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Filling in the Gaps.

Two years after the Volturi had backed away in defeat, the Cullen's moved to a compound deep in the subalpine forests covering the Rocky Mountains. They had been in Forks more than six years, and it was time. The move was hard for Bella, it was her first and she hated to leave Charlie and Sue. But she understood why it was necessary. Edward had heard the thoughts of the townspeople and knew there were deep suspicions and rumors running about like wildfire. Charlie kept the peace and diffused as many as he could, but even he felt it was time they moved on. It broke his heart to say it but he didn't like the fear, suspicions, and animosity that people were starting to feel towards the Cullens. Coupled with the jealousy that many already felt towards the family it was not a good combination.

The Canadian Mountains were incredible, and completely perfect for the family. Wild life abounded in the forest deer, black bear, cougars, lynx, grizzly bear, and mountain goats lived all around them. They had found a natural valley surrounded by high, perilous mountains and forests of huge conifers like the alpine fir, Engelmann spruce, lodge-pole pine and mountain hemlock. A stream fed by a natural underground spring wound around two sides. The valley's inaccessibility guaranteed their anonymity. Only a supernatural being could reach it easily on foot.

The beautiful natural rock and abundant conifer trees provided a lot of the plentiful materials for the collection of houses that formed the compound. Esme had taken a great deal of delight in the planning and designing but everyone had provided impute. The Denali Coven had joined them within the first year, no longer feeling safe in their old territory, and their memories of Irina too painful. They were followed by Benjamin and Tia, who had grown tired of Amun's controlling ways. He had, at first, blamed Carlisle but in the end he had come to realize that their lives were their own to live. Kebi and Tia remained in close contact, Tia teaching Kebi the joy of Skype. Leah and Seth Clearwater had remained in La Push with Embry, Charlie, Sue and Billy Black for several years, settling tribal matters. When Charlie had finally retired he and Sue had moved back to La Push near Billy, and the others had rejoined Jacob and the rest of the family. Esme had a contingency plan ready if Quill and Claire eventually joined them as well.

Laid out so that the buildings fitted into the landscape, minimizing their impact on the natural world around them, the compound consisted of twelve different sized buildings. At the centre was the largest of the houses. It was an elegant flat bottomed U shape, two stories high, and mostly made of glass. The windows were symmetrically interspersed with sections of natural pink and grey rock, set off with stunning timber work. The ground floor was made up of flowing sections. The left side housed a mammoth ultra-modern kitchen, an airy dining room full of solid furniture and an open planned office area. The right side of the building contained a gaming room that Emmett, Jasper and the pack boys had 'pimped' out, and a more formal living room for family nights. The library which grew every year thanks to Edward, Bella, Carlisle and Renesmee also shared this space. The base of the 'U' held the main entrance, Carlisle's office and a small but state of the art examination room. As the wolves were capable of bleeding and sustaining injuries, and Renesmee's body was not as indestructible as her parents, Carlisle had wanted to be prepared for anything. When the pack wasn't eating the dining room became an informal meeting room or 'war room'. Outside, in the centre of the U was a lush hot house garden, protected from the elements by a domed glass roof and more walls of glass. It could be seen from almost every room. A 'vampire' made waterfall flowed down the flat base of the U and created a stunning visual effect both inside and outside. The second floor of the home was Esme and Carlisle's private sanctuary. It was almost a completely open planned space, with a large bed draped in creams and gold, standing on a dais overlooking the valley. Esme's work area overlooked her beloved garden and their bathroom was a lavish affair with a Jacuzzi big enough for six people. Up here the windows were fitted with one way glass so the perfect aesthetics were unchanged, and Carlisle and Esme could enjoy the glorious views but neither the parents without either they or nor their adopted offspring having to be embarrassed. (Except for poor Edward who tried desperately to keep out of their heads.)

