Rating: M

Warnings: Yaoi (boy/boy, slash, etc.), some mild crack, and … um, I guess a little swearing?

Pairings: ItaNeji

Genre: Romance, Humor

Word Count: 365

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Itachi's red eyes were unblinking as he watched his quarry. He had sent Kisame off on his own. This was his moment. He shifted imperceptibly, bunching his muscles as his quarry walked closer, oblivious to his impending doom.

Five steps … four steps away …

Itachi allowed one corner of his mouth to lift. This was going to be, dare he say it, fun.

Two steps … one …

And Itachi pounced.

In one smooth move, he dropped from the tree he had been crouching on, grabbed his quarry, and dragged him into the bushes. His quarry struggled, but Itachi was too good to let him be free.

He bit his quarry's ear affectionately and released him.

Neji was blushing bright red. "What the HELL Itachi?"

Itachi shrugged, snagging Neji's jacket and pulling the younger boy into a smothering hug, nibbling on his ear once more. Neji squirmed.


Itachi covered Neji's lips with his own, subtly dragging the boy deeper into the bushes. Neji squeaked but didn't protest, even when Itachi grabbed his ass rather harshly. Neji was proud of himself when he managed to trip Itachi, sending them sprawling into the grass, though Itachi just rolled them over.

Neji broke the kiss and, between pants, managed to get out, "I was … on my way … to see the Hokage … you know!"

Itachi latched onto the boy's neck and mumbled, "Summer isn't for missions, it's for sex. So shut up and take it, boy."

Neji's outrage was stifled by arousal as Itachi moved lower.

Neji was a full forty-five minutes late to see the Hokage and refused to say why. He didn't even blush and/or sputter like everyone else did at Tsunade's scathing comments about the state of his not-so-perfect hair and the bright red marks on his neck.

Though he did the next time he saw Itachi, who got a punch in the arm (missed the face) and deep, angry scratches in his back when he still managed to screw Neji to the floor.

Ah yes, it truly was the summer of youth (as Gai, ever sensitive of the changing seasons, shouted on the rooftops at ungodly hours of the morning).


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