Title: Choices
Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Oliver Wood
Word Count: 1,090
Warning: Slash
Summary: Charlie Weasley, avid workaholic, never once felt like he was choosing his work over his family, until the day he runs into an old friend just as obsessed with his own work as he, and finally discovers what it feels like to be ignored.


Chapter 1: Two Months

Charlie Weasley knew he'd made a huge mistake having a personal discussion with his boss. At the time it had seemed so innocent, he never expected his boss to go completely insane, but Charlie was now realizing his boss was one of those people who surprised you at the worst moments.

He'd walked into Mr. Walker's office with apprehension on his face. He needed vacation time, but he hated asking for it. Mr. Walker was a shorter, thin man with a small brown mustache and uncharacteristically beefy, calloused hands. However, beefy hands weren't at all unusual at a dragon reserve, which was where Charlie worked, since nearly everyone there spent all of their time running after dragons.

When he'd stepped into the room Mr. Walker had been standing in the farthest right-hand corner looking through his bookshelf for something or another. Charlie made his presence known by clearing his throat, which caused Mr. Walker to start, smack his head on top of the bookshelf, and knock over a sneakoscope which had been lying on top of it. Charlie shot forward and caught it before it fell and then handed it back to Mr. Walker, who smiled appreciatively.

"Reflexes of a seeker you've got there." he murmured patting Charlie on the back. He moved behind his desk and placed a large black book on it. He then gestured for Charlie to sit down and finally sat himself. "It's probably why you're the best dragon keeper here."

Charlie blushed and thanked him.

"Soo…" He began opening the black book. On closer inspection Charlie realized it was his datebook. "You're here about vacation time huh?" Mr. Walker asked.

"Um yes," Charlie began. "I swear I wouldn't ask in any other circumstance, but my brother's wife has just had a baby and they keep telling me I have to come and see her-"

"Well of course you have to go and see her." Mr. Walker said quickly. "This is your family we're talking about."

Charlie just shrugged.

Mr. Walker rifled through his datebook again and accio'd a large red pen off of the bookshelf. "So how much time will you need?" He asked.

Charlie began to move uncomfortably in his seat. "Well I would have asked for time later because no one in the family's allowed to see the baby for a few days anyway due to some complication with the baby's magic, but my family wants me home right away. So, I might need more time than usual."

Mr. Walker clicked his pen. "Name it."

"Um….ten days?" Charlie asked nervously.

The other man's eyes rose from the datebook to Charlie's face. He looked incredulous. "Ten days? That's it?"

"Erm yes." Charlie coughed.

Mr. Walker set his pen on the desk and sighed. "Charlie Weasley your family lives far away from you, I know for a fact you never floo call them, you're going to be an uncle for the first time, and all you're asking me for is a measly ten days?"

Charlie shrugged. "Well it's not like babies do much anyway. They just poop, eat and sleep."

"Be that as it may ten days is not enough time. How much vacation time have you allotted anyway?" He asked flipping to the back of his datebook.

Charlie moved forward. "That's really not necess-"

"Good God!" Mr. Walker's hand froze on Charlie's page. "Look at all this vacation time you've racked up! How on earth did you do this?"

"Well I-"

"You've never been on a vacation longer than a week." Mr. Walker answered for him. "And look at all the holidays you've worked."

Charlie blushed. "Well I've been busy."

"For the past three Christmases?" Mr. Walker leaned back in his chair, stunned. "This is shameful. It's practically worker's abuse." He put his hands together and sighed. "I'm giving you a month off."

"What? No!" Charlie yelled. "What about the dragons?"

"The dragons will be fine without you." Mr. Walker replied, already adding Charlie's future vacation time to the book. "This isn't like when you first joined the reserve and we were horribly understaffed. Now we have plenty of people to cover you." He began to write in Charlie's vacation time when he noticed something on the page. "Hold on, it's November right?" He asked.

Charlie nodded miserably.

"Well since it'll be the holidays by the time you get back I might as well give you two months."

Charlie was sure he was going to have an aneurism. "Are you crazy?" He asked. "We lose half our staff during the holidays! WHAT ABOUT THE DRAGONS?"

Mr. Walker snorted. "The dragons are hibernating anyway. I highly doubt you need to be around to watch them sleep."

Charlie opened his mouth to argue more but Mr. Walker shushed him. "My mind is made up. Even with these two months off you still have tons of vacation time left, and there's no better time for you to get some rest than now. Go be with your family, relax a little, and above all try to get laid. I'm sure you haven't in who knows how long."

Charlie's face turned the same color as his hair.

Mr. Walker closed his datebook and stood up. "Now get out of my office, go pack your bags and I'll see you in two months."

He stuck out his hand and Charlie shook it slowly, before heading unhappily out the door. Two months away from dragons. Two months with his insane family. He didn't know how he was going to deal with that.