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On another note, if you were wondering, the Monochromatic Dreams!Canon names of the protagonists will be revealed at the end of this chapter.



Monochromatic Dreams*

When you're with me, it's an eternal summer. I will never forget you.

First train home, I gotta get on it...

Red wasn't quite too sure what to think when the letter arrived. A fearow had cawed and dive-bombed, nearly killing itself in the process, which took up most of the black-haired male's attention. Red had called out his charizard, and ordered it to save the other flying-pokémon. Charizard did as told and made sure fearow landed safely on the peak of Mount Silver.

If that wasn't already exciting enough for the boy who had willingly cut off all contact with civilization, the letter - written in all capital letters and with an over-excess of smiling faces and exclamation points - would've killed him.

"..." The dark-haired male scanned the parchment, noticing the smallest details like Blair's awfully small and cramped handwriting, and Whitlea's fondness for rainbow color gel-pens. It was finally after he actually read the contents of the letter, that he dropped it and nearly keeled over.

Red's pikachu poked and prodded the fallen male, who twitched involuntarily in the Mount Silver snow, dark eyes closed, mouth mumbling every curse word he knew - which weren't much, considering he learned most of them from Blue, and since they didn't talk much anymore, the habit died a long time ago.

But there was always room for exceptions - like now, for example. The black-haired teen slowly rose from the powder snow and reread the letter, with much less enthusiasm. He let out a sigh, and pocketed the note, and his Pikachu simply stared.

"...we're going to Unova, Pikachu."

Pikachu nearly fainted at the sound of his trainer's voice - it had been months since he last uttered a simple sentence. The electric rodent knew that if the strange letter had gotten its master to speak, something interesting was about to happen.


Blair cringed under Cheren's out of character screech, the black-haired male's face flushed in absolute terror. He shook underneath his white v-neck shirt, fingers twitching sporadically, as Blair stepped away very, very, slowly. The brunet boy didn't know what caused Cheren to have the panic attack of the century - surely, it wasn't the fact that he had managed (with the help of Whitlea, of course) to convince Red (who was Cheren's idol in all things battle-related) to come to Unova for a week or two, right?

Cheren pressed his hand against his face, and let out a groan. "I hate you so much right now, Blair."

Blair blinked, once and twice, and rubbed his arm awkwardly. "Why...?"

"Isn't it obvious? YOU MANAGED TO GET RED OUT OF KANTO. HE WILL COME TO UNOVA AND I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO TRAIN MY POKEMON! What the hell, Blair! Are you trying to embarrass me in front of RED?"

Blair didn't see the logic in Cheren's sentence. Actually, there was no logic in whatever he was spewing. So Blair tilted his head slightly, dark brown bangs brushing against his eyes.

"All right, sure, whatever. You need to go and get some rest, or something, because I have no clue what the hell you're rambling about."

Cheren let out a sigh and turned on his heel, stalking away, mumbling incoherencies.

Blair arched an eyebrow and decided that it would be better for him to leave and forget the events of this morning. Cheren needed to seriously get some rest - he probably got four or three hours of sleep last night due to some...odd circumstances.

(Well, odd meaning that a) Blair and Whitlea accidentally left Cheren alone in Nimbassa City because Cheren was being a whiny know-it-all and kept complaining about how there was nothing to do, and b) Bianca got them lost on the way back, prompting Blair and Whitlea to get on the nearest subway, ditching the blonde and the jet-black haired male.)


Blair ran back to his summer home, after that morning's oddities, hoping to find Whitlea waiting for him on his porch. She usually came over in the morning, even though she hated waking up early. The boy smiled, as he ran across weathered cobblestone and cracked concrete, internally thanking the girl's presence in his life. He really loved her, and everything she did for him.

When he arrived at the familiar neighborhood, located in the outskirts of Castelia near the rushing sea, he noticed that there were an abundance of vehicles. Usually, this part of the city wasn't occupied. Most people that lived here were tourists, or didn't come often. So, for all of these cars to suddenly be here...Blair knew that something was going on.

Then, he spotted the paparazzi. Their leering gazes, and pricy cameras glinted under the mid-morning sun. They crowded around Blair's home, buzzing like flies, and it was until then, Blair realized what was going on.

"Someone told them," he mumbled as he ran past the reporters, shoving his way through the mass. He didn't even bother to yell random apologies, he was dead-set on getting to his front door before the hungry-looking paparazzi did. They didn't try to stop him, which was a plus, because they simply assumed he was another attention-seeking human being.

