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As always, they were together, though it was in the back of a special Global Justice transport, on their way to a top-secret ultra-maximum security prison. "So what happened to Lucre and Motor Ed?" asked Shego.

"I saw Ed hop a passing freight when his mecha went down. No idea about Lucre. He's good at getting lost in the crowd."

"Stoppable smash your machine, too?" She snarled. "I almost had him, but his new girlfriend showed up."

"I know. I came back to help you."

"She knocked me cold. It was like fighting a hurricane." Almost like fighting Kim Possible, she thought. But there'll be no more of that.

"I tried to flatten her. She dodged the mecha's fist, ran up its arm, got inside it at the shoulder joint and started playing with circuits. Next thing I knew, the control centre was on fire. Nothing to do but eject. Then Stoppable got me." He sighed, resigned to another prison stay. "It was the L'il Diablo fiasco all over again. I did know his name this time, but I pretended not to. Why should I give him the satisfaction?"

"L'il Diablo II. That's what I told her to call it."

"Told who? The blonde? Why?"

She didn't seem to hear him. "That's what I wrote. 'Call it L'il Diablo II.'"

"You said plan names were goofy."

A single tear rolled down the green woman's cheek. "I guess that's what it was."

"Shego," asked the blue man, concern in his voice, "are you all right?"

This shouldn't have happened," she cried, twisting in her bonds. The special diffuser handcuffs flickered with blue light, converting her plasma bolts to harmless static discharge. "This shouldn't have happened. I took care of everything. Every little detail." She fixed Drakken with a teary, shattered gaze. "I took care of Kimmie, too."


"I killed her."

He was unable to speak. Sat there with his mouth open, until he realized how ridiculous he must look to the GJ men in the cab, watching via camera. " Possible's d – dead? How? "

She sidestepped the question. "I won." There was no triumph in her voice.

He regarded her with new admiration. "Of course you did. You had to, sooner or later. Did you gloat?"

"I left her a bon-voyage note."

"Wonderful. Some sort of death trap, I guess?"

"While we were attacking Washington, she was dying. That's how I planned it. She'd live just long enough to see our victory."

"Oh, that's delicious, Shego. Delicious." He was so proud of her.

Her fragile composure began to crack. "I wanted it to be a surprise. I wanted you to see it on the news, and never know I was involved. A grand coincidence. Destiny placing its seal on your reign." She sniffed and sobbed and managed to pull herself together. " A present for your Coronation Day, King Drakken. I did it all for you. I wanted – I wanted to give you the world."

"It's ok, honey. It's all right." He wanted to hold her, to comfort her, but the bonds would not permit it. "It was a great plan. It was the best plan ever. I know I messed it up, getting squeamish on you – "

"No! No! I mean, it was irritating, but I should have seen it coming." She giggled a little, through her tears. " You faint at the sight of blood. I even have to grill the steaks when we have a cookout."

Drakken's eyes went wide. "Promise me you won't tell anyone. Think of my street cred!"

"Street cred." A little laugh. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry it all went so wrong."

He leaned over, averting his face from the camera in the vehicle's ceiling, whispering. "They can separate us, but they can't divide us. Not any more. We know where our strength lies. We know where our loyalty lies. GJ will screw up, sooner or later. They always do. And when they do, we'll leave that jail together. And the next time, we'll walk over top of them all. Together." He paused, said the words that had once been impossible for him. No more. Said them out loud, not caring who heard them. Wanting to tell the world. "I love you, Shego."

Last night I wondered why I loved him, thought the green girl. This is why.

The GJ transport drove on through the countryside. Just beyond the next hill, prison searchlights cast their beams into the night sky, reaching for the stars.

As always, they were together, this time on Early Morning Today, discussing the attack on Washington and, of course, Kim's inexplicable transformation. "There are so many people who helped me get through this," Kim told the interviewer. "I couldn't have made it without them."

A cameraman circled the set, getting a better shot of the new Kim Possible. Not sure if he really believed the story she'd just told.

"My family, of course. I have the best parents ever."

Sharp cut to her mother and father sitting in the audience, tears on their cheeks.

"Tweebs, I'm gonna say it – I love you."

The camera zoomed in on two empty seats; her brothers were on the roof of the studio, setting up a skyrocket of their own design. Their plan was to fire it just as Kim left the building, saluting her with a gigantic display of pyrotechnics.

Steve Barkin would leave the studio just in time to see it crash into his new Yaris and explode. Some day he would learn: if the Possibles were involved, call a cab.

