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From Bad to Worse

From Hell…Catch me when you can…

Rose Donalds was found early Monday, October 24, in Whitechapel, London, England. Authorities are confounded by the striking cruelty of the seemingly innocent woman who was found ripped open. The identity as well as further details has yet…

Naru paused in the middle of reading the internet page as Mai dropped files unceremoniously onto his desk. She had been in a rather foul mood all day, especially after she ran into Naru while holding his tea and had dropped it all over the floor.

"Mai, there is no reason for such racket," muttered Naru, shutting the laptop and leaning backwards into his chair. He took a moment to examine his assistant as she accidently backed into his shelf and knocked a few books off. Amusement pulled on the corner of his lips as she grumbled angrily.

"Those are the case files for you to review," she growled, straightening to replace the books on the shelf. Naru lifted his black book.

"Not interested."

Mai paused and counted backwards from ten.

"You haven't even looked at them," she said from behind clenched teeth. Naru sighed, leaned forward, opened the top file, and then flicked the cover shut again.

"There, now fetch me some tea." Mai glared at him for several moments, Naru matching her gaze uninterestedly.

Finally she crossed her arms and spat, "Naru, I am not a dog. I do not fetch. And I am no longer just your assistant. I am your girlfriend and you'd do well to remember that."

Naru laid his arms on his desk and leaned forward, motioning with his finger for Mai to lean in as well. Quicker than sound, Naru placed his lips against hers gently. Mai, shocked at first, relaxed into the kiss. He pulled away long before Mai was ready for him to.

"I know exactly who and what you are to me, Mai. I do not need you to tell me such things," he muttered softly. Mai rested her hands on her hips, wandering how much that was true.

"What were you reading when I came in?" she asked. Naru froze for a millisecond, taken aback by how she had noticed that. However, he recovered before Mai could realize the change in his demeanor and chose not to respond, which didn't go unnoticed by Mai. Instead of pressing him further, Mai chose to return to the front room.

Four years she had worked there, two of which she had dated her egotistical, narcissistic boss. Her very first investigation was where he had received the nickname "Naru". Now it was almost as normal to them, maybe even more so, than his actual name. The reason for his nickname may have been one of his biggest faults, seeing how often it caused him to push himself too hard, but he wouldn't be the Naru Mai had come to love.

Mai smiled gently as she remembered the first time he had admitted it. She had always thought that he would be awful at being romantic, but like everything else, he excelled and swept Mai right off her feet. For two months they dated before he had invited her to live with him. Well, actually more like demanded. She had stayed over so many times so that he could either help her study or she could help with a case that moving in seemed almost natural. Mai of course had feared that they might not get along well, but being around him almost all the time was as wonderful as it was annoying. It only made her love him more; made her love the normal narcissistic, sarcastic, pushy Naru.

"Mai, clean up the backroom as soon as you are done."

Although right now he was being the normal royal pain.

"Stupid spoiled brat—always bossing me around like I'm some kind of slave—no respect around here," Mai huffed as she shuffled dejectedly towards the kitchen. Just as the kettle began to whistle however, there was the ding of the door opening. Mai grabbed a towel and, wiping her hands, walked towards the front where she found a very tall, bald man. He definitely was not from Japan. Next to him, a short woman smiled at Mai.

"May I help you?" Mai asked. The man just looked at her, but the woman spoke in a high pitched voice.

"I am sorry, Mr. Rones does not speak Japanese. I am his translator." Mai raised her eyebrows.

"Oh, well, my english isn't as good as my boss but I'm decent enough. Nice to meet you, Mr. Rones, my name is Mai. I'm one of Na-Mr. Shibuya's assistants. How may we help you?" said Mai, hoping she hadn't mispronounced anything. Mr. Rones blinked.

"You say your boss is Mr. Shibuya?" Mai nodded as he exchanged a glance with the translator. "I believe there has been some mistake. I am looking for Mr. Davis. His parents said this was where I could find him."

Mai was about to reply when Naru's office door opened. Mr. Rones brushed past her and slipped his hand into Naru's.

"Oliver Davis, it's very nice to meet you. My name is Arnold Rones."

Mai gave Naru a confused look.

"Um, Naru, what is he talking about?" She asked in Japanese.

Naru's expression was unreadable as he directed Mr. Rones to one of the couches.

"Mai, fetch Lin," said Naru.

"Why did he call you Oliver Davis?" Mai asked. Naru gave her a look that clearly said to be quiet and do as he asked, but Mai stood stalk still.

"Naru, I want answers. Why is he calling you Oliver Davis? That's not your name. Why won't you tell him that?"

Naru straightened with a snap and advanced on Mai to grab her arm. Roughly, he pulled her into his office and shut the door. There was a click as Mai reached for the handle. Disbelievingly, she jiggled the locked door handle.

"Naru!" she shrieked, banging on the wood. "Naru open this door!" She banged a little more but no one came. Finally, giving up, she shrieked, "Jerk," and kicked the door, achieving nothing but a sore toe.

Hobbling over to his desk chair, Mai grabbed his laptop and opened an internet browser. A quick search brought up several links on the famed Oliver Davis and choosing quickly, Mai found a page with information on the famed psychic and her heart stopped.

Staring up from the page was a younger version of Naru.

It was like her brain couldn't accept it. Naru was actually Oliver Davis. Why had he never told her? Tears streamed from her eyes as she shut the laptop.

"That jerk," she whispered, wiping her eyes. Suddenly, she didn't want to be within three miles of Naru, much less in his office. No wonder she had never met his parents. It may have revealed that he was lying about who he was.

Hadn't she showed him that she was trustworthy? Didn't he know that she loved him more than anything else? Obviously not. Did he even love her? Mai, lowered her head onto her crossed arms, letting her silent sobs shake her.

An hour later, Mai heard the cling of the bell which announced Mr. Rones' departure. Mai stood and moved towards the door, anger and hurt still swirling through her veins.

There was a click and then the door opened slowly to reveal Naru. The moment she could see an opening, Mai rushed forward. Unfortunately, Naru was quicker and, as she brushed against him, he snagged her shoulders.

"We need to talk," he said in a low voice.

"No we don't," snapped Mai, struggling against his hold.

"Mai, stop. This is ridiculous."

"No," yelled Mai, continuing to struggle, "ridiculous is not telling you girlfriend who you were! Ridiculous is letting her live in a home with a complete stranger. That's ridiculous, so let me go!"

"Mai, calm down," he said, trying to pull her closer, but Mai only fought harder.

"I thought you trusted me! I thought you loved me! How am I supposed to believe anything you ever said?" Mai sobbed.


"Let me go or I'll scream!" she threatened, cutting him off. He, none-the-less, refused to release his hold on the squirming girl, so she began to cry, "Help! Help me, someo—"

Naru released her and Mai stumbled backwards and fell into a small table, knocking a lamp off. It shattered on the floor.

The tears started fresh as she pushed herself back up and Lin came out.

"Why?" Mai shrieked. "Why would you hide this from me?"

"You are overreacting. I'm going to have Lin take you home," said Naru, reaching out for Mai's shoulder gently. However, she just brushed his arm away.

"I'm not going back to that house. I quit Naru! Wait no, it's not Naru. I was employed under Naru. I was dating Naru. I guess I can't technically quit since you're Oliver Davis," Mai snarled. Naru's eyes widened in slight shock. He watched her run from the office, something inside of him breaking.

Mai just kept running until she couldn't run anymore.

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