disclaimer: No ownership of Pokemon or the song Lips Like Morphine by Kill Hannah.
notes: Metallic. Blood. Rather proud of this one. Dark. Twisted. I'm getting back into my usual swing of stories.
pairing: Steven/May. Never done this pairing, but wanted to. Fell in love with it.

lips like morphine

~Somewhere along the lines of addiction, it just turned into love. Because darling, with lips like those, how could he not fall in love you? ~

He didn't know when it started, subtle brushes of skin, the faint signs flirting and how it exploded into this. To be honest, when he studied her, he realized she was just teasing, because she was the kind of girl who worked too hard when it comes to her dreams, which gave her no time to relax. So she chose to relax around him.

And when that happened, he got glimpses of the real May Maple.

She was a wanderer. She would wander around, dreaming fairytales, and let the sun kiss her with sunlight, which she warmly welcomed. She would laugh and giggle, making shapes in the clouds, and dance around barefoot.

He was positive she didn't even realize she was flirting, she was too enraptured with defeating Team Aqua and Team Magma and battling gyms to even spare a thought to romance. Like most trainers her age, she was young, and just beginning to blossom into an adult. She was maturing, without even realizing it.

And she was beginning to forget.

He was beginning to crave.

"Are you Steven Stone?" She asks, her sapphire eyes looked at him with childlike curiosity as she handed him the letter when he let out a nod. "Your father wanted me to deliver this letter to you." She finished when he took the letter out of her hand.

"Thank you, May."

And she froze, because he knew her name. He knew her name, and the way he spoke it, scared her. He spoke it like he was caressing her, letting it roll of his tongue in a melodic manner. She took a step backwards and he took a step backwards, like a dance.

"How do you know who I am?" She whispered, and he smiled. And it frightened her, causing her to bite her lip making her taste the metallic liquid on her tongue. "You're May Maple. 15 years old. You love fairytales and lazy days filled with chocolate ice cream. You treasure your Blaziken, because it is your first pokémon. You have a Delcatty and a Glaceon. You love to eat chocolate coated fruits and caramel apples. You were in love with me."

"Lie." She stated, her eyes suddenly turned defiant. Strong. Fearless. "If I loved you, I wouldn't forget. I can't forget an emotion as important as love."

He laughed, it was low and raspy and it drew her in, but she held her ground. Fought. Lost. As she began to unconsciously walk towards him, her mind trapped in a haze. "You were subconsciously in love with me. If you don't realize it, your body does. Deep in your soul, I bet you'll realize it. You've done this before. You've given me a letter before. You just don't remember."

"Lie." She repeated again, as if repeating it would help her believe it. It didn't work. Because he kept walking towards her, until she could hear his heartbeat. As he embraced her, she didn't remember. Because she had never met him before.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Goes his heart. Thump. Thump. Thump. It's strong and his iron grip soften as she begins to relax, slightly. But only for a moment, because he tilts her head up and kisses her. Passionately. Gently. Tenderly. Coldly. He tastes like metal, like blood. Was that her blood? She didn't know.

All she knew was that she was trapped.

"I'm going to kiss you till you remember, because darling, your lips tastes like morphine. And I'll have to be a fool not to be addicted."