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A.N- This takes place in their 6th year

"What on earth am I supposed to do for this assignment? I don't know anything about Muggle Literature!"

Rose looked up at her best friend Scorpius as he was dramatically explaining his dilemma. Their Muggle Studies teacher assigned them a yearlong assignment, where they had to pick a work of Muggle Literature, and would be doing different presentations and research on it throughout the whole year.

"Well, what were you expecting, you were the one who signed up for Muggle Studies" she replied, turning back to her book. Scorpius collapsed on the couch next to her. "Yeah, to the shock of everyone. I've been taking the class for two years now, and people still don't believe me!"

"Well, I think people only just got over the fact that you've been sorted into Gryffindor, so this is a whole new challenge for them" Rose said.

Scorpius grimaced, "I guess that's more than I can say about my family," he muttered darkly. "But I thought your mum and dad were okay with you being in Gryffindor!" Rose said.

"Oh, they are" Scorpius replied. "They even like the fact that I'm best friends with you and Al, and that I'm taking Muggle studies. They're actually proud of me for taking it, I suspect, because they don't give me a hard time about it, and I always catch dad smirking when I talk about you. My grandparents on the other hand…"

Rose shared a look with him. She knew that his grandparents were not happy with Scorpius. While Harry did save Draco in the battle, who was extremely grateful for it, his parents did not share the same views of the Potter/Weasley clan as their son did. The furthest they have ever come to accepting them is not calling Harry scum anymore, but when they heard that their grandson was sorted into the dreaded house, and was friends with the Golden Trio's offsprings, well…Scorpius wasn't really included in family events anymore, Rose was pretty sure that he wasn't even in their will. But Scorpius never seemed to mind, he always said that he was glad he escaped their thinking mentality.

"So really, what are you doing for the assignment?" Scorpius asked her. "Wait, let me guess, you're doing that Pride and Prejudice book, right?"

Rose grinned. It was no secret that she was in love with the Jane Austen classic. She must have read that book at least a hundred times. "Well, it'll be easy, I practically know it by heart, and I'll have fun with it."

"I'm glad you're so overjoyed about this assignment, I have nothing to start with!" he exclaimed.

"Well, I can give you some suggestions. I know a couple of Muggle books; my mum reads them at home. Let me think… You're not gonna want anything remotely romantic, of course,"

"Nailed that one straight on" Scorpius said. But Rose continued as if Scorpius hadn't interrupted her. "You can try Frankenstein, Beloved…no, you wouldn't like that one, er, maybe Scarlett Letter…"

Scorpius interrupted again. "I need something I'll actually be interested in, something I can relate to, not just a book I'll end up hating and resent doing things for it for an entire year."

Rose suddenly smiled. "Oh, I have the perfect one! Les Miserables"

"The miserable?" he asked, translating it from the French title. "Why would I be interested in that?"

"Well, actually I think it fits you perfectly" Rose said. It's about this guy, Jean Valjean who was put in prison for stealing some food for ten years, and he's finally released, but the chief of police still hates him, and he tried stealing from a church, and was almost caught, but the priest lied to save his life and convinced him to turn good. It takes place during the French Revolution, so there's a lot of war stuff too. But the whole time, Valjean is trying to avoid capture and finally be seen as a good man." Rose smirked a little. "I think you know how it feels to be misunderstood like that and want everyone to see you're not a bad guy."

Scorpius dryly laughed. "Yeah, I know that all too well", but he looked a little upset about that.

Rose nudged him. "Their loss, my gain. Besides, you know there's nobody better to hang out with besides Al and me."

Scorpius let out a real laugh this time. "Yeah, you guys are beyond cool. Modest too." They both laughed at that. Scorpius stood up. "It's late, I think I'm going to go to bed." He said. He started walking up to the boy's dormitory. He suddenly turned to Rose and said "Rose…thanks."

Rose smiled "goodnight Scorp" Scorpius smiled back. "Night"

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