Dolphins vs Cherubs

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Chapter 16

"Whose idea was it to catch the bus?" Will groaned,

Elizabeth, stirring in his arms, nuzzled her head closer into his chest.

"They'll be back by now", Gibbs agreed pessimistically, "they'd have caught the train."

Jack laughed at Will's pained expression as the bus jumped over a speed bump.

"Is lover girl squashing your vegetables?"

"Not quite", Will said, gritting his teeth.

"The train's not direct", Ana pointed out, "whereas we stop practically outside her front door on this bus route."

They fell silent, willing the bus to go faster.

Will was talking softly to Elizabeth, dropping feather light kisses to the back of her neck, her simple white dress ripped and stained from their adventures.

"What you muttering about?" Gibbs grumbled.

They were all squashed at the back of the bus and it was making him travel sick.

Will blushed.

"Leave him", Ana said nudging Gibbs.

"Don't get me started on you two", the older man said darkly.

"Don't threaten me missus", Jack warned and Will laughed quietly.

Will must have fallen asleep because he was woken up by the gentle lips sucking on his ear lobe.

"Elizabeth?" he lifted his head from her lap, rubbing his eyes groggily.

"We're here", she said brightly.

In a daze, he allowed himself to be led out of the bus.

"Ana told me all about how you rescued me", she said, smiling sweetly.

He brushed away a smudge of dirt from her chin.

"Oh yeah?"

"You're my pirate".

She kissed him softly and his heart swelled with love for her.

But it was so much more than just love. He felt like he should be cutting out his heart and handing it to her in a chest to keep forever.

He took her hand.

"Let's go".

They could hear shouting as Elizabeth led them through the long corridors to her father's office.

Will burst through the door, he could face a hundred Norringtons with Elizabeth by his side.

Speaking of the devil...

"Mr Turner." He turned a sugary smile to him.

"Elizabeth, my darling".

She scowled at him.

"Fuck off".

"Elizabeth! Language!"

"Father, he had me drugged and was about to force me to marry him this afternoon."

Weatherby sighed.

"It would be easier if you were willing", he shot a glare at Will, "but you signed..."

"I was thirteen! You probably told me it was so I could have a pony!"

"If I may say something", Will said, suddenly feeling the need to be polite to her father.

"This man only wants this estate to turn it into flats."

Norrington's face paled.

"What a ridiculous accusation! You surely don't believe this sir?"

"I have proof", Will said calmly.

He reached in his pocket for Beckett's palm top.

Norrington lunged at him and what had started as a civil conversation quickly turned into a full blown fist fight.

Weatherby stood back, aghast when James reached for the pike that was leaning on display against the cabinet and began swinging it at Will.

He needed this plan to work. It couldn't fail now at the last hurdle because of some scruffy blacksmith.

Will swerved athletically out of the way and flicked his eyes about the room for something to defend himself with. Across the other side if the room, Jack was parrying with one of Norrington's 'business' partners, who was blocking his blows with a chair.

"Jack! Chuck me that sword above your head!"

He caught it deftly.

Norrington gulped.

But Will was seeing red and jabbed the blunted weapon towards the enemy, narrowly missing his cheek.

Weatherby climbed hastily onto his desk.

"Gentlemen! Gentlemen!" they stilled, and Elizabeth couldn't resist tripping up the man who looked about to head for Will.

Well, she wasn't a gentleman!

"James, Swann Manor is never going to be converted into flats! If you are betraying my years of trust for you, years of me treating you as I would my own son, I will have to destroy this contract."

Norrington flailed his nostrils as the older man brandished the sheets of the contract towards him.

"Do you really believe this scruffy good-for-nothing?" He sneered, jabbing the pike he still held, dangerously close to Will's arm.

Will, the bigger man, didn't even flinch, and Elizabeth hugged closer into his protective embrace.

Weatherby flicked his eyes between the two. He couldn't ignore the evidence, and the sight of them standing there, James with his eyes wild and the veins standing up on his neck with anger, and Will, oozing calm and his captivating chocolate eyes pools of trustworthiness.

He looked to his daughter, who was just sharing a moment with Will, and her whole expression warmed from whatever he had said to her, and her eyes flashed with anger and resentment when they flicked to James.

He remembered something his father had once said when he had been teaching Weatherby of the need to repair and update the old mansion. They couldn't find original tiles to replace the broken ones in the scullery. He had told him that sometimes it was better value and a longer-lasting solution to step outside of what he knew.

At first he wasn't sure why he'd remembered that at that exact moment. But then he realised that James was like the old tiles, that would crumble into dust if you so much as rested a cup of tea on one. He was certainly not good enough for Elizabeth.

Will was like the new tiles, durable, and everybody had agreed that the new tiles were in a different league from the old ones.

"Elizabeth, is this what you want?" he asked, gesturing to her hand firmly clasped in Will's.

He knew her answer already.

He wasn't stupid- it was obvious that she had loved the boy since she was 8 and a half years old.

She nodded vigorously. "Yes!"

James Norrington made a choking noise as Weatherby ripped through the contract and tore it diligently into tiny prices, scattering them on the floor like snow flakes.

"You still need to get married before your 19th birthday" he said, after Jack, Ana and Gibbs' cheers had died down.

Elizabeth smiled, hugging Will's waist tightly.

His smouldering eyes granted her permission.

"That's okay; I'm already engaged".

Will smiled back at her and kissed her soundly.

When he pulled away, his tongue tingling, she held his hand to the pendant around her neck.

"And I love you too".

The End

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