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Title: Inherited Nose
Characters: Rose Weasley, James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter and Peter Pettigrew (kind of)
Rating: G
Prompt: Nose
Word count: 257
Beta: Not betaed. Sorry!
Warnings: None.
Summary: One of James' pranks go too far.
A/N: Originally written for the Drabble Tag challenge on the ff forum: Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges.

Inherited Nose

"Look, Rose! You look just like this guy!" James said in a mocking tone.

Leaving the box of pictures she was looking at on the floor, Rose made her way to the other side of the Potters basement, where her cousins were laughing at an old photo in their hands.

"I don't look like that guy!" Rose said offended when she saw the man they were pointing at. That man looked like a rat, with big front teeth, crazy, tiny eyes and...that was her nose. Panicking, she turned the photograph.

Sirius Black - James Potter - Remus Lupin - Peter Pettigrew (September 1st, 1977)

"Peter Pettigrew," she whispered, more to herself than to James and Albus, who were looking at her expectantly.

"Do you... do you think he- Maybe you're related to him?" Albus said cautiously, looking at Rose sympathetically.

"He might be your real father," James prompted with an amused expression.

Her eyes widened. "You think? Oh, Merlin!" Her eyes watered. Could this frightening man be her real father? What if she wasn't a real Weasley? Without saying another word, she ran upstairs screaming, "Mum! Dad!".

"How could he be his father? She's the spitting image of Uncle Ron," Albus rationalized a second later, hearing the soft cries of Rose as she talked to her and his parents.

James snorted. "I know, but it was fun to see her face, huh?"

"You're mean."

"And you're a-"

"JAMES SIRIUS POTTER! Come here, young boy!"

Albus sniggered. "A boy whose older brother was killed by his own parents."