Rating: K

Warnings: None

Pairings: KibaHina

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 316

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The village of Konoha was renown for several things. Top-rate performances on missions, the numerous outstanding, infamous ninjas who were produced, as well as the total number of the MANY insane ninjas that littered the area.

They were also famous for their incredible festivals, which put most all others to shame.

New Year's Eve was no exception. Booths, people, couples, lanterns, fireworks, sake, and food were in abundance, as was the entertainment of scheduled shows and vendors.

Kiba was currently lounging on thick branch of a tall pine tree, his arms around the waist of his girlfriend, who was sitting on his lap between his legs and resting her head against his shoulder.

He nuzzled Hinata's cheek affectionately, grinning at her smile and slight blush. Far off, they could here the sounds of shouts and laughing as the other citizens of Konoha enjoyed the main part of Konoha's festival.

Akamaru was curled up next to them, breathing deeply as his huge body rose up and down regularly, not at all bothered by the noise or by the humans beside him.

A strange, rhythmic tune drifted to the couple snuggled as loud chanting was heard. The countdown had begun. With a mischievous grin, Kiba leapt off the tree, Hinata held in his arms. As they hit the ground softly, he grabbed her hands and began to whirl her around in time with the music, making her giggle softly at his playful antics.

Akamaru opened his eyes at the sounds of their laughing, his large tale thumping against the tree, making it shiver. Hinata yelped when snow landed on the top of her head, startled.

Kiba just continued smiling before leaning forward and licking the snow off her face. Her cheeks heated once more as she looked at him shyly underneath her lashes.

Their lips locked together just as the first firework boomed and lit up the sky.


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