Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Did I get lazy? Yes. Am I probably going to give this more chapters? Nope. That said, I apologized for half assing this, but I literally have no idea how to continue this, so... enjoy.

Sandy Cheeks made it back to the Goo Lagoon, with Plankton pretty much knocked out unconscious for good. She reached the volleyball point, where she was greeted by Spongebob, who made an entire sand fort shaped like Krabby Patties.

"Sandy, glad you could make it down here!" Spongebob exclaimed as he laughed, shaking Sandy's hand, "I already made four hundred million, eighty thousand, ten hundred and sixty four Krabby Patties! It's a new record for me!"

Sandy chuckled nervously as she patted Spongebob on the head. "That's great, Spongebob, but I gotta do something rather important..." She headed towards the volleyball court, only to trip and land on her face in the sand. "Oooh!"

Larry noticed this, and he rushed over to Sandy, wondering if she needed help. "Hey Sandy! Ya need help getting back up?"

Sandy tried to stand back up, but sadly, her butt, which was sticking out in the air, had other ideas, and with a bit of a struggle, released a fart so loud the entirety of Bikini Bottom exploded, bubbles rising all around the lone island of Bikini Atoll as silence immediately followed. Two minutes later, only one bubble resufaced, floating in the air as it contained... Plankton?

"Huh... urgh... dah... ehh... what..." Plankton moaned as he rubbed some drool from his mouth, looking down to see he was in the bubble. Gasping, he screamed for help as he pounded against the bubble, failing much to his dismnay. "Karen, wherever you are, HELP!"