So far, so good. Blair got on all fours and crab-walked towards the back gate and climbed over, hoping that he hadn't been seen. As soon as he tumbled down from the fence, he scrambled towards the back door and fumbled with the doorknob, jabbing key after key until the door opened. His mother was in the kitchen, prepping lunch, as Blair sprinted across the room and towards the living room. She stepped back, tilted her head, and wondered why her son was being a complete weirdo.

"Blair, are you all right?"

"Yeah, mom! Just...uh, wondering, if Red was here yet!" Blair peeked through the peep-hole in the front door, noticing the hordes of paparazzi and realizing just how many people were on his front lawn.

"Red's in the guest room, sweetie."

"Thanks, mom!" Blair grabbed a dining room chair and propped it against the front door, hoping that was enough to keep the media hounds at bay, and ran upstairs. He heard shuffling of feet in the room down the hall, two doors away from his room, and carefully made his way towards it. He slipped off his red boots and threw them into his room without care, and finally arrived at the guest room door. He knocked on the door, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

...and waited.

Until the doorknob began to shake, and turn. The door opened, and into the hallway came the lanky, black-haired, red-eyed male Blair came to respect and admire.

"...hey, Blair." Red tilted his head slightly, hat gone askew in the process, as his pikachu adjusted its weight on its master's shoulder. Blair's face broke out into a grin as the two boys hugged.

(Okay, more like an awkward pat on the back half-hug, but whatever.)

"You're so old, Red." Blair laughed, as Red rolled his eyes, but the brunet did have a point. The black-haired male towered over the sixteen year old, who was already tall enough by Unovian standards.

"...whatever, Blair."

Blair simply shook his head and dragged Red downstairs, and towards the backdoor. His mother was finishing up her cleaning, and quirked an eyebrow at the leaving teens.

"We'll be back later, I'm going to grab Whitlea, and yeah." Blair explained, before leaving his summer home. Red followed, and his pikachu never left his shoulder, as Blair led them towards Whitlea's home, four doors down.

He really hoped she was in - he wanted her to see the fruits of her research, knowledge, and excessive use of gel pen.

Red's gaze flickered over the clean, and neat neighborhood, eyes widening slightly at the sight of the paparazzi crowding in front of Blair's house. He gave Blair an alarmed look, and Blair shrugged.

"They'll leave, soon. I'll get Cheren to do something, I dunno."

Red arched an eyebrow.

"Okay, I'll do something. I doubt Cheren would be able to take on over two hundred media-hungry men and women."

Red cracked a smile. Blair chuckled to himself, and they arrived at their destination. The two-story home in it's modern-design glory, with floor-to-ceiling windows and white stucco. The second story window on the left was open, and Blair noticed Whitlea's silhouette dancing behind the tulle curtains, waving in the Castelian wind.

Blair and Red stopped in their tracks, standing in the Kuro's lawn.

"Come on, Whitlea! I have a surprise for you!" Blair shouted, and Whitlea ran towards the window, staring down at the two boys waiting for her. She grinned, and tossed her head back, in laughter.

"Hey, guys! I'll be down in a second!" She disappeared, and Blair ran a hand through his brunet tresses, barely realizing that he had left his hat at home. Oops.

Whitlea arrived, just as promised, a couple seconds later. She wore her usual outfit, composed of distressed shorts (that got shorter with ever passing day, Blair noticed with a slight blush), white tube top, and black vest. She also left her hat in her room, in order to match Blair, she would explain later.

The trio left, and went back to Blair's house. They would decide their next step in the Best Summer Break Adventure Ever, there.

Red was in for a wild ride, no doubt.

A/N: As promised, here are the canon names for the protagonists, and my reasoning behind them:

Blair Hilbert Valkoinen: I chose this name because a) I dislike the name Hilbert, and b) Because it sounds badass. Valkoinen is the...Dutch? Swedish? IDK? word for white. :D

Whitlea Touko Kuro: I chose this name because a) Whitlea already has a Japanese last name. The end.

Already in the canon, Bianca Noir and Cheren Blanc. I was going to be using Cheren Shiro for this, drawing inspiration from a friend's fic, but decided against it, due to the fact I had already established a Meaningful Name deal with the Blancs and Noirs. /le shrug.

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