Fandom: The Pokemon Game-Verse

Pairing: Blair/Whitlea, Chessshipping.

Rating: T

Reason for re-upload: Re-vamping! Here is Monochromatic Dreams v2.0! Yaaay! I'm excited, guys. I just changed and tweaked the story to make it fit into the more canon world. That means N is N, he's not evil, Bianca has a stable name, typos have been hunted down and fixed (...most of them, I hope), and stupid mistakes have been eradicated.

So, let's begin with our new journey. I hope you enjoy it, once again!


Monochromatic Dreams*

When you're with me, it's an eternal summer. I will never forget you.

I still remember our first date.

"Whitlea! Wait up!" A lanky, sixteen year old with brown eyes and messy brown hair, always tucked under a black and red hat, yelled. Whitlea, a lively girl with blue eyes that sparkled like the sea, and long, bouncy, curly hair that was barely tamed in a ponytail and kept under a hat, turned around towards her best friend.

The Accumula Town sky was free of any clouds, the sun bright and beautiful, shining down on the pair of friends. The warm rays seemed to bounce off of the town's central square, filled with trees, fountains, and metallic park benches. The breeze was light and playful, constantly causing the brunette girl's curls to fly and splay about. She clutched her side, breathing heavily, but she was still full of so much energy.

"What's up, Blair? Tired already?" She asked her voice light and teasing. Blair, the boy, sighed and grabbed a hold of a nearby lamppost. He was tired of chasing her around. He hated chasing around, because that was what he always did.

"No, I am- huff, huff- not tired, yet." Blair sighed, crossing his arms over his blue jacket covered chest. His red and black Xtransceiver caught the sun's light, and it shone brightly, causing Whitlea to be distracted for a second, before returning her full attention to the boy speaking. "I was wondering if we were going to head to the movie theater like we were supposed to."

Whitlea assumed her thinking expression, her eyebrows furrowed and her lips pursed. Her foot began to tap the floor, black combat boot making an imprint on the sand-littered cobblestone street.

"Hmm," she started, as she tapped her right index finger on her perfectly glossed pink lips. Her left hand was on her distressed denim shorts, tapping lightly. "Well~"

Blair's eyes widened and he groaned. Whenever Whitlea gave him that 'you know you love me' grin with those mischievous eyes something terrible was going to happen. The girl skipped towards the boy and leaned in forward, giving him a peck on the cheek. "There, now we can go~" She trilled, grabbing his hand and dragged him off to the movie theater.

Blair mumbled incoherencies and let the girl do as she wished.

That was what he always did, anyways.

Upon arrival to the movie theater, Whitlea pointed towards the newest chick-flick out. Blair groaned in distress.

"No. We are not going to watch Dear Steven, or any other stupidity that Wallace Sparks writes up." Blair let go of Whitlea's hand and glared at her. He placed his hands on his hips, assuming the position his mother was usually in while scolding him for coming into the house late, for making a mess in his room, for not doing his homework - whatever the reason was, Mrs. Valkoinen usually assumed the hands on the hips pose - so much that Blair knew exactly how to mimic it.

Whitlea blinked 'innocently' - much like Blair would do in response to the infamous hands on the hip pose. She leaned forward slightly, and tilted her head to the side, as if she was going to kiss him, right then and there. Instead, she opened her mouth and words spilled out.

"But, Blair~," She batted her ebony coated eyelashes- a move she knew worked so wonders in him- as Blair attempted to lean back. Sadly, for Blair, Whitlea had chosen her location very, very well. Blair was between a wall…and well, Whitlea's womanly charm. Blair internally cursed the Accumula Town Square, with it's awful architecture and random buildings and their stupid brick walls.

But he complied to her silly request. She had a lovely smile after all. Wouldn't want to wipe it off…

"Ugh, fine." Blair caved, side-stepping the brunette girl, approaching the box office in order to buy their tickets. Whitlea fist pumped and squealed, following Blair with a cheerful grin.

"Two tickets for…ugh…Dear Steven." Blair managed to say without falling to the ground in sheer embarrassment. Here he was, a sixteen year old male, buying ticket for a chick-flick.

And the seller thought this was hilarious. The man behind the window snickered as he accepted Blair's crisp ten dollar bill, and gave the unlucky cap-wearing brunet his tickets. The brunet took the pieces of paper and looked at Whitlea with a look that screamed 'please, don't make me do this'.

But of course, the girl was completely oblivious to her best friend's anguish.

"Thank you so much Blair~!" She squealed, throwing her arms around the usually serious boy, who blushed at the intimate contact. He tilted his head down, faced buried in his jacket collar. The tips of his ears were tinged with a faint pink color.

