I Didn't Know I Missed You Until I Knew You'd Been Gone.

This is an AU story. Mary never died in the fire. In fact, there was no fire. John and Mary fought the supernatural together. But then it started to get to hard, with two young children to look after as well. After a long fight, the two split, each taking one of the children with them. The brothers grew up not knowing about each other, but nothing lasts. Now, Dean meets a young Sam and they become friends, not knowing they are actually brothers. But there is also a darker secret that will soon come to the surface.

There is no slash, but there is violence, abuse and swearing, hence the T rating. Don't read if you don't like that sort of stuff or can't handle it.

I don't own Supernatural or any of the characters.

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Dean glanced around, leaning against the wall next to the door. He watched the kids enter the school, his eyes quickly sweeping over them and making observations. Most of the kids he knew from his previous few months at the school. Some of them were friends, others not so much, and still others he'd only seen and never talked to. A few of the kids looked up at him as they passed by, either in acknowledgement or, with some of the newer kids, in almost fear. Dean chuckled and spread his gaze to encompass the rest of the school yard. Most of the kids were out there, talking, messing around with friends they hadn't seen in a while. It was the first day back of the second semester, and many of the kids had gone out of town over the holidays.

Dean caught sight of one boy walking across the yard, head down and watching the ground in front of him, as if making sure he didn't trip. A couple of the kids glanced at him as he passed but none spoke to him. When he reached the door, he didn't even seem to notice the tall, muscular seventeen-year-old leaning next to it. Dean cleared his throat, and the kid started, glancing up with shocked brown eyes. Almost instantly his eyes widened as he took in the kid in front of him, and he looked away down towards the ground. Dean raised his eyebrows. It looked like he was trying to seem small, non-threatening, weak even. The teenager held back a laugh.
"I don't think I've seen you around before," he said "What's your name?"
The kid mumbled something Dean couldn't hear. When the teenager didn't reply, the younger looked up and spoke with more volume.
"You're new here I guess?"
"Yeah," Sam looked down at the ground again, and Dean wondered why he kept doing that. His curiosity piqued, he pushed himself off the wall and stood to his full height. He realised the kid wasn't actually that much shorter than him. He wondered how old he was.
"You need any help?" Dean figured he could find out more about the kid if talked to him more, but Sam looked like he wanted nothing more than to run away or sink into the ground.
"Uh..." Sam looked like he was going to refuse, but he obviously thought better of it "Yeah, actually. I need to go sign up or something."
"Sure, I'll show you where to go," Dean said, gesturing for the younger kid to go inside. He did so quickly, stepping lightly and carefully. Once again, Dean's mind searched for a 'why'.

As the pair walked down the relatively empty halls, Dean looked down at the kid. He was staring at the floor again as he walked, shoulder length brown hair shading his eyes from view.
"So where're you from?" Dean asked conversationally.
"Originally? Kansas. But I move around a lot lately. Since I turned ten and my mum got married, she started a new job that means she has to move a lot. I haven't lived in the same place for more than four months," Sam said.
Dean raised an eyebrow, for more than one reason. It'd been the most Sam had said so far. The fact he hailed from Kansas was interesting; he did too. And the moving around was also intriguing.
"I move around a lot too. Dad's job," Dean said, watching for the boy's reaction.
The kid looked up, interest shining in his eyes. He made eye contact for longer than half a second, which was a record, Dean noted.
"What's he do?"
This was the tricky part. Dean knew what he was supposed to say, and it had always been easy to lie, but somehow lying to this kid was just... impossible. Almost. Dean blinked and repeated the words he told everyone who asked him the same question.
"Loads of stuff. He doesn't have one job he sticks to. Comes into town, takes whatever's available, then heads off and finds another one."
"That must suck," Sam said, giving the response Dean always got from his answer.
"Not really. It's fun. Never in one place too long, always somewhere new and different. And it's just me and my dad, so it's even better," Dean smiled.
Sam muttered something under his breath. Dean strained to hear it, but couldn't.
"What was that?" he asked.
"Nothing," Sam kept his eyes to the ground.

"Well, school's gonna start any minute now," Dean said as they came up to the administration's office "You'd better hurry up."
Sam nodded and walked over to one of the ladies behind the desk. She asked him his name and age.
"Sam Wesson," he said quietly "I'm thirteen."
"Ah, Wesson. Yes, we've got..."
Dean turned to leave, but stopped when he heard a voice call out.
"Hey, uh... see ya...?" the sentence ended with a slight question.
"Dean," he said, raising his hand then walking away as the bell rung.

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