5 Years On

Castle - Volturi

The great throne room was empty save Demetri and Aro. Sitting in his majestic chair Aro was lost in thoughts. His mind was many miles away…brooding about the powerful new vampire he could not acquire. Never in all his centuries of leading the vampire world had Aro wanted a unit of vampires more. Alice, Edward, Bella and even Jasper and Renesmee were an enticement. The fact that Renesmee came packaged with the powerful shifter, and that her children held great potential did not escape the ancient one. His brilliant mind circled around and around options and excuses to acquire the talents he desired. He had plotted and schemed like this for hours but he knew within his dead heart that he had no way. Frustrated he stood up, his many years of careful control and dignified behavio, plus the watchful eyes of his guardsman, the only thing preventing him from throwing a childish tantrum.

Demetri watched his master awaiting his next command. The vampire was loyal to his masters and would do anything for Aro in particular, but in his still heart he hoped he would never be asked to murder the family he had grown to like and respect. He had been awed by how willing they had been to die for one another and the love they shared. He had entertained a few day dreams about finding a mate like Nessie, although the hybrids within the castle had not piqued his interest. Many centuries ago he had been a father, and he had adored his human children. He had stayed away from his human home after his turning, fearing he might accidentally kill one of his descendants.

Aro walked back and forth for a few minutes more and finally sighed. His shoulders lifted once and he looked at Demetri regretfully. "Some dreams just aren't meant to be old friend," he said.

Demetri felt great relief as he stood and bowed to his master. "Sire," he said simply and Aro waved his hand. Demetri left the chamber glad that the clan of golden eyed vampires would be left in peace awhile longer.

Far away, Alice settled happily into Jasper's embrace a contented smile on her face. "I think we will get a bit of peace for now," she said. Jasper smiled, bathing in his wife's happiness before turning her attention to other pursuits.