"Well, what else could I do?" Blair said, with a lopsided grin as he took Whitlea's manicured hand. "Come on, let's go." He led the girl inside, handed the usher their tickets and Whitlea let go of Blair's hand as soon as they arrived to the concession stand. The sights and noises of the movie theater lobby needed to be seen to believe - the small town of Accumula rarely had teenagers bustling about, but today, there seemed to be a swarm of adolescents loitering about, waiting for the film of their choice to start. Freshly buttered popcorn and citrusy scents clashed together in an awkward harmony, but Whitlea was completely oblivious to the set atmosphere. Blair took everything in.

"Blair, you grab the popcorn and I'll scope out some seats for us!" Whitlea said, giving Blair a kiss on the cheek and she bounced off, leaving Blair a blushing mess.

Even the cashiers were snickering at him, that's how bad his life was getting. Blair got in line for the needed snacks and waited his turn.

"Next." A bored teenager, a petite girl with large green eyes, drawled. Blair scurried towards the open cash register. He quickly scanned over his options and settled on the cheapest and easiest to carry combination.

"I'll take a large tub of popcorn and two small lemon lime drinks." The cashier nodded and went to fetch the requested food items. She filled up the drinks with the soda pop and handed them to Blair. He carried the drinks in one arm and the popcorn in his other, after he paid, of course. After that he hurried towards the room where they would be showing the terrible book turned movie Dear Steven. What Blair knew about the book was enough to make him want to crawl in a hole and never come back. The story was about a man named Steven Stone who went off to war in Hoenn, leaving his girlfriend behind- did Cynthia even count as a girlfriend? He met her and treated her as a summer fling!- and they exchanged letters. Big whoop. Life changing stuff right there.

If you didn't get it the first time, Blair was being sarcastic.

The brunet arrived at the room and he spotted Whitlea's pink cap in the sea of crazy obsessed fan girls. He made his way through the crowd, mumbling apologies when absolutely necessary, which was when he spilt a couple drops of soda on some girl's really short skirt. Whoops. Finally, after going through purgatory in the form of glaring girls, he sat down next to his…friend.

What was he supposed to call Whitlea? A forever buddy? They had been dating for about…two weeks now and neither of them had managed to say the 'boyfriend/girlfriend' word.

But these thoughts were washed away when Whitlea turned to him and smiled. That smile, along with that stupid eyelash bat thing did some crazy things in Blair. It made his insides melt, reform, and melt again, that smile that could probably power up half of Castelia City, made his heart go boom, boom, boom.

"Here you go." Blair muttered, handing the girl her soda. Whitlea nodded and thanked him. He set the popcorn in between their seats, for easy access on both sides. Whitlea placed her hand on the arm-rest, and constantly checking for any signs of movement from Blair's side.

The lights dimmed and nothing happened. Whitlea pouted in the dark, but grudgingly turned her gaze to the screen, hoping that later, Blair would make some kind of move - I mean, seriously, there's a reason I chose these seats, conveniently located in the back of the freaking theater! - but sadly, the boy was far to engrossed in the awful movie that was Dear Steven.

The movie had started only ten minutes ago, and Blair was pretty sure he already wanted to puke. The title characters, Steven Stone, Cynthia Shirona, and Lance Wataru all meet up in the beginning at a beach town called Sunyshore. There, Steven and Cynthia fall in love, make-out a couple of times, while Lance sits there and angsts about it.

Then Steven leaves off to Hoenn for a war that needed his assistance, leaving Cynthia alone in Sunyshore. With Lance.

'Steven was an idiot.' Blair thought darkly as he watched the movie. Whitlea, on the other hand, was completely riveted by everything. She loved the music, the acting, and the people. Who the hell was Blair kidding, she simply adored Steven Stone.

Guess which one unsettled Blair the most.

"Hmph." Blair stuffed some popcorn in his mouth, chewed, and resisted the urge to fall asleep. The movie was so long…

Whitlea turned around, her long pony-tail smacking the poor person behind her. "You okay Blair?" She whispered, in a not so subtle whisper. Blair sighed.

"Yeah, fine."

Whitlea narrowed her eyes and a smug smile appeared on her face. Blair gulped. Something very bad was going to happen.

He slowly put his hand inside the popcorn tub, planning on quickly grabbing the snack food and eating them, like usual. But noooo, of course, Whitlea couldn't have that. She, just as quickly, put her hand inside the tub and laced her fingers in Blair's.

They were holding hands, for Arceus' sake!

Whitlea stifled a giggle at Blair's morbid expression, but even as morbid as he looked…

He didn't dare let go of her hand.