In a loosely formed semi circle around the main house were eight smaller houses. Each one was composed of the glass, rock, and the beautiful timber treatments as the main house, but each had its own personality and decorative touches. Rose and Emmett, Bella and Edward had the ones to either side of the main house then it was Benjamin and Tia, Alice and Jasper. Finishing off the semi-circle, on the left were the Denali's homes and on the right was the pack lodge. Jacob and Renesmee's house sat at the apex. Behind the collection of houses were three much larger buildings, built mostly of brick but clad in aluminium siding that imitated natural timbers. Building one was a storage unit for food and the myriad of other supplies the family used, complete with large freezer units and several vacuum sealed rooms for the families collection of priceless antiques. The centre building housed a large gym, indoor swimming pool and rec centre. Above these were their guest accommodations, four self contained units that could rival any five star hotel. Building three was a helicopter hanger and garage. It housed the family's collection of cars and several off road and all terrain vehicles. In addition, it housed their three helicopters and several powerful wind and sunlight powered generators that ran everything. Edward and Carlisle had extensively researched renewable energy sources and ensuring that the compound was completely off the grid. The family had a private joke that if needs be it became necessary they could always hook up a couple of exercise bikes to one of the generators and make their own energy. Despite the vastness of several of the buildings and their numbers, the compound actually melded beautifully with the surroundings and Esme had been insistent that as little of the natural trees and foliage be disturbed as possible. Fortunately the valley had been mostly clear except for a few clumps of indigenous trees.

All the men had quickly learned to pilot helicopters and Rose and Renesmee had insisted on learning too. Rose loved anything fast. They had bought two R44's and an ex army black hawk. That acquisition had been largely thanks to Jasper's talents and Alice's getting a vision that there was one being held for a charity auction. It was one of their most expensive purchases but worth every cent. It had had a hell of a work out, ferrying in the family's cars and the containers carrying their furniture.

Renesmee stopped growing when she was just over seven years old and she looked to everyone like an breathtakingly beautiful. eighteen to nineteen year old woman. Over the years she gave her parents more than a few scares, and Edward often joked he was glad he couldn't turn grey, a thought Carlisle and Esme could relate too.

One of the first memorable moments had been at age three, when she had decided to scare Aunty Alice and Aunty Rosie. She had arranged her long locks carefully to appear as if she'd cut them all off. The resulting screams had delighted her, her mother, father, and Jake who had been in on the joke. Esme had hidden her own distress amazingly well, sensing devilment. Alice had chased her around the house and tickled her mercilessly. It was probably the mildest of her pranks. The worst had been releasing an agitated Skunk into Seth, Brady and Collin's tent on a camping/hunting trip. The smell had been horrific! Esme had taken her to task over that one.

Renesmee loved adventure sports and was somewhat of an adrenaline junkie. From climbing impossible cliff faces, cliff diving in La Push, flying the helicopters, riding the off-roaders at break neck speeds and sky diving she tried it all, with Jasper and Emmett enthusiastically encouraging her. Poor Jake had just had to tag along. His urge to protect her and his own sense of fun often reminding Edward of himself and Bella. Starting college had helped her grow up, and she had caused quite a stir on campus. Standing a little taller than her mother, her copper hair falling past her bottom, she was incredibly beautiful and the males on campus had noticed. They had been perturbed that she had no interest in a single one of them. When Jacob had shown up one weekend to accompany her to a campus party, they'd all quickly backed off. Even the star football quarterback who had been pursuing Renesmee doggedly decided that tangling with the massive Jake was not worth it.

Unsurprisingly Ness was devoted to Jacob, as head over heels for him as he was for her. She had been in love with him for as long as she could remember. It was only when she had reached the physical maturity of a seventeen year old that he had allowed any intimacy between them, and to her frustration it had been chaste kisses and holding hands. She took after her mother, Edward noted miserably, with a lot of new sympathy for Charlie and for Jake. He knew Jake loved Renesmee more than his own life and would never hurt her, but it was still difficult for Edward to get used too. With a prospective father in law who could read minds and tear you limb from limb, Jacob had walked a precarious line for three more years allowing Edward time to slowly get used to their growing relationship.

