When hope seems lost

Chapter three

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The days grew shorter and colder, Bella's thoughts of Edward had faded and she had moved on with her life. The Cullen family stayed the same, though Rose and Emmett had moved out after their sixth, large and elaborate wedding. They only lived eight miles away in a cottage that Esme had built them, though god only knew how long that poor little house would last them.

Bella laughed as she thought about Rose and Emmett. It had seemed like forever since she had been turned and started living with the Cullens. It was all she had ever wanted, an amazing feeling of living forever. Never having to breath or grow old. It killed her heart though to watch Charlie getting grayer, and grayer.. almost fading away right in front of her. There was nothing she could do now to stop it. She would miss him, but she had chosen this life.

Every passing day brought something new. Bella was now doing evening rounds with Carlisle and taking med classes on other nights. She was way ahead of the other students, though having Carlisle as a tutor helped a lot. It also helped keep her mind focused on something other then the blood she thirsted for.

"Carlisle? How much longer do you think till I can get a general nursing degree?" Bella sat at her desk, Carlisle right behind her looking over her shoulder.

"Not until your able to control your need for blood. I would say two or three years." He smiled his crooked smile at her, and if her heart could have beat it would have been pounding out of her chest. It was amazing that he could make her smile and feel alive again, just like Edward had done. Bella sighed softly as she was reminded of Edward.

Of all times to think of him. She sighed softly and went back to her studies. "We need to go hunting soon, it's not good to try and push yourself Bella." Carlisle put his hands on her shoulders which made her jump in her seat.

"Yeah... that's true... I have been very thirsty lately... my throat has been on fire." Bella wondered how long she could truly go before she had to hunt. She shook her head not wanting to think about that now as Carlisle left to go to work again.

It would be coming time to move again... further from Forks, maybe to Alaska Esme had said. "Carlisle looks 20 years younger then he should actually be so we need to move again." Esme spoke in a soft and loving voice. She truly was the mother figure of the group. It helped to talk to her when she needed that mother figure in her life.

Bella thought to her self as she sat on her bed. By the time they got back to Forks or Seattle her father could be dead. Sighing softly she closed her eyes as she thought about going and seeing her father. It was long over due and he probably missed her.

She stood up and walked down the stairs to Carlisle's study and knocked on the door as gently as she could and before she could speak Carlisle spoke. "Bella please come in." She walked in slowly and smiled to him, biting her lip nervously.

"I was... wondering if you think it's safe... enough for me to go see my dad. You know before we leave for Alaska." Carlisle stood from his desk and walked to Bella wraping his strong and protective arms around her. If she could have blushed she would have.

"Of course you can go see him. I think your blood lust has subsided. As long as you go hunt before you go see him. I trust you but don't push yourself Bella. Look at Jasper, he still has trouble being around humans." Bella hugged him tightly and sighed softly wondering how her father would react to seeing her like this. "Thanks Carlisle, Your the best." Bella let go and headed for the door for a well deserved hunt and to go see her father.

After Bella's successful hunt of one mountain lion and three elk the burning in her throat had faded enough that she could handle a flair up. She got into her new red car that Alice had bought her and headed to her fathers home. It had felt like forever since she had seen him. She was excited and scared all at the same time as she pulled up the familiar driveway, checking in her rear view mirror to make sure her new brown contacts were in and hadn't dissolved yet.

The call to her dad earlier had been short but sweet. Ring ring, ring ring... "Hello" her father seemed a little slower at answering the phone then usual. "Hey dad, I was... thinking of coming over, Carlisle said I should be okay to see you." she bit her bottom lip again waiting for his answer. "Bells! I can't believe it's you, when are you coming over? I'll fix some snacks for us, or even better do you want to go out to dinner?" Charlie sounded excited to see his daughter again Bella couldn't turn him down on dinner, though she wasn't sure if she could eat it or not. But after her talk with Carlisle she found out it was okay... it would just have to be thrown up later.

Bella got out of the car and headed to the door but before she could even knock, Charlie answered it and wrapped his arms tightly around her. She hugged him back as gently as she could, trying to play the fragile little human girl she once was.

They went out to Charlies favorite diner and once again he ordered the same thing he orders every time they went out. A t-bone steak with all the fixings, rare of course. As they sat down for their meal Bella tried to hold her breath, so many different new scents and she could almost feel the pulse in the room as she looked around from person to person. She was just glad her dad hadn't noticed that Bella was colder then she was as a human. Smiling she ordered her veggie burger and fries and tried to relax and enjoy the evening with her father.

The meal was nice, everything tasted different now that she was a vampire and she could feel the food just sitting there like a rock in her stomach. Bella remembered the time that Emmett had decided it was a good idea to eat Cheetos and drink a coke at school, by the time he had gotten home he didn't look good, after Carlisle found out what he had done he ended up pumping Emmett's stomach to get the food that was just rotting there in his stomach out.

Bella cringed at that thought before focusing on her dad. The conversation went from subject to subject, though she tried to keep the conversation light and happy and away of why she had been sick for so long and why now all of a sudden she was back to her usual self.

