This started out as something small to cover the end of S2 of True Blood, but rapidly evolved into something much, much bigger. I've labeled it as an SVM story because the majority of this story pulls plots from the books and tangles them together in new ways that still somehow make sense. But the story does begin in the True Blood fandom. So there are spoilers for many of the books here. It's been a while since I've read through this whole thing and I've written so much since that I've forgotten everything that happens here, but you can expect to see some of your favorite book moments in this story. Beware of moments of OOC and definitely AU. Hopefully you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. As always, reviews are love.

I do not own any of these characters but I did turn their world upside down and inside out purely for my own amusement, and hopefully yours.

Chapter One: Do Me A Favour

To say that I was pissed off at Eric would be the understatement of the century. My blood was boiling in my veins, and the worst of it was, he could feel it now. Every little thing I felt, he felt too. I didn't want him in my life like that. I barely wanted to have a conversation with him, even if he did just save my life. But the fact that he did so is now tainted by the fact that he tricked me into doing something we both know I never would have done otherwise. And to top that off, my boyfriend is completely aware of it. Of course, Bill's just as pissed off as I am. I know he doesn't blame me for what happened, or anything like that, but I still can't help but feel a little guilty about it. I should have known better. I've spent enough time around vampires that I should know these sorts of things. But there's Eric, laying there looking like he's going to die (easy to do when you're already dead), making all these pathetic noises, and I just start sucking on his chest. Oh Lord, I think I might throw up.

When we got back to the hotel tonight, I took a shower and just scrubbed myself. I brushed my teeth for what felt like an hour, and I just couldn't get the taste of his blood out of my mouth. Ugh. Oh, and as if it's not bad enough that I'm not bonded to him, that rat bastard, Bill tells me I'm probably going to start feeling attracted to him. Great. Just great. Could this night possibly suck any harder than it does right now? I almost got choked, bitten and blown up. That's in addition to the bond I was tricked into forming with Eric. And he was so smug about it too! Oh I wish I could have slapped him silly. Of course, I could have knocked him over the head with a mallet, and all I would have done is hurt my hand, probably.

Even though it's night time, Bill is asleep beside me. He's been real tired lately, though I'm not sure why. My guess would be because of Lorena. What a whack job she is! How Bill could have spent close to seventy years with that woman, I have no idea. I could hardly spend seventy seconds with her without wanting to drive a stake through her heart. I mean, if you've been with a guy for seventy years, and he still doesn't love you, I think it's time to give up. Maybe that's just me.

But I can't sleep, thanks to Eric. I was quite sure Eric wasn't sleeping in his room down the hall, and I had a few things I wanted to get off my chest. So, I slid into my bathrobe, and put on my slippers. I was wearing a nightgown, and didn't want to give him the wrong idea. I slipped one of the keycards into the pocket of my robe, and opened the door as quietly as I could so as not to disturb Bill. We were in room 637, and Eric was down the hall in 614. My heart was racing the whole way there. I don't know if it was because I was a little nervous about confronting him, or if it was because I was so angry. Maybe it was a combination of the two. Either way, I stopped outside of his room to take a few deep breaths before knocking on the heavy black door.

It wasn't until after I'd knocked that I heard the sound of a woman gasping and moaning inside the room. I squeezed my eyes shut, and prayed that he would just ignore my knock, but of course, that didn't happen. He opened the door quickly with a very satisfied look on his face. His fangs were fully extended, and there was the telltale red ring around his mouth that let me know he'd just fed on someone. The woman making all that noise inside, probably.

"Care to join us? I could use some dessert." Eric looked me up and down, and I noticed that while I had put the robe on, I hadn't tied it.

I pulled the robe tightly around my body and glared at him. "I need to talk to you. If now isn't convenient, I can wait until tomorrow evening."

"That won't be necessary. Please, come in." Eric stepped back, and gestured for me to walk into the room.

I hesitated for just a moment, but knew I didn't have a whole lot of options. What I wanted to say to him I couldn't just go and say out in the hall. I stepped awkwardly into his room, and tried not to stare at the woman who was sprawled out on the sofa. She looked dazed in a completely blissful sort of way. She was fully clothed, much to my relief, but I could see trails of blood running from her thigh as well as her neck. Eric had been experimenting with this one. Her hair was just past shoulder length and very blond. Her eyes were big and brown, not too different from my own. She had full pink lips, and lots of curves. She was a pretty girl, but not what I'd call beautiful.

"Sandra, you are excused." Eric waved her off.

"Thank you, Eric. You have a lovely evening." Sandra pulled herself together as best she could, and then scurried toward the door.

