Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me! =D

Author's note: This scene takes plays immediately after the events of Lost in Nightmares and Wesker's Flashback.

This is my first time writing from Wesker's perspective so go easy on me *blushes*

Tangled in a mess of comforters and sheets, Claire slept, oblivious to the one who watched her in silence. She was there because this was her home. He was here because he had nowhere left to go.

Albert Wesker was not a man who was ever in doubt or out of sorts, until tonight.

'Are you saying that I was manufactured?'

'I was to become a god! Creating a new world for an advanced race of human beingsā€¦'

Fists clenched as his jaw tightened, while crimson eyes hidden behind dark shades studied the sleeping form. Behind him the sky rumbled and the rain poured from the windows. The woman twitched to the clap of thunder as a murmured sigh-or was it a gasp?-escaped her lips. There was no further response, assuring Wesker that she was still asleep.

His thoughts briefly returned to the present. The sedative he had given Jill to prevent her from prematurely regaining consciousness would wear off soon. There was much work to do and little time left before Chris would discover the truth about his partner's demise. He was not supposed to be here, yet he remained.

Claire Redfield was nothing more than Chris's little sister, a shadow hidden beneath her brother's reputation. At one time, he mocked her for it; now he realized that in many ways he was no different. Both were tied to another's legacy and both were trapped by it. She was the last person he trusted; yet, she was the first one he could be perfectly honest with.

Clearly, he was more unsettled by the evenings events than he initially believed.

'No one has ever stood between me and my goals and lived to tell about it. Even your brother with his pathetic idealism could not stop me. I was meant for a life of greatness, bred to excel at everything I ever did. I was a legacy in the making, with the world at my feet-

'It was not real, none of it was. My entire life was nothing more than an oblivion of lies, mysteries, and falsified good fortune, a by-product of Project W, nothing more than a glorified B.O.W. who was manufactured for greatness. It's insulting!'

It was not enough to humiliate him; Spencer had to ensure that his arch nemesis arrived just in time to witness it all. Wesker initially thought he had beaten the old man at his game, now he wondered if it had been his plan all along.

'All that I've ever done, every decision I've ever made-my work, my virus, everything about my life was pre-ordained.

'Was any of it my own doing?'

Only the flash of lightening outside answered his question, leaving in its place another thought, one that terrified him more than he would dare admit.

What would become of him now?

Burying his doubts, he swiftly departed just as a clap of thunder from outside caused the windows to shake.

Unbeknownst to him, a very alert and stunned Claire Redfield had heard every word.