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Chapter 1

I breezed into my office at 8:00, my gunmetal Armani suit and my new favorite Laboutins, the picture of professional. My pricey attire was an attempt to hide deep within me the seething creature threatening to overcome the aloofness of Bella Swan. Not that there was anyone around at this hour who would witness it. I held one of the top three editorial positions at one of the top publishing companies in the world, Publisher. Since college publishing still contained remnants and attitudes of the "old boys club", I considered the fact that I still had the job an amazing feat. Most women were never able to step foot into a top corporate office, let alone succeed in it. I was hard, I was driven, but I knew how to get what I wanted, one way or another.

Last night, when the unbelievable news hit my Blackberry, I was sprawled out on my couch at home. After reading it over and over while downing vodka martinis, it finally sunk in. I muttered "Fuck!" in more decibels and inflections than were heard in Soldier Field during a Bears game. Working through the rage that burned within me was routine, but the disbelief that I had not received the promotion was a foreign experience for me.

It wasn't possible. I had not been promoted to VP of Editorial. Some cocksucker, international guru, digital god from a rival company, had been hired. I only knew him by name and never met him, but his credentials were…worthy. Although admitting it made me want to spit fire.

I always got what I wanted.


Disappointment and defeat weren't in my vocabulary.

I draped my suit jacket on the hanger behind my door, knowing full well the Michael Kors slubbed jersey-knit tank I was wearing was sexier than hell; Jasper would come crawling to me as soon as he got whiff or word of my cleavage.

Jasper Whitlock was VP of Accounting for my division, and my own little whipping post. He liked it hard, rough, usually for lunch, and I had him wrapped around his own dick. A pumping room for lactating mothers on the second floor should have been renamed the fornication, or fuck room. For some reason, our company was severely lacking these days in new mothers, and I took it upon myself to make sure the room didn't go to waste. It had a lock, a nice lounge chair, and was completely out of the way. Enough so that if Jasper got too loud, which I made a point of making him, no one would hear.

I docked my laptop, turned it on, and counted as the seconds ticked by until he would be standing in my . . .

"Beller." Jasper, and the sexy, southern-drawl when he said my name, called to me from my doorway as he stepped through, closing and locking it behind him. "I'm assumin' ya heard."

I stared at my computer screen, typing in my log-in, pretending not to give a fuck. "Yes," I snapped as I grabbed my mouse and clicked open my email.

"It had ta be done. Ya know it." He tried to appease me by walking up behind me, but I kept my back to him. "The boy is hot, his competitive knowledge is unprecedented. We couldn't let an opportunity like this pass us . . ."

I spun my chair around and jumped at him, taking his balls in one hand, his chin in the other. "It was supposed to be mine. Everyone knew it was mine, even you." My eyes blazed into his, and his pupils dilated in submissive response. "No one knows this place like I do. No one. No one knows the market like I do. NO ONE gets the authors in here, the product out the door, the buy-in with the reps, like I do."

"God, Beller…" He stopped, taking a brief look at my lips and licking his own. "…ya make me want ta come in my shorts like a schoolboy when you get like this," he said, his eyes slowly going down from my lips, to the generous amount of cleavage I was bestowing today. His hand moved at his side, but I had trained him well. No one fuckin' touches me until I told them to.

"Shut the fuck up and kiss me," I said, attacking his mouth like it was it was a blood-red Porterhouse, and I was a famished lioness. With the flick of my fingers, I threw down the zipper to his pants, and wrapped my hand around his already hard cock. His hands clutched my shoulders, pinching slightly, and the pain sent a jolt of electricity down my spine, stopping between my legs.

Breaking the kiss and throwing my head back to look up in his eyes, I challenged, "This?" I rubbed my fingers up and down emphasizing my point, feeling his dick respond to my touch. "This is most definitely mine."

His mouth came down hard on mine again, until I shoved him into my chair. His hands were already undoing the button to his fly, and his pants and his silk boxers were around his ankles before I could even blink. I liked him eager, but I also liked to make him suffer, so I slowly slid my black thong down and off, hiking up my skirt as if I was a shy school girl. I watched as his dick twitched repeatedly, pointing at me like I was due north on his compass. I'd never told him how it fit so…well. Biting my lower lip in anticipation, I slowly straddled him, taking him in my hand, and running my thumb over the tip of his ready-for-me dick.

