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Be My Nightlight


Rin's Pov:

"Here Rin-Rin let me show you how to love"

"Please don't hurt me!" I plead trying to escape.

"Shut up" He trailed kisses down…

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" I shot up from the bed touching my face. The tears falling down. Why couldn't I forget? Why…

I curled up hugging myself on the warm bed that had a faint smell of Axe and smoke. "Why?" I whispered crying myself back to sleep.


Len's Pov:

I woke up on the damn living room couch, it was pretty comfy but I was still upset. My dad grabbed my arm and threw into the living room yelling at me. "WHY DID YOU TOUCH HER?" He exploded as I shrugged. He ended up grounding me for that. Stupid…

I got up deciding to go up to my room, maybe she left by now. I seriously needed a smoke now. I entered seeing as she was curled up, dry tears evident of her crying. What is with this girl?

The room was still closed, the curtains shielding the rising sun from seeping in, I stood there staring at the clock and back at her. She opened her eyes slowly but they immediately turned big as saucers when she saw me standing next to the bed. She gasped holding the bed's headboard trying to get away. "Don't come any closer! Please!" She plead.

"Hey calm down, it's just me. Damn it" I turned on the light on as she sighed. "Oh. I'm sorry… you scared me!" She smiled giggling. I wanted to hit my head against the wall.

"You have issues…" I mumbled.

She looked down at the covers, "I know…" She whispered.

Did I just here her say that? I shook my head, "So enjoying my bed?" I asked trying to start a conversation. She nodded, "Sometimes I sleep here, uh, do you smoke?" She asked. I nodded, "Yeah every now and then. It calms me down"


"Oh, What?"

She shook her head, "Nothing"

"You don't mind if I start unpacking do you?" I asked her scratching my head. She got up from the bed, "Sure! Can I help?" She asked, I set my luggage on the bed and started unzipping.

We put my stuff into the closet and on the bookshelf, "Umm do you think you can take those out yourself" She said looking at the pack of cigarettes. I got it out throwing the pack on my computer desk. Taking one I put it to my lips going out to my balcony. The sun was rising as the rooster started making noise.

The view from my balcony was of the pool, backyard, and the fields of cherries, oranges, bananas, and some vegetables growing on the private farming land my father owned passed the backyard. I took my yellow lighter from my pocket and lit the cig. I leaned on the wall just closing my eyes and relaxing for once. "You really shouldn't smoke" Rin stood next to me, "And why shouldn't I?" I stared at her, She smiled taking the cig from my lips. "It's bad for you, silly!" She stepped on it and threw it into my trash can. "Raizo will get mad if you smoke here, what if you get sick?" She came back sitting on the floor.

I rolled my eyes, "Okay I get it already. They're bad. I'll just drink sake instead" She cringed at my words. I ignored it, "So what school do you go to?" I asked her changing the subject from my drug habits. She smiled, "I go to K Academy!"

"Wow, was the founder so cheap as to not put his full name?" I asked.

She laughed at that, "No, it's Kiyoharu but K Academy for short!"

"Oh, my bad" I tapped the wall in need of that smoke but I'll just wait until she leaves. I don't see why they wanted me to stay away. She was normal when she wasn't kicking and screaming.

"Well I better go! Hmm… corn…" She stood up thinking, shutting the door to my room. Corn? What?

I went to my computer desk getting another cig out of the pack but then I decided against it. Heading to my bed, I laid down burying my head into my pillows. They smelled like smoke, Axe, and oranges. "Oranges… Rin" I whispered thinking of her unique choice of perfume. What the hell do I care and why is this damn secret making me go crazy?

I ended up falling asleep until ten when I woke up, took a shower, and headed downstairs. My father was reading his newspaper in the dining room. "'Morning" I greeted as I sat besides him. One of the house maid came in with a plate for me and some more coffee for dad. He set down the paper and looked at me serious again. What now? "Len I will have to ask you to refrain from doing drugs in this house and if you must talk to Rin out of sheer boredom – don't ask her personal questions" He narrowed his eyes.

So suddenly I'm the bad guy in this house? I stood up slamming my hands hard on the table, "Why the hell won't anyone in this damn house tell me what's wrong?" I glared at him as he sipped his coffee. "It's not of your concern" He stood up and walked out.

I gritted my teeth in frustration. Easy Len don't go crazy. I ate breakfast by myself and then headed to the family den where Teto and Ted where playing DDR. Rin was smiling as she clapped her hands sitting on the couch.

I smiled a little seeing it. How could such a normal nice girl be so, so, so emotional? Miki and Luka sat next to her as Ted beat Teto at the song. They switched to play karaoke, Rin and Luka started to sing. I left before I could hear them finish the song.

I decided to text Kaito and Mikuo but neither of them where answering their phones. "Damn it.." I whispered annoyed. I wanted to go out and hopefully not get into trouble but it's like a magnet to me and eehh there's a few guys here in Tokyo that want their 'ultimate revenge' such wimps if you ask me. Unfortunately for me I was grounded until 'further notice' from dad.

My phone started buzzing as I picked up, "Yo"

"Hey Len! You never called back you jerk! Hey how's the ice cream over there?"


"Hm? Yeah buddy?"

"Shut up and pass the phone to Mikuo"

"Wah! You're so cruel Len-kun!"

I sighed, "And you're annoying"

I heard someone yell in the back, "Is that Len, Kaito?" Kaito sounded far after that, "Hey Len"


"Wait up. –Go away Kaito! – No don't do that! I don't know, don't eat all the ice cream dumbass! - Anyways did you get there safe?"

