I never used to like the show but I got into it this season. I really love the characters, even Evan who is such a goof.

Hank did not like the telepathic vibes he got from his coworkers, especially when one of them was his brother.

Spending too much time with a certain person, or certain people, made you more attune to their thoughts and feelings. Henry Lawson never really believed in psychological stuff like that but after watching Divya and Evan interact, he had begun to disagree with himself.

Exhibit A

Evan walks into the kitchen where Divya and Hank are sitting, wearing extremely bright and obnoxious green plaid pants that makes even Hank a little queasy.

He notices his Divya look up Evan up and down with judging almond eyes and grins even before she opens her mouth. I can't wait to hear this one.

"Nice pants," she says simply and sarcastically but the smile is wiped from Hank's face even as Evan's broadens, because what he really hears is "I want to rip those off with my teeth."

He's foolish and thinks he's imagining things.

Exhibit B

Evan is smiling and laughing to Faith about something while still managing to look completely confused and Hank notices Divya's rushing to pack her equipment away, smiling quickly and avoiding eye contact with anyone.

His question is answered when he asks her if she's alright and she answers "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" as she's looking out the window and the echo is "That will never be me."

He can't think of anything to say and closes his eyes against the jealousy and disappointment wafting his way when she leaves the room.

Exhibit C

Hank leans against the doorway in hope as Evan walks through it, past him and to Divya sitting in shock at the kitchen table.

His brother grins at the beautiful Indian woman. "Hey, Divya," he says as she stands and he doesn't hesitate for a moment to take her into his arms as she crushes him into a hug.

"Don't you dare get stranded in Cuba and scare me like that again!" She snaps and Hank blinks in surprise when it sounds like "I love you."

Evan buries his face in her dark hair as Hank attempts to scoot out the door unnoticed. "Never again," he murmurs and his brother gives a soft, incredulous laugh before slipping quietly away.

"My baby brother's in love." He mutters, getting into his car, shaking his head in disbelief. He sits and pounds his head on the steering wheel. "I need a drink."