"It's all yours, baby," he breathed. "Take it. Take it now."

I watched the darkness that was within him wash over his face like a stage curtain being drawn down. Rising up on my knees I guided him inside me, taking it all in one quick movement, just like I knew he liked it. Placing my hands on the back of the chair on either side of his head, I teased him unmercifully, slowly raising and lowering myself, knowing full well it wasn't fast or hard enough for him. His mouth came up to take mine, and I pulled back. I wanted nothing but to watch his face as it went from lust, to frustration, to anger. It always did.

"Fuck, Beller. We don't have time for games." He said, his hands clutching my ass to hold me still, as he started to thrust into me harder.

I just grinned through my bouncing.

I knew he'd had enough when he lifted me up and pushed me up against the only wall I had in my office that didn't adjoin another. While one arm held onto my waist, he pounded into me with all the strength of a raging bull, but with the quiet finesse of a stalking mountain lion, not letting my body make as much as a tap against the wall supporting it.

His other hand worked its way to my clit, my arm went up, and my hand clutched the paint and plaster behind me. "Right there, baby," I whispered. I knew it was what he wanted to hear.

His thrusts became harder, faster, his pants more like loud grunts, because his goal was always the same: to make me moan, to make me cry out, to make me scream his name.

But I purposely never did. It had taken years of training.

"Be careful, my pet. Someone might walk by…" I whispered up near his face, my lips teasingly not touching his. But his fingers suddenly squeezed my clit, and I felt the tightening of my muscles. Now it was game time, and I had to concentrate if I wasn't going to make a sound. But oh, I wanted to fuckin' come and come hard after last night's news. I knew he would get me there…he always did.

Being a southern gentleman, he kept pounding me until he felt me start to clench around him. Grinding my teeth and holding my breath, I felt triumphant in not making a sound once again. My head went back against the wall as my insides squeezed around his perfect dick. With one last thrust, he spilled himself inside of me, falling into me and pushing me into the wall, his head resting on my shoulder.

I waited a few moments until I slowly brought my legs down from his hips, feeling him slip out of me. Stifling a giggle, I realized I hadn't taken off my new three-inch Laboutins to fuck him, and hid my smirk remembering they needed to be christened anyway. I wriggled out from under him and walked back to pick up my panties, sliding them up my thighs and giving him a nice view of my ass as I did.

"I need to go to the ladies room…" I started to say as the door handle to my office jiggled, and then a rather impatient knock followed.

My gaze flew to Jasper's, his face trying to conceal his panic, as he quickly tucked his shirt into his already-up pants and straightened his tie. I ran my hands through my long, wavy hair, smoothing it; thank God I'd worn it down today. Jasper hurriedly checked me and nodded, as I sat in my chair and he walked to open the door, madly hoping the plug-in air freshener I had underneath my desk covered any signs, smells, or proof of what had just been taking place in my office. I pretended to be looking at my computer screen when I heard Jasper say…

"Edward. Come in. Please." My eyes flew to the doorway.

"Jasper." He walked in, nodding in Jasper's direction, but never taking his eyes off me. For some reason, it was like time stopped, and I couldn't draw my eyes away from him. My new boss now stood feet from me: Edward Cullen, VP of Editorial. The raw power that exuded from him meshed with a subtle arrogance. It instantly sent a signal to that part of me that had just been fucked not five minutes ago. Here. In this very office.

"Isabella Swan, I'm Edward Cullen." he said as he waltzed over to my desk, reaching his hand over to shake mine. All I could think was that it was a good thing I hadn't given Jasper a handjob. I glanced at Edward's hand and then back in his eyes, standing up to meet the unspoken challenge.

I took his hand in my best firm-grip manshake, "Mr. Cullen, so glad -"

"Edward." He corrected, still shaking, and I felt an electricity shoot my arm, as my eyes roamed what I could only describe as superbly coiffed bed hair. Strands haphazardly but purposely strewn about like a contradiction, an enigma, and for a moment, I pictured my fingertips running through it. The control I had spent years learning, fostering, mastering seemed to want to go "poof!" into thin air. There was something about this man standing in front of me. It wasn't the fact that he had stolen the job that I wanted out from under me, there was something about him, something that spoke to me in ways I didn't want to be spoken to. I didn't like the way his green eyes seared through my soul, which is exactly what they were doing.

