Title: Reactions

Pairing: ShigureAyame

Genre: Romance, Humor (made me giggle)

Rating: T

Warnings: Yaoi, shonen ai, boyboy romance

Word Count: 240


"Shiguuure," a voice whispered, hot breath washing over his ear.

Ayaa was back from the student council meeting. Shigure turned, smirking in such a way that made the girls squeal and Hatori sigh, irritated. He knew what was coming, and he knew it was useless to stop them.

Ayame slid onto Shigure's desk, thighs spread invitingly as he cupped Shigure's chin and tilted his head upward. The entire class went silent, breathless to see what would happen.

Lips moved against his own. "Did you miss me?"

There was a pregnant pause.

Shigure cupped Ayame's ass and slid him forward, causing him to tumble of the desk and into Shigure's lap, warm silver hair cascading over Shigure's shoulders. Their lips crashed together, tongues instantly tangled. One of them moaned, it was unclear as to which one it was. Several girls fainted from the sheer sexiness of the sight.

When they came up for air, Shigure grinned and asked, voice breathless and husky, "Does that answer your question?"

And the class fairly exploded into chaos.

The guys were either horrified at the display or horrified at themselves for liking it, the girls all had gushing nosebleeds or had fainted, and the teacher was having hysterics over their kissing and the mess they had created.

Hatori just sighed again as Shigure and Ayame, after looking around the class in sheer joy at what they had caused, grinned and gave each other thumbs-up.



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