Just the Two of Us

Rating: T

Warnings: Incest and kissing

Pairings: NejiHina

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 252

Disclaimer: Please see my profile for details.


Neji watched Hinata with his sharper-than-hawk's-eyes. He liked to watch her, whether it was when she was puttering around the kitchen or training or just walking, he liked watching the way her limbs moved, her feet glided, her hair shift, her hips swing …

So he liked watching her, especially like this. Eyes soft, cheeks lightly pinks, smile curving her lips into something tempting, inviting.

Hinata was aware that Neji was watching her as she fed the ducks the remnants of their picnic. It was ridiculously romantic and sappy to take a picnic on a warm spring day, but Hinata liked to sit with Neji and talk and watch his walls drop away one by one.

But despite being a ninja and being aware of Neji's eyes on her, she was caught quite unprepared when she was tackled to the ground, causing the ducks to scatter, honking indignantly.

But she was too preoccupied with Neji's hands, warm and calloused and twined with hers, with his legs, holding her in place as he straddled her, with his lips, covering hers with an intensive earnest that took her breath away.

Hinata broke the kiss with a soft "Neji-nii-san," which just made him growl possessively and kiss her again.

Really, she was just too cute for her on good and he too aware of said cuteness for them to function.

(And that's their story and they're sticking to it, even when a horribly embarrassed Lee and a grinning TenTen stumble them upon them later on)


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