"Beller?" Jasper said from the doorway. I looked over at him, and then back at Edward.

"Yes, Edward. I apologize. I have…a lot on my mind this morning, if you'll forgive me." I said hastily, too hastily. I pulled my hand away, smoothing down my skirt, suddenly…nervous.

Why the fuck was I nervous? I was NEVER nervous.

I sat back down in my chair. "Welcome to the company. Was there something that you needed from me?" I glanced at Jasper in the doorway as Edward waited, his silence an obvious message to Jasper to leave.

"I need to, uh, go check on a proposal. I'll see you both later." Jasper stepped into the hall, obviously more nervous than a whore in church.

"Yes, thank you Jasper, for running those numbers with me." I said convincingly.

"My pleasure, Beller." He smiled at me, but his smile faded as he eyed the back of Edward's head, and was gone. I looked at Edward and he had tucked his face down, his hand on his chin, an infuriating grin on his face.

He knew.

"So Edward, what was it you wanted?" He took two steps back toward the door, closing and locking it again.

What the fuck?

"Miss Swan, I…"

"Bella, please." I said rather impatiently.

"Bella." It came out like a purr, as he took a seat in the chair across from my desk, crossing one leg over the other, his hands in his lap. The grin was still on his face as he looked at the top of my desk.

"Edward, I don't know what..."

"Bella, let's get one thing straight between us, shall we?" He smiled up at me, and it was the most devastatingly perfect smile I had ever seen. "I know you wanted the position I now hold. I know you wanted it bad. I know just how successful you are, valuable even, and what you've done to get there. I know everything there is about this company, and who works for it, because I make a point in finding those things out before I accept a position."

I sat back in my chair, crossing one leg over the other, flashing too much thigh. I was trying desperately to hold on to the look of utter detachment and disinterest I precariously projected. "That's very wise of you, Edward. It's what I would do…if I ever left this company to go elsewhere." I countered, in what I hoped was a thinly-veiled threat.

He continued. "Yes, well, I'm hoping we can work past all of the drama that could interfere with…our continued success. I'm not one for drama, Bella. I like my employees, excuse me, my colleagues to be happy and productive, as well as being completely transparent with my goals and plans for all of us."

"I'm sure it will be no problem, Edward. I have no room for drama in my professional, or personal, life." I responded with an edge. It was an edge that he was making me feel. It was like he had another agenda, another reason for being in my office, the door locked, and this banal discussion was just a smoke screen for a more important goal.

"I don't like games, Bella. Plain and simple. I know you're the master. But know this. Don't ever play them with me." With that, he stood up suddenly and began walking to the door.

"And just exactly what is that suppose to mean?" I asked, half-laughing, but deep inside a shudder rocked my core.

He opened the lock, and then reaching for the handle, he turned back to me. "I know who you are," he replied, and walked out of my office.

The rest of the morning, I kept my distance from one Edward Cullen. While most of it was spent in a meeting with production, any free moment had me dwelling on his last words as he left my office.

I know who you are.

Know who I am? What the hell did he mean by that? But my attention wavered, as I kept thinking about how the man exuded fuckhot charisma combined with steely reserve and cut-throat confidence. What could he possibly know about me?

A knock at my door momentarily brought me back from my carnal thoughts.

"Hey Bella, can I come in for minute?"

Rosalie, easily the hottest blond Marketing Manager in the office, was dripping with lust for me. She turned down every man that ever crossed her path, and I loved every minute of it. She was mine, oh so mine, and I never let her forget it. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted a woman in my life let alone one more beautiful than me, but her persistence, not to mention her tongue and fingers, changed all that. She was an absolute bitch to everyone else, bitchier than me, but in the end I found out what really made her tick. I gave her credit for recognizing what most didn't know; it's what made her so good at her job – seeing market trends and shifts before anyone else. But I knew her real secret and used it to control her and her attention to my projects. Rose had a penchant for pain, and when I gave it to her, she was fucking putty in my hands.

