E/O Challenge: Safe, Wicked
Disclaimer: They aren't mine, but I really wish they were…
A/N: I have been out of the writing loop for a while, but now that I am done with my MS Excel certification course, I am treating myself to a little drabble action!

"C'mon Sam, you really don't remember?" Dean asked his brother as they drove down the highway through Tennessee.
"Shut up, Dean."
"It scared the hell out of you. You made me lock the windows and doors in every room we stayed in."
Sam thought about it, then realized what his brother was talking about.
"I was eight, Dean."
Dean chuckled.
"You closed your eyes through the whole thing…it was such a dumb scene anyway. You were such a wuss."
"It was scary. Stupid Wicked Witch and her stupid flying monkeys."
"She was so out to get you, Sam…"