Emmett had been the first one to catch them in an intimate embrace and his reaction had shocked everyone, even him! The first anyone knew of it was Jake, in wolf form, streaking for the mountains with Emmett roaring after him like an enraged freight train, a sobbing Renesmee bringing up the rear. It had taken Jasper, Carlisle, Seth and Edward to stop Emmett's murderous pursuit. In the end it had been Rose who had stopped him completely with a couple of choice threats, to Jasper's great delight. Poor Jake hadn't ventured back to the compound for two days until Edward had had to go and get him. Renesmee had been inconsolable without him. A few months later Jacob proposed. Renesmee said it was incredibly romantic, a private picnic on top of a cliff overlooking their beautiful valley home. Edward had given him his blessing when Jacob formally asked for Renesmee's hand in marriage, and Billy had sent him his mother's rings. Alice had been in paroxysms of joy when Renesmee had asked her to organize the wedding. In true Alice fashion it had been a grand affair. Esme and Alice had created a winter wonderland, the combination of glittering fairy lights, ice sculptures and snow had been truly amazing. Renesmee had worn a stunningly simple gown, a strapless white sheath that molded her slender body, glittering with tiny Schwarzkopf crystals and silver thread, flaring out gradually from the knee into a embroidered train. She had opted not to wear a veil; instead her hair had been arranged about her face in soft curls. Tiny crystals, white and silver ribbons and seed pearls had been carefully woven through the waves that had flowed down her back like copper silk. Jacob had stared at her, mesmerized, his face alight with love and adoration as she had glided towards him on her proud father's arm. The ceremony had been conducted by Eleazar who had gotten his magistrates licence license just for these occasions. The party afterwards had been incredible and like her parents before her, she and Jacob had honeymooned on Isle Esme.

Two years later Leah and Nahuel had married in true Quileute style. Their union had been a surprise to everyone, they'd met properly at Jake and Nessie's wedding and WHAM Imprint! Soul Mate found.. Poor Leah hadn't been happy at first but the deep magic had been too strong. Alice was disappointed to not plan their wedding too, but had been appeased when she was allowed to throw them the biggest, most lavish reception party that La Push had ever seen. The Cullens and the other vampire guests had been allowed onto the reservation as the reception had been held in a hall on the outskirts of the settlement. The 'non vegetarian' vampires had been warned that any 'accidents' would be on penalty of death. They too had honeymooned on Isle Esme. It had been Esme and Carlisle's gift to them. When they returned home Leah confided in her mother that her periods had started again, she had been radiant with hope and happiness.

Renee and Phil had shocked Bella with a 'change of life' baby, an adorable little boy, who they'd name Tyler. Renee was blissfully happy, even if she was as scatterbrained as ever. Bella told Edward more than once she was glad Phil was no longer travelling, allowing little Tyler a fairly duty free childhood. Phil managed to curtail Renee's more crazy ideas and grounded her. A little string pulling by Carlisle had Phil coaching a baseball team at an elite private Californian college. Jasper, Bella and Mr. Jenks had carefully hidden them from the Volturi, they had all had been fearing Caius would harm them out of revenge, or to provoke Bella. Renee and Phil knew that the Cullen's were 'different' but like Charlie, they didn't want specifics.

Carlisle, with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and anything medical, took to studying lupin biology as a result of the wolves joining the family. He wanted to be able to treat the wolves both in both human and animal form if necessary. He also began to research 'halfies', as Seth affectionately nicknamed hybrids like Ness, Nahuel and Nahuel's sisters. He was excited about adding to their knowledge base for if and when and if either Renesmee or Leah became pregnant. No one was sure how they would develop, there had never been a vampire/human/shifter baby born before. He was happily immersed in thick journals and books most of the time. Esme took to studying cooking shows and scouring recipe books and the internet for high energy meals that she could mass produce, as the wolf pack ate a lot and they needed the fuel. Like any good mother Esme wanted them to be healthy. It showed too, the pack was stronger than ever and their hair and coats gleamed. In fact, they had to do more runs to keep their weight down!