"Sure Rose." I watched as she slowly closed my door and turned the lock. Jesus people were just comin' in left and right and locking my door. Didn't anyone realize that was what the fuck room was for?

I watched her sashay over to me. "Hey, baby. I heard this morning but this is the first chance I got to come over to see how you were doing." She bent over, sneaking her hands under my skirt to rub the tops of my thighs. I quickly jerked my chair sideways, effectively removing them and me from her touch.

"Rose, you know the rules." I said looking back at my computer. I couldn't see her face, but I felt the pouty lips just itchin' to kiss my neck.

"Bella baby, I just wanted to make you feeeel better," she cooed, as her hands glided over the back of my chair. "How about this?" and I felt her hands massaging my shoulders and I had to admit, it felt good. Rose's hands anywhere on my body felt good.

"I've taught you well, beautiful. You always sense what I need," I said as I lowered my head, feeling her roaming fingers on either side of my neck. One of them moved my hair out of the way, and over to my other shoulder.

"How 'bout this, baby?" Her lips grazed over the top of my shoulder left bare by my tank, and up the side of my neck, her tongue licking a path to just under my ear.

"Ummhmm." I wanted her to think she was helping, and she was in a way, but her touch was sending me where I didn't have time to go.

Her hands slid down from my shoulders and under my flimsy tank to cup my breasts, then her thumbs slipped underneath the scant fabric of my demi-bra to tease my nipples. I figured I had two options at this point: let her tongue fuck the hell out of me in the 10 minutes I had, or piss her off and send her away. Considering the day I'd been having, I chose the former. I knew it was what she wanted anyway.

I swung my chair around, nearly hitting her, and pulled her on top of me with her legs spread over mine. "Give me that tongue, baby. Now. I don't have much time and we shouldn't be doing this here." I grabbed the back of her neck and clutched her to me, shoving my tongue in her mouth forcefully, as hers danced lightly, almost timidly. I felt her fingers tunneling under my skirt, pushing away the thin fabric that kept her from her mission. I spread my legs as much as I could for her in a pencil skirt, to let her know what I wanted, even though I wasn't really feeling it. But if she could make me come in the next five minutes, who was I to argue.

"Bella." She pulled away and off my lap to kneel in front of me, pushing up the edge of my skirt. "If I need to do this fast, then I need to do it right. Slide a little forward for me, baby."

I did as she asked, glancing at my clock on the wall. She had exactly seven minutes. I shimmied my skirt up to help her, grabbing the back of her head and pushing her into me. I could feel her fingertips spread my lips apart, her tongue run from my opening up to my clit, as she inserted one finger, then two, into me, slowly pulling them out and then pushing them back in.

"That's it baby. Just like I like it." I massaged the back of her head with my fingers, pushing on it slightly more.

Her licking noises were such a turn-on for me, although I hated to admit it - like sucking on a Popsicle or licking an ice cream cone. She was a master with that tongue of hers.

I felt her slide a third finger into me, pumping faster, as her tongue pressed harder. At T and 4 minutes, my hands clutched the armrests of my chair and I felt the welcome and familiar tightening of my insides around her fingers.

My head went back, and a vision of Edward Cullen being between my legs suddenly took form, my hand wrapped in that mess of hair on the top of his head, watching as I made it even worse by running my fingers through it. My hips were moving in time with his fingers, until I felt his teeth taking my clit, and I inhaled sharply. His long, thick fingers were ramming into me, until he curled one to hit that oh so special target of mine. My lower body shook against the continual assault on my clit, leaving me panting. It's the most noise I had made in years.

I opened my eyes and realized I had completely just got off to Rose's fingers and a vision of Edward. I nearly started giggling.

Rose interpreted my smile as sheer satisfaction on my part, as she slid up my lap to sit back on it, keeping her fingers on my clit for a few minutes longer.

"Well done, baby. Thank you." She looked at my lips, and I nodded slightly to give her the ok. Her lips came to mine slowly, her questioning glance back into my eyes a sort of secondary submission, until her tongue slid over my lips and into my mouth, letting me taste myself. Her tongue was like satin, and I greedily sucked in into my mouth. She pulled back, bringing her fingers to her mouth, and sucking what was left of me on them.

