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Chapter One

A Japanese man, a great samurai leader, Katsumoto sat mediating peacefully on top of a large hill. Quite suddenly, a vision came to him.

A white tiger, fierce and fearless, fought against an encircling ring of samurai. Its eyes were like fire.

A spear with a banner hanging from it of samurai make and design stabbed forward in a vicious attack.

A beautiful, young woman laying in a pile of cherry blossoms. The flowers were in her hair and all around her as she slept peacefully, beautiful and serene as those blossoms.

Katsumoto opened his eyes in surprise. It was a shadow of things yet to come.


A black-haired, small woman walked down the gangplank to Hokohama Harbour, her bag in hand. She looked around her, admiring the beauty of the busy dock.

"Miss? Do you know where a Mr. M. Hasegawa is? He was to be on this ship," a man in a cream suit and hat said. He looked to be about 45 years old.

"That is me. I assume you're Mr. Simon Graham," she said, looking him over quickly with her dark eyes.

"The linguist? Omura said he would send his best translator," Graham started.

"That is me. There is no better Japanese translator at court," she said, smiling slightly.

"But you're a woman! How were you at court?" Graham asked.

"My father is Sangi Hasegawa Sumiyoshi," she pointed out tersely.

"The Privy Councilor? Oh, good lord! I had no idea he had a daughter!" he said, his slightly, English accent becoming clear.

"My name is Miyuki," she said kindly.

"Well, Miss Miyuki, this is certainly a surprise. You'll be assisting Captain Algren, Colonel Bagley, General Hasegawa-... Wait...Are you related to General Hasegawa as well?"

"Yes. He is my grandfather," Miyuki said.

"Good lord...Anyway... You will be assisting Captain Algren, Colonel Bagley, Sergeant Gant, your grandfather, and mw while we train the Japanese army," he said, taking her bag from her.

"Thank you, Mr. Graham," she said, inclining her head slightly before continuing to walk.

"Do you perchance know any other languages aside from Japanese and English?" Mr. Graham asked as they walked along the dock.

"I know German, Chinese, French, and a smattering of Latin," she said, nodding.

"Oh, capital! Miss, a word or two of German!" he pleaded enthusiastically.

"Mr. Graham, might I enquire as to where exactly we are going?" she asked quickly.

"Oh, of course, Miss Hasegawa! Captain Algren, Sergeant Gant, and Colonel Bagley are arriving on a ship in about ten minutes. After that, we have an audience with the Emperor himself!" he informed her excitedly.

"Now, Mr. Graham, which language would you like to hear?" she asked, continuing on.

"I haven't heard German in some time. Just say 'hello', or 'good-bye'," he said, obviously terribly excited.

"Hallo. Mein Name ist Miyuki. Wie geht's?" she said quickly.

"Is 'hello' really that long in German?" he asked, confused.

"Not at all. I said, 'Hello. My name is Miyuki. How are you?'"

"Oh, capital! That's simply capital!" he exclaimed, giddy.

"Mr. Graham, is that the ship?" she asked, gesturing to the next ship on the docks. Many people were disembarking, including what looked to be three American officers: a white-haired Scottish-looking man, a blonde man that gave her a bad feeling, and a brown-haired man with haunted eyes.

"Those are the men!" Mr. Graham exclaimed excitedly, looking directly at the very three men she had been staring at.

The pair hurried forward to the end of the gangplank to meet the officers. All three stopped for introductions when they saw the pair in front of them.

Mr. Graham spoke first, saying, "Gentlemen, this is Miss Miyuki Hasegawa. She'll be translating with me. Miss Hasegawa, these are Mr. Gant, Colonel Bagley, and Captain Algren." He gestured to the three men in turn. The white haired gentleman was Mr. Gant. He seemed kind enough. Colonel Bagley was the blonde man. The haunted man was Captain Algren.

She nodded to each gentlemen and said, "Pleasure to meet you, Gentlemen."

"And you as well, Miss Hasegawa," Mr. Grant said kindly. His Scottish accent was quite evident.

"Hello," Algren said bluntly, nodding to her.

"Mr. Graham, can I speak to you in private?" Colonel Bagley asked, cutting without evening saying a word to her. She noticed then that his voice was authoritative, as though he was quite used to command.

The Colonel pulled the other translator quickly to the side and demanded, "What is a woman doing as a translator for the army?"

"The Emperor felt that one translator was insufficient. However, he wanted someone of Japanese origin. Omura chose the best translator at court," Mr. Graham said, explaining quickly.

"A woman is their best translator?" Bagley said, disbelieving. He looked back at the remaining three. Miyuki was laughing at something Mr. Gant had said while Algren watched the two, clearly wishing he was somewhere else.

"She's General Hasegawa's granddaughter," Mr. Graham said, also looking at her.

"The Privy Councillor? Why would they send her here?" Bagley demanded.

"She knows all of the Generals," Mr. Graham said bluntly.

Bagley sighed and thought for a second before saying, "Make sure she stays by you."

Mr. Graham nodded and the two returned to the group.