Title: Okay
Author: Gotham's Princess
Rating: T
Fandom: The West Wing
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in the show the West Wing.
Summary: Things are pretty okay when Donna is involved…at least according to Josh.
Author's Note: This was just me wanting to write something that combined The West Wing with Sports Night, though Sports Night only has a slight reference. Oh, it also combines my love of Kentucky basketball.


Donna snores. She claims she doesn't, and rolls her eyes when he argues that she does, but Josh knows that she does. It's okay though, because according to her, he hogs all of the covers in the bed. Like politics, everything has a tradeoff. So what if she snores? So what if he hogs the blankets? As far as Josh is concerned, he is just happy Donna is sleeping in his —well, more accurately, the hotel's — bed.

Even though they are on vacation, Donna makes him wake up kind of early. That is also okay, because she has pretty good reasons. Since they are in Hawaii, Donna wants to actually see the beaches, and it takes time of lather her alabaster skin in sunscreen. That, combined with her bikini, usually is too much for Josh to handle, so they don't even get to the beach until after noon, sated and happy. Yes, waking up early is definitely worth it.

One night, it rains, and they spend the evening in the room. She won't allow him to watch CNN, but CSC proves to be an acceptable alternative in her eyes, so they end up watching coverage of the University of Kentucky and Louisville basketball game. Donna provides commentary, educating Josh about the various ways to pronounce Louisville (and there are many) and the importance of UK basketball to the state. Josh briefly wonders if he should employ that knowledge to the re-election campaign. Maybe have Santos play a pick-up game with the Wildcats?

Eventually, the game draws to a close, and like predicted, Kentucky wins. Donna rests her head on his shoulder as the post-game interviews segue into Sports Night. As Dan Rydell and Casey McCall analyze the Wildcat's win, and their chances to win another national title in the spring, Donna teases Josh with about how cute Dan is — and doesn't Casey have such nice hair?

Unlike the snoring and waking him up early, Josh decides that isn't okay, and rolls her under him just to prove his point. She laugh, kisses him, and tells him that she would choose him over Dan or Casey any day, even if Casey does have better hair.

Josh thinks he is in love with this woman, and that is okay too.