Rating: K

Warnings: None

Pairings: GaaLee

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 128

Disclaimer: Please see my profile for details.


Gaara was not fond of people.

Oh, sure, he liked his siblings, to a certain degree. He respected the people of the village, and the ninjas who were willing to protect it. He had a bond with Naruto, but that went past liking him.

But he wasn't really fond of anyone. Hell, before the Chunin exams, he didn't even remotely like anyone.

However, there was one person he supposed he actually might care for.

And that was that green shadow, that gust of air, that flash of movement that he saw out of the corner of his eye before strong arms wrapped around him and lifted him into the air, crying out, "Gaara-sama!" with actual joy.

Yes, Gaara decided, he might have a certain fondness for Rock Lee.


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