"We got to take her to the Cullen's." a husky voice said.

"Okay, if she bites me, it's on you, man." A younger more scared male answered.

I could feel myself being lifted up and hauled off but I couldn't focus on where we were going over the burning desire in my throat. I tried to beg them to make it stop but all that came out was a gurgling noise and a whine. Around that time they stopped and I was surrounded by a bunch of people, I couldn't focus on faces or the conversation. I knew it was about me though; a very young looking man with strikingly blonde hair picked me up and carried me into the house.

"Close your eyes, everything will be alright." He murmured soothingly. He reminded me a lot of my dad, which brought a wrenching feeling in my stomach. I felt something slid into my mouth then my jaw being forced shut. A cold liquid oozed down my throat like a slushy and my throat seized into a dull burning.

I let my curiosity win, and my eyes fluttered open. I was met by a startling view, my vision has never been bad, but the way things I see now, I might as well have been blind. Everything was so clear, I could hear chatter in the other room in hushed worried tones, I could hear heartbeats. I counted them ever so quickly and judged there were at least two people in the house.

I looked around the room and noticed there were four guys. One was huge, like monstrously, but he looked very young and attractive as he eyed me with a weary expression. The second guy looked about 25, the oldest, and seemed to have the lead position. The third and fourth looked like they could be brother with honey colored hair, except they had very different ways about them. One had many scars on his neck, he also looked pained and angry. All clean cut, very attractive men.

"Relax, she's very observant and I'm pretty sure she isn't going to try anything." the one without the scars said. "I'm Edward, but if-"

He was cut off by a short pixie looking girl rushing into the room followed by a huge dark skinned guy that was very cute. I could hear his blood rushing through his veins and his abnormal loud heart beat and nasty stench. I plugged my nose quickly and a stifled laugh came from Edward. The boy just stared at me weirdly, like I was something he had been waiting on.

"She needs to feed now, or something bad is going to happen!" the pixie said quickly to the blonde.

He nodded and looked at me solemnly then said, "Sweetie, will you please come with me, you have loads to learn." He motioned for the scared one to come over and introduced us, "This is Jasper, you can learn a lot from him, I'm Carlisle."

I hopped off of the table I'd been sitting up on and was surprised at how graceful I could walk now. I followed the sc- I mean Jasper out the front door and into a patch of woods. Once we were out of sight, he turn around in one swift motion and snatched me up by throat.

"I know what you're feeling, on wrong move and I'll personally break all the bones in your body and burn you alive till you turn to ash, you have no idea how much danger your putting my family in. Are we understood?" he asked me in an angry whisper.

I nodded, without anything else to say.

"Good, well, now for your first lesson, you'll drink strictly animal blood if you want to live." I must have gotten a stricken look on my face cause he softened, "Yes, you're a vampire now. A lot to take in, I know."

"I don't want to live. Kill me."

He stared at me for a long moment, "As easy as that would make things, I wouldn't want to upset the mutt."

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