life but I didn't mind. Ted and the others helped me get my stuff as they dumped it in my old room. Last time I was here, would be when I was about nine so some few Kamen Rider and Gundam posters remained but other than that – it was remodeled bigger.

I took a quick shower and headed to the kitchen to make a banana smoothie. The girl – Teto was in there eating cherries. "Hey" I greeted as she nodded. "So do you live here too?" I asked her casually. She nodded again, "We all do! Raizo took us in" She smiled. I took some bananas from the bowl and starting peeling them. "My dad?" I asked. "Yup! He's really nice. Miki and Ted are my older siblings, your dad took us in when our parents died so we're kinda like family now!" She giggled. Huh, wow.

Rin came running in. She fell as soon as she stepped in, "Owwie!" She rubbed her head. Teto ran to her, "Oh my gosh Rin! You okay?" She asked concerned checking her elbows and knees. "Oh, I'm bleeding!" Rin looked at her right knee, her eyes welling up with tears. "I'm such a klutz! I can't do anything right!" She started wailing as Teto took out a band-aid from her red short pocket. "You have to be careful, Rinny" Teto patted her head. I stared at them confused.

"Mm! Thanks!" Rin rubbed her eyes, getting up and then running off. "What's up with her?" I asked Teto. She looked at me and coughed. "Nothing. Hey… just promise me that you won't go near Rin too much, m'kay?" Her tone changed to serious. I slowly nodded not sure what that meant.

Finishing my smoothie I left Teto there. What did she mean? Leave Rin alone? Why? I walked down the hallway just about to go upstairs when, "Len, can I see you in my office please?" My father called as I headed in. I sat down as he was in his big chair looking concerned. "What's up?" I asked.

"I don't want you to be confused as you're living with me now. A lot has happened in the past eight years I haven't seen you. First. My dear friend and his wife died two years ago – I took in Miki, Ted, and little Teto as my own since it was in my friend's will for I to do so. Second. Luka is my partner at work as well as care taker for Rin. Last but not least. Please stay away from Rin" He took a sip from his coffee.

"What's the big deal with Rin?" I asked him growing more curious. First Teto and now him, what gives? Before he spoke up, Rin came in with a bunny. "Usagi-chan! Kawaii~ Raizo isn't she sooo cute! Can I keep it?" She plead as my dad chuckled. "Of course Rin-chan!" He patted her head as she smiled and ran out playing with the animal. He stared back at me serious again, "As you can see, Rin is very special in this house. She is the daughter of another dear friend of mine that passed away six months ago. If you every talk to her, be a gentleman" He pointed a finger. Me? Gentleman my ass…

"I'm serious Len" He narrowed his eyes. I got up with my arms up, "Alright. Alright. Whatever. I'll try to be nice" I told him, He was going to lecture me but decided against it. I knew it, I could see it in his eyes. In all honesty I could care less.

Walking up to my room I laid down just looking up to the ceiling. I heard someone whimper, I sighed guessing who it could be. Gee… let me guess. I opened my closet to see Rin sitting crying her heart out. I wanted to leave her there alone, it's not my problem, but the angel on my shoulder told me not to be such an ass. Damn it. "Hey, you okay?" I asked her. She looked up rubbing her eyes, "Oh I'm sorry! This is your room, haha.. Bye Bye!" She jumped up acting like nothing happened. I grabbed her by the arm, She yelled and struggled to get out of my hold. "PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!"

I let go. Confused. "RIN!" My dad and Luka came running in. Luka held her in her arms trying to stop Rin's shaking. "Len. Get out. Now" Dad raised his voice kicking me out of my own room.

What the hell? Seriously?



Done! To be continued.

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