Unaware of her brothers' machinations, Kim continued. "Dr. Cyrus Bortel, who designed this cybersuit." She pulled back the sleeve of her blouse to reveal the molecule-thin gold and black circuitry. More than a weapon, it did the job her compromised immune system could not. "He was working with Global Justice. They've invested a lot of time and resources in me. Are we allowed to mention them?"

"Probably not," joked the interviewer. She wouldn't be joking later that day, when the men in black showed up.

Kim looked at the young man beside her, took his hand. If there had been any question about their relationship, those questions were answered. "And you, Ron. I – I just want to thank you for believing me – believing in me."

There were oohs and aahs throughout the audience.

Two hours later they were sitting in the car, up on Lovers' Peak, looking out over the city, the radio playing softly as they cuddled. Ron couldn't quit going over the mission of the week before. "You knocked it out of the ballpark, KP. And you were worried about pulling it off. Shego never knew what hit her."

"Ron," she said, quietly, "can you just listen a moment?"


"She's dead."

He was appalled. "No, she's not. They took her away with Drakken."

"Not Shego, Ron! Forget about the mission, ok? Adrena Lynn's dead. Dead and buried. I'll never get my old body back." Part of the reason she'd agreed to the EMT interview was to try clearing up all the confusion Lynn's death had caused. "And I don't know if anyone believes me."

"I do. You know I do."

"I called you once. Right after it happened. You hung up on me."

"Kim, I'm – I'm sorry! I didn't know it was you. You were standing right beside me, or at least I thought you were. And the girl on the phone wasn't making any sense – you know that's true – then you were telling me to hang up – except it was her – "

"I'm not mad. I understand. Just tell me one thing: when did you know?"

"I – I knew when you broke up with me. When she broke up with me. She handed me the ring, Kim, and she didn't feel a thing. Made fun of me. I looked in her eyes, and there was nothing there. To her, it was like taking off an old coat. I knew that whoever this was, it wasn't you. I had Wade put out some feelers."

"He believed you."

"No, he thought I was three toppings short a naco grande. But that's happened before. When I tried to warn everyone at the prom about the L'il Diablos, you were the only one who listened."

Not at first, she thought, ashamed that she'd doubted him. "Point taken."

"So it was one more time around the crazy tree. Wade mentioned Invasion of the Body Snatchers a lot. Got pretty snarky about it. Never saw that movie. Never intend to."

"So he started searching."

"He started searching. We got a reverse lookup on that phone call."

"It was a pay phone."

"It didn't matter. We started searching from there. I knew I could find you. And I did."

She remembered it as if waking from a nightmare; curled up in a corner, passing in and out of consciousness, every waking moment filled with pain and delirium, unable to understand what had happened. And then she had looked up, and he was there, the Wadebot behind him. He touched her cheek, gently called her name.

"How did you know, Ron?"

"I just told you. When she broke up with me."

"No. You called me Kim. When you found me, you called me Kim." She looked at her hands, Adrena Lynn's hands. "How did you know I was in this body?"

"I didn't see Kim Possible in Adrena Lynn's body. I saw you, Kim, the woman I love." It had actually been a wild guess, a shot in the dark, but if he had learned one thing from Kim, it was to play the hand you're dealt. "We all change. Things happen. We get old. Bodies change, but our souls stay the same. You're my soulmate, KP. I love you more than anything. That's how I knew you."

"That's beautiful, Ron." She snuggled closer. A minute passed in silence. "It was a wild guess, wasn't it?"

"Wild guess, yeah."

That afternoon he would again give her the ring, resized to fit. That afternoon she would again accept it.

As always, they were together, as they had been since the instant her stolen heart had stopped, her stolen breath had caught in her throat: Adrena Lynn and the demon that owned her, Akylbas, ruler of seven legions, Grand Duke of Transformations.

It spoke, and in its voice were babies in abattoirs, glass shards in ice cream cones, the despair of quicksand, the agony of acid. "Tell me, Adrena Lynn – who brought you to this?"

"Me," she gasped. "Me," she screamed. "I did it to myself. To myself! Please, please don't hurt me any more. I've learned my lesson. All my fault. I understand. I understand!"

"Why do you think that matters? Life is for learning lessons. Hell is for regretting decisions. You have a lot of decisions to regret, Adrena Lynn. Enough to fill eternity."

Akylbas was a lesser demon – but like all its kind, from the lowliest temptation imp to the Satanic Majesty itself, it enjoyed a good laugh. This had been a hell of a joke.

It selected a tenterhook and went to work.