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"Lovino, please come in here for a minute. We need to talk to you."

Lovino Vargas stood frozen in his entryway, the soles of his shoes becoming uncomfortably heavy on the pulsing balls of his feet. His heart dropped down to his stomach and a slight heat wave – perhaps partially from walking home in the sun – washed over him and he shakily dropped his messenger bag to the floor, trembling hands releasing the canvas strap as he swallowed thickly.

His parents really only ever wanted to have serious talks when he was in trouble. What had he done, aside from the usual petty fights at school? They were used to those after all; Lovino got into little fights every week and his parents couldn't care less. He didn't have to deal with the consequences, so why should he care? He hadn't done anything particularly bad lately; his brain wracked frantically through his short term memory of the last few months, trying desperately to recall what exceedingly awful and obnoxious things he'd done recently that could have been the onset of what was ultimately going to be a stupid punishment.

"Lovino!" his father's voice rang out through the large and somewhat empty house with a both warning and authoritative tone.

Lovino was jolted out of his daze and quickly snapped his spine straight, his palms turning clammy as he walked slowly and stiffly towards the ridiculously over furnished living room. He slumped over against the frame of the doorway when he entered the room, looking down at his feet and pouting. After a few moments of staring at his dirt-tinted and grass-stained tennis shoes and he had not yet been yelled at, Lovino looked up curiously and was more than a bit shocked by what he saw.

His father's expression was more distracted than anything; he was not wearing his lecture face. He was seated on the edge of the polished coffee table, ready to jump up and run out the door for his next appointment or board meeting or executive dinner/lunch at any moment. Lovino's mother was as psychotic looking as ever, running to and fro while trying to hop dexterously into a polished black stiletto whilst simultaneously putting in an earring and digging through her $10,000 Chanel purse for God knows what. However, neither of these things were what put Lovino in such a stupor. It was the fact that standing next to his father was a guy a bit shorter than his father, wearing dark wash jeans, converse, a white v-neck t-shirt and a tan canvas jacket over it. The teenager had a dark skin tone and short locks of wavy dark brown hair with shaggy bangs, through which two emerald green eyes shone brightly. He was definitely older than Lovino, who was in 5th grade at the time, but couldn't possibly be out of high school yet.

His eyes were wide with shock as he stared at the stranger standing in his home, and eventually they narrowed to a glare as suspicion bubbled up inside him. It wasn't like he wasn't used to seeing strangers in his home with his parents, but they tended to be just as old (if not older) than them and would often be dressed in expensive looking attire and have the overall air of a business person.

Why in the world would this young man be in his home?

Lovino's mouth clamped shut and his death glare shifted briefly to his father, before smoldering chocolate eyes returned to the intruder.

"Lovino, this is Antonio Carriedo. He is your new babysitter." His father said somewhat lethargically, gesturing to the green-eyed teenager who nodded respectfully and offered a friendly smile towards the confused-looking 4th grader.

Lovino's eyes widened as the reality of the situation hit him.

"What?" he spat, cocking an eyebrow as his face turned red from anger. "I don't need a babysitter! I'm not a baby!"

Lovino's father sighed, rolling his eyes as his mother stomped up to the boy and bent over so they were slightly at eye-level.

"You are a child! And a horridly behaved one at that!" she squawked, wagging her finger in front of his face. "Don't think we haven't been receiving countless calls from your school about your mischievous behavior, young man! Lord only knows what you do when we're away at home!"

"We don't think you're old enough to be at home by yourself, especially with your current behavior. This is non-negotiable." His father cut in, giving him a cold stare as he stood up and brushed off the front of his suit gingerly. "Antonio will be here every day to keep you out of trouble. Listen to him or you'll face severe punishment, Lovino."

"W-what about Felici?" Lovino shouted desperately, his voice stammering from his rage. "He's only 5, and you don't make him have a babysitter!"

"Feliciano is in daycare, you know that. And this is not about your brother, it's about you!" his mother stated, her nose high as she went to stand next to his father.

Lovino simply stood silent, his fists clenched at his sides and his small frame trembling with rage.

"Your mother and I are going to a meeting. We won't be back until after you go to sleep. Try to behave yourself!" his father said exasperatedly, leaving Lovino behind as he and his wife left the room.

Lovino stared blankly at his feet, listening for the resounding click of the front door closing and the almost painful emptiness it left behind.

But no…now, there was something else there.

He turned his head slowly and threateningly to level a glare at the Spaniard, feeling a small bit of satisfaction as he visibly noted the teenager swallow a bit.

"Hi Lovi! Sorry about the weird introduction…" Antonio started, walking towards the younger boy with a warm smile. "You can just call me Tonio, and-"

"Shut up." Lovino cut him off, stretching a small palm out so that the teenager could advance no further, his eyes sliding closed and his eyebrow twitching in irritation. "Don't think you're in charge here just because those big jerks said so! I do what I want. You can't make me clean my room, put my toys away, do my homework, eat dinner, take a bath, or go to bed! I do what I want, when I want! You understand, buddy?"

His eyes snapped open, and he deadpanned at the taller and slightly intimidating boy. To his horror, Antonio simply chuckled, crossing his arms.

"I won't order you to do anything. But I think you and I should be friends. Why make it harder than it has to be?" he said genuinely, ruffling the smaller boy's hair.

Lovino slapped his hand away, his face flushing angrily.

"Shut up! I'm going to go play videogames, so don't bother me, jerk!" he yelled, perhaps with more of a whining quality than he wished, and bounded up the stairs to escape to his room, leaving his slightly flustered babysitter standing in the living room.

Antonio sighed and sat down gingerly on the edge of the expensive looking sofa, running a hand through his dark brown choppy hair.

"Dios mío…"


…And that would be the prologue. Basically, this is an AU fanfiction (Spain x South Italy) written from Lovino's perspective (I think; I might end up switching perspectives every other chapter or something; I don't like writing in omniscient a lot for larger fics. Lovino is the son of two wealthy business people (who's wealth is some what due to relatives with ties to the mafia, however I don't like a lot of tragedies and drama so this story will be relatively upbeat and dark-drama-free.) who hire Antonio to babysit Lovino.

Okay, so let's get this straight right now. I am not a pedophile. I'm not even introducing the relationship until Lovino is much older and no longer has Antonio as a babysitter; once they become friends. I do not want to see bullshit in the review section saying that the relationship is "sick and wrong" or anything like that. Don't think you're superior because you flame my story. I will bitch your ass out.Test me if you think I'm fucking lying. I can outwit a troll easily. The age difference is about 4 years. By the time the romantic relationship starts, it won't even matter.

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