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5 Years Later

Rose and Scorpius were once again winding their way down the aisles in the theatre. They had made a point to see Les Miserables every summer since they got together and had just reached their row when Rose stopped. "Professor Pierce!"

Professor Pierce turned and smiled at them. "Rose! Scorpius! What a wonderful surprise, how are you?"

"We're good," answered Rose. "But what are you doing here?"

"Oh, my brother is the manager of the theatre so he gets me tickets and does me all kinds of favors I want" and for some reason, she winked at Scorpius. Rose turned to him questioningly but he just gave her an innocent look. Rolling her eyes, they said goodbye to their old professor and went to their seats. "What was that all about?" Rose asked but Scorpius just smiled and then the lights dimmed and she forgot all about it.

The play was fantastic as usual, maybe one of the best showings she had ever seen. When they got to Who Am I, she lightly elbowed Scorpius. "How did you like it?"

They always loved to compare the singing from one performance to the next, and Who Am I was always their favorite one to critique.

She looked at Scorpius to see his answer, but he just gave a nervous shrug. Rose was a little surprised at his inattentiveness, but let it go, she knew that they would have an entire play by play of the performance afterward.

At the end of the show, she was wildly applauding the cast with the rest of the audience, when suddenly Scorpius jumped out of his seat, muttered something about needing to go to the bathroom, and got lost in the crowd before she could see where he went. Rose was now thoroughly confused, but stayed where she was. Then, when the cast took their last bow, she started to get up to look for Scorpius but then she realized that the curtain wasn't closing and the cast was moving aside to allow someone to get on stage. Curious as to see what was going on, she walked out of the aisle and gasped. She saw Scorpius standing there on stage.

"Rose Weasley?" He called out, and everyone went silent. Rose was simply stunned and couldn't move, she just watched him, transfixed.

He stared right at her. "Ten years ago, you changed my life when you came up to me on the train for school. You gave me acceptance and friendship, something I never expected to come. Then, five years after that, you helped me with my project and introduced me to this play, and changed my life once again – you gave me love."

Rose gasped as he then bent down on one knee and took out a box, revealing a beautiful,

sparkling diamond ring. "You have bewitched me body and soul. I love you, I never wish

to be parted from you from this day on" Rose's eyes filled with tears as she recognized the ending lines from Pride and Prejudice. "I am now asking you to change my life once again. Rose, will you marry me?"

Rose stood still, hearing the pleas from the audience that she accept his proposal. She then slowly walked on stage where he was, and he stood up with a slightly fearful expression on his face.

"Last time you proposed to me I slapped you." She saw Scorpius gulp and then smiled. "This time I accept."

Scorpius grinned widely, slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her to the applause of the cast and audience.

When they pulled apart, Rose smiled at Scorpius. "Well, we know one thing for sure."

"Oh yeah, what's that" he asked.

"Professor Pierce is definitely coming to the wedding."


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