"So Bells,... how is living with the Cullens, you... seem pretty happy with them." Charlie sat back in his seat and smiled to his daughter, he could tell something was off but just couldn't put his finger on it.

"It's really nice actually...quite and... just a lot of life in the house." She nodded at her words as she took a bite of another fry. Watching the clock for a moment time seemed to be standing still as her father finished his meal. When he paid and they hugged each other goodbye saying their I love yous. Bella got in her car and went one way as her father went the other.

By the time she got home the feeling of a rock in her stomach turned into a boulder. She walked though the door to be greeted by Alice. "Bella! You look horrible you shouldn't have eaten! You should have just said you weren't hungry, I saw how many fries you ate..." Bella just shrugged it off a little going into the living room.

"Hey there Bella! So, you had any good food lately?" Emmett laughed loudly before he was smacked in the chest by Rose. "Emmett be nice... it was her first time, plus look at what happned to you last time." Rosalie grinned and hit him in the chest again.

Wandering up to Carlisle office Bella groaned with ever step. Carlisle met her in front of his office, "Bella... you know what you have to do.. or I have no choice but to pump your stomach. Your choice." He hugged her gently trying to comfort her as he led her to his medical office which was in a room right off his regular office/ study.

After about an hour Bella emerged from the office Carlisle in tow behind her, one hand on her shoulder. "See wasn't too bad, but now you know why we tend to stay away from human food." He smiled and laughed softly, it made Bella shiver. There was something about him that made Bella's dead heart skip a beat. She seemed to calm down whenever she was around him.

Bella went down stairs, Dr. Cullen behind her as she sat on the couch across from the big flat pannel tv, Emmett and Rose on couch on the other side of her making out and joking with each other about how many more houses they were going to break after their next wedding. Esme of course was sitting in a large lazy boy chair knitting a sweater or something, probably for Emmett because it was HUGE. She loved her new family, though she did have to agree that it could get lonely... now she knew how Edward felt to be the odd man out.

Rosalie had Emmett and Alice had Jasper. Even Esme had Carlisle... Bella sighed slightly as she watched the late night football game that no one seemed to be watching anyway. When she heard the familure sound of the piano playing. She looked around and saw that Esme and Carlisle had left the room. Bella stood up and walked out of the room twards the side room where he sat and played, He always knew when she was feeling lonely and just how to cheer her up. She leaned against him and smiled softly watching his fingers flow across the ivory keys. The way he played was amazing.

With ever key stroke it made her almost feel like she was drifting off to sleep. Though it was impossible and she knew she couldn't sleep and shouldn't be feeling that way... but she was relaxed. Bella tried to keep the memories of Edward at bay. Edward must have learned to play from his father though Carlisle knew Edward lullaby he had made his own variation of it. He was amazing and the song never seemed to end, it could go on forever with the way he played.

Bella closed her eyes slightly to take in the music. Now that she was a vampire the music seemed to come to life, every note talked to her. She let her mind wander slightly letting the music be the only thing in her mind, thought it was hard to do then she thought. The burning in her throat seemed to be what she thought about the most. Emmett always seemed to poke at her thirst trying to get her to go over the edge. Specially when they were anywhere around a group of humans. Most the time she would just punch him in the shoulder and make him wince, that made her laugh. She wasn't the fragile human anymore she was just a little less breakable around the vampires.

As Carlisle stopped playing Bella opened her eyes and smiled softly. "Thanks... I needed that." Carlisle hugged her gently. "I needed that too." He said standing up from the piano."Well Bella, looks like it's time for work for me. What are you planning to do with your day?"

Laughing Bella stood up. "Umm.. not sure." She bit her bottom lip as she thought. "I think I might ask Esme if she wants to go hunting again. Just seems like I can't get the burning to stay down for very long even after a big meal."

Carlisle nodded. "Yeah, it happens sometimes you will be thirsty a lot and sometimes it will dull enough to go without for a few weeks. You just don't want to push it. If you want to keep going into town with us you need to keep well fed. We are all here for you Bella and we wouldn't let you do anything that you would regret."

Bella trusted his words because she knew he meant them. Even Jasper had helped calm her down when they were close to a group of humans. She hoped it wouldn't take years before she could go out to her favorite book shop without having the whole family follow her around like security guards guarding the president.

Three times Jasper or Emmett had to intervene on one of the outings. It took a lot to keep her focus on the book she wanted and not how good all the humans smelled... and the pulse she could see in their throat... Bella snapped back to focus on Carlisle. "Yeah, hunting would be a good idea... I think i'll ask around. Someone in this house has to be thirsty!"

He laughed and smiled, glad Bella was enjoying her new life. He had been so worried about how she would adapt to her new life but she seemed to be doing it well. With every passing day she grew stronger and learned more. She would make a wonderful addition to the Cullen clan.

Even Victoria hadn't shown her face. Maybe she knew that Bella had been changed already or maybe it was because she was truly after Edward and not Bella. Whatever it was it was nice, and even if she did show up again, this time Bella would be able to fight for herself with help from her new family.

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