I eyed her passively. She so wanted to please me, and in many ways she did. But…

"You have to go, beautiful. I have a meeting in 2 minutes that I gotta get to, and I have to stop in the bathroom." I smiled at her.

"Ok. Call me if you need me…later." She winked, and nearly skipped out of my office. I sat back and sighed. Twice in one day. Maybe I should not get promoted more often. I grabbed my files and notepad and headed to the bathroom and my meeting.

I came back to my office after the hour and a half meeting with our Digital group, and felt like slamming my fist through a wall. Fucking tech-dweebs. If they fucked one more thing up…

I sat in my chair, dropping my files and notepad in front of me, letting my head go back on the edge of my chair. I'd had two orgasms today, and I still felt like a coiled spring. I unlocked my personal drawer, and grabbed my cell out of my purse. The number was on my first speed dial.

"Emmett, set things up for me tonight. I want someone new."

"That's good, Your Majesty, because you've been requested."


"Yes. A client has just relocated, and wanted the best. So naturally…"

"Good. Thanks, Em. I'll see you at my normal time. Be sure to have everything…ready."

"Of course, Your Majesty. Look forward to seeing you."

I opened my drawer, throwing my phone back on top of my purse, relocking everything. Someone new. I clenched my thighs together just thinking about it. Whoever he was, he would get the introduction of a lifetime.

I started to check the email that had come in when I'd been in my meeting, when my thoughts turned yet again to that prick, Edward Cullen. I needed to find out what the hell he meant by his parting statement, but I also had to tread very carefully. I could effectively fuck myself out of a job if I screwed this up. Not that I wouldn't be wanted elsewhere. I usually got three calls a week from competitors asking me to jump this sinking ship and come work for them.

But I wasn't stupid. I had a nice set-up here. Aside from the promotion, I couldn't complain about my responsibilities, my reputation, or my ability to motivate my staff into having the top-producing list in my division. I didn't fraternize with the help, except for Jasper and Rosalie, of course, and the reason I had chosen them was their ability to keep secrets. I kept up my social appearances for career sake. My past was checkered, yes, and my climb to the top assisted by the shoulders of a few. Nothing any other man in my position wouldn't have done, probably did, and got a pat on the back for doing it.

But my private life was my own. No one could possibly have a clue…

Could it be…could he know…about that?

No. Absofuckinglutely not. I was near manic about covering my bases, and my little piece of Heaven was very discreet. I didn't know what type of man Edward Cullen was, but he couldn't have that kind of clout, that kind of rep, to get that sort-of information on me. There was no trail, no evidence. Hell, I didn't even use my real name.

But then I pictured him. With me. There. My fingers pulling on that golden copper hair just the icing on the evening for me, those green eyes shut in reverence and agony, and my legs crossed yet again to maneuver away the tightness there that my fantasy created.

I had to figure out a way to earn his professional trust, and then move in for the kill. He wasn't going to be easy, probably the biggest challenge of my sexual conquest history. Which made the thought and the outcome that much more satisfying.

I sat back and grinned like the Cheshire-cat himself. A challenge. If I couldn't have the position, Edward Cullen would assume the position. I laughed out loud.

"Yesss." I half-hissed. The succulent lamb led to the slaughter, laid out on a platter, for the lioness.

But Jasper would be pissed. In the two-seconds I took to think of him, I realized it didn't matter. Jasper was nothing but a fuckbuddy. Granted he knew all of the right buttons to push, and when not to push them, but he was a pansy, really. It's why I took him on. So easy to mold into what I needed him to be.

Then there was Rosalie. I smiled. Rosalie was so enamored with eating me out, she wouldn't care as long as I made her come periodically in return. Besides, I could always keep Rosalie during…throughout.

As soon as I was through with Edward, Jasper would undoubtedly come crawling back. I would have to work my charms, hard, but they'd never failed me before. Playing the role of smoted female would have his southern balls returning to me like bees to anything sweet.

Edward Cullen. I smiled again. There was something about him, something I couldn't peg, but whatever it was, it made my already-wet, thin-strip of a thong get even wetter. Need was too weak a word. I wanted to own him. Body and soul.

I always got what I wanted.


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