Alice and Jasper were as happy as ever. She saw several changes in fashion and movements in stocks that had benefited the family exponentially, and thwarted an attempted attack on the Irish coven. It hadn't ended as Aro had intended. The Irish simply disappeared. Alice had been able to forewarn them early enough and they had, with Bella's help, simple relocated. With her shield over them Demetri could not track them.

Jasper immersed himself in designing new games for the Nintendo company. He loved the new Wii systems and had created an incredible Civil war game that had broken sales records. He'd already developed several games on WW1 and WW2, but had to space the release to limit the interest generated in the creator. So instead he dove deep into creating a new genre of simulated living play that made Sims 3 look like childs play. He loved technology and found it fulfilling to create games. After years of struggling with his desire for blood Jasper found their isolation a relief.

Rosalie and Emmett spent some time travelling through the Amazon where Emmett got his wish to wrestle an anaconda. It didn't go as he planned. Alice enthralled the whole family with a blow by blow account of the whole episode. It had been highly entertaining as the giant snake was wet, and very slippery, rendering it difficult to hang onto. The snake was also far stronger then Emmett had anticipated, resulting in him getting thoroughly drenched before he had beaten the monster. The whole time Rose had sat on the river bank laughing helplessly.

Tiny Alice repeating his colorful explicatives in her lilting voice, as well as describing him flailing about in the Amazon, had had the whole family laughing so hard that they'd have cried if they were able. Alice had furthered the fun by relaying that several angry crocodiles had joined in to defend their territory to Emmett's delight. Edward, who was able to see her vision in detail was almost hysterical by the end. He planned to torment Emmet mercilessly when they came home, as a fine payback for all the years of torment Emmett had dished out. Emmett and Rose had sought out their Amazonian friends and even managed to find two of Nahuel's sisters. They'd learnt that Johan and their youngest sister had disappeared and no one had any idea what had become of them. This gave both Carlisle and Edward some uneasy moments.

Married just under a year, Jacob and Renesmee had shared the news Bella, Esme and Rose had been anticipating. They were expecting. Unexpected was the discovery that Nessie was having twins. Jake had made that discovery when he was laying with his head against her swollen abdomen one night. Instead of the beat of two hearts, Nessie and their baby, he had heard three. His terrified "W.T.F" had been so loud that it had alerted Edward and he'd arrived with Carlisle within minutes. Carlisle had confirmed twins. Jake had been in shock and Edward, both pleased and anxious had sped home to share the news. However, Renesmee's strength physically had enabled her to carry the twins almost effortlessly. Feeding her and them had been the biggest challenge. By five weeks she couldn't hunt and was always ravenous. Fortunately she craved 'real' food as much as blood. She developed at an accelerated rate too but not as quickly as Bella had. Carlisle predicted that she would give birth within four months. Nessie had grumbled that she missed her feet. Her belly was huge, far bigger then even Bella had been. Edward was privately relieved though, that she suffered far less than her mother.

Jake was a bundle of nerves and so over protective that he drove Nessie crazy. Jasper had had to rescue him more than once. Nessie's hormones were out of control and Jake had come close to physical harm several times. The whole family was happily anticipated the arrival of the twins and discussed names at every opportunity. Jasper and Emmett had a pool going on everything from weight, (Emmett had barely ducked a well thrown Jimmy Choo when he'd jokingly suggested getting industrial sized scales) to due date, and sex. Esme pampered Renesmee with culinary treats and everyone generally fussed over her… except when her hormones kicked in and sent them all running for cover, usually leaving a hapless Jasper to calm her down before they came back. Jasper and Renesmee's bond strengthened because of this, even if he did need to take his emotions out on the nearby cliffs on occasion. He was forming quite a decent sized cave to relieve the emotions Nessie dumped on him. Emmett joined in from time to time, partially because Rose wasn't always easy to live with, but mostly because he loved to show off. Once after one of their rare arguments Bella had used the dregs of her newborn strength to further its development imagining Edward's face in the rock.

It seemed that Bella and Edward's 'perfect piece of forever' was extending to the whole family. Fourteen years had passed happily and, mostly uneventfully.

Then, something came to La Push that changed everything.

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