I chuckled picturing that he threw something to Kaito so he wouldn't reach the freezer. "Yeah I got here safe but this place is far from it" I filled him on what happened.

"That's weird. She just cries?"


"Be nice will you?"

"Now you're lecturing me too. I'm not that... mean"

"Ha, say that to the cops. Didn't Officer Aizawa throw coffee at your face for biting and punching him?"

I sighed trying to forget that one time, "It wasn't that bad. The coffee was cold and I slightly bit him and broke his nose, not like I killed the guy"

He laughed, I heard his doorbell ring as children laughter started to fill the house. "Crap, the little demons are here! Gotta go man, be nice to girls" Somehow I felt like he was glaring at me. "Yeah, yeah" I hung up and walked off back to the den where Teto and Luka where at it on DDR.

They had the music on pretty loud but I felt something was wrong. I ignored them heading down the hall opening the closet. Rin was curled up crying again. "Hey, you okay?" I asked her as she jumped up and hugged me. "Make… make… it stop… please!" She plead burying herself into my chest.

I patted her back not knowing what to say. She flinched at my touch, okay then nevermind. I honestly didn't know how to help her. She wiped her tears away and smiled, "I'm hungry!" She chirped skipping into the kitchen.

WHAT? I swear this girl is going to make me end up in a asylum instead of a jail.

I hit my head multiple times against the wall wanting to have never come here. I'm stuck in this house for two years and on top of that everyone won't tell me what the hell is wrong.


I walked into the kitchen, Rin was humming as she grabbed a slice of orange cheesecake. "Hey Rin?" I asked her leaning on the wall. "Hm? Yes?" She looked up holding the knife.

"How old are you?" I asked her out of curiosity. If I wasn't allowed to ask any personal question – might as well just get to know the basics. Since we'll be living together from now, ya know?

She licked her lips anticipating the cheesecake she would soon treat herself to.

"Well let's see.. I'm sixte-" I stared at her wide-eyed. The knife rattle on the floor as the palm of her right hand started bleeding.

"Oh crap!" I yelled as she stood there frozen, the knife forgotten on the floor, her bleeding hand started shaking. "I… I… I… can't!" She stood there shaking furiously. The tears falling and falling.

I ran to her, picked the knife up setting it on the counter, then grabbing her wrist gently – I pulled her to the sink. I ran water on it as she flinched. I let the water run, I didn't know what the hell to say to her as she trembled. She hugged me, her bloody hand holding on tightly. I sighed, there goes my white wife-beater…

She finally calmed down, Luka and Teto came in laughing. Teto screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She noticed the blood drops all over. She ripped Rin from me and ran to probably get a first aid kit or something. Teto took Rin while gritting her teeth. Yup. She was definitely pissed at me. Luka bowed down apologizing knowing It wasn't my fault that I was left in the dark.

I waited ten minutes until I would go ask how Rin was doing. Teto came in by herself pointing a finger, "You stay away from her! She doesn't need men around her! Especially one like you who's been to jail more than one-hundred times!"

"One-hundred and fifteen to be exact" I corrected her, she kicked my knee. "You're infuriating! You do your own thing and let us do ours" If looks could kill, I Len, would be dead.

I regained my composure after she kicked me. "Where's Rin?" I asked her, she tapped her foot. "Out picking cherries. Leave her alone" She warned walking out the kitchen.

I grabbed a sponge and started to clean all the blood. This wasn't the summer I wanted but hey, beggers can't be choosers. By the time I was done, Teto, Luka, and Ted ran in, "Have you seen Rin?" They all asked in unison. I wiped my face with my wife-beater looking at them questioning.

"She didn't come back from picking cherries like she said she would!" Luka covered her mouth worried. "Wait here" I told them running out the kitchen's backdoor to the backyard. I ran and jumped over the fence to the fields. "Rin! Rin!" I called out searching the cherry fields.

"EEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYAAAAAHHHHHH!" Someone yelled coming from the opposite direction. "Rin!" I yelled running to the corn crops.

I managed to find her in the third row of corn. Her hands covering her ears, her eyes closed, she rocked herself back and forth crying. "Rin!" I bend down to her, she wouldn't open her eyes. She grabbed me and trembled. "Make it stop! Please! That man…!"

"What man?" I asked her.

She wouldn't say as she kept quiet. "The shadows… they scare me… Len, please don't leave me here" She plead slowly opening her eyes. She cowered into my neck as the shadow of the scarecrow loomed behind us.

I sighed taking her hand, "Let's go" I guided her out of the corn crops… The hell was she thinking? Geez. When we got back to the house all the lights were off. I guided her upstairs, "Where's your room?" I asked her.

She pointed to the door across from mine. I let go of her hand twisting the knob, she tugged on my jean's belt, "Can you stay with me?" She asked looking sad and tired.

I was so going to get hell for this in the morning. I nodded quietly entering her room. I turned on her nightlight. "Stay here, I'm going to change" I told her running to my room. I quickly took off the bloody tee and put on a black shirt on and some navy blue nike shorts. I went back as she was fast asleep on her bed.

The tears streamed down her face, I felt so bad for her but what was causing this? I grabbed her computer chair and set it by her bed, I sat down just staring at her, wiping a few tears away.

"Len, don't leave me. Promise me" She whispered. I chuckled silently, "Sure kid, I'll be your nightlight just for tonight"

"Thank you"


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