As she passed me I could read her mind easily, and she was a little disappointed that I had come to interrupt them. She'd thought there would be more to their evening together than just a snack. I almost wanted to apologize to her, since I wasn't really wild about being in Eric's room anyway. I could smell her blood in the room, which I knew was a side effect of having Eric's blood in my system. My hair was shinier, my skin was glowing, my eyes sparkled a little more and I felt stronger. I supposed having a harder time turning off my mind was also a side effect, although I'd never had that trouble with Bill's blood in the past. Then again, Eric is five times older than Bill.

"What can I do for you this evening?" Eric took a seat on the sofa not far from where Sandra had been sprawled out. "You can sit down, if you like."

I wanted to march across the room and hit him square in the nose, but I knew I couldn't do something like that. "Why'd you do it, Eric?" I demanded, crossing my arms under my breasts.

"I saw an opportunity, and I took it." He said simply.

"Why is it so important to you? I don't get it. I love someone else. What's so hard to understand about that?" I shouted at him.

Eric snickered, which only served to fuel the fire of my anger. "Are you quite sure that Bill reciprocates your sentiments?" Eric was trying to keep a smile off his face, which made me think he knew much more about my relationship than I did. I suddenly felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle.

I shook my head because just the thought that Eric might be right was ridiculous. "Bill loves me. Whether you want to believe it or not, he does." My voice was faltering, however, and I was suddenly overcome with a massive wave of those feelings Bill had been talking about earlier. Oh my.

Eric felt it too. He felt it big time. His fangs extended again, and the next thing I knew, he was standing over me. I felt like a child standing in front him since he was so much taller than me. I did my best to steel my will, but when he ran his fingers down the length of my neck, feeling my pulse, it sent a chill up my spine. Yet another feeling that I knew was being passed along to him. Ugh, this was so unfair! And there was nothing I could do to reverse it. No matter where I went, who I was with or what I did, Eric would always be able to feel me and find me. He was a part of me now.

"You're quite sure about this?" Eric looked me in the eyes, and I got the feeling that was what his eyes looked like when he was glamouring someone.

"Positive." I whispered.

"I bonded you to me because you are in my service now, Sookie. If you ever get into another predicament like you did with that louse Hugo, I want to be able to track you." Eric told me, and I found myself wishing that the bond worked both ways. I was tempted to let Eric bite me just so that we'd been on a level playing field, but I knew that wouldn't be the case. Eric would always be stronger than me. Always.

"Bill can track me." I argued.

"Bill has...issues with his Maker. She could recall him at anytime, and he would be obliged to go. Even after Godric told her to leave his home." Eric informed me.

Well that wasn't good news. I'd thought we were rid of her for good. "You're sure it wasn't for more personal reasons than that?" I challenged Eric, realizing a minute too late how stupid that was.

"What sort of reasons would I have?" Eric leaned into me, his eyes locked with mine. "You belong to another." His hands were still near my throat, which made me extremely uncomfortable, which only made him smile. "You fear me."

"I loathe you." I answered easily, my sassy side deciding it was time to break up this little pity party I was having for myself.

"Then why did you come to me alone, in the middle of the night? Why not say these things to me when Bill was present?" Eric questioned me.

"Because I don't require his permission to speak. I'm not his lapdog." I fired back, and his smile grew.

"Of course not." Eric was still smiling, and the expression in his eyes implied that he didn't quite believe me.

"You know what? It doesn't matter why. The point is, I'm telling you now that I think what you did was sneaky, manipulative and maybe even evil. But, you're a Viking. I probably should have expected that." I said before I could stop myself, and the next thing I knew, Eric had me up against the wall with his fangs dangerously close to my neck.

"I could kill you right where you are, and there is nothing you could do to stop me." Eric reminded me, and maybe if I weren't so fired up, I would have been scared.

I turned my head, fully exposing my neck to him. "Do it." I challenged him. "If you're going to do it anyway, just do it now and get it over with."

I was in a dangerous position. I was pinned against a wall, a full foot off the ground, and I'd just challenged an angry vampire. The room was thick with lust, which was something one wouldn't need to be a telepath to figure out. I thought about kneeing him, but decided that wouldn't do me much good. He might let me go for a minute, but once the pain subsided, I'd be in even bigger trouble than I already was. As if to warn me, his fangs scraped against my neck. They were sharp. Much sharper than Bill's, and it took me a second to figure out that the little scratches he'd made on my neck were bleeding.

The next thing I felt was something cool and wet pressing and dragging against my skin. Lips pressed against the wounds on my neck, drawing on them gently. He was kissing my neck. Oh my. My heart fluttered. I tried to push him away, but my attempts to fight him off only seemed to spur him on. The wounds healed quickly, since I had his blood in my system, and before I knew it, there were other scratches on the other side of my neck.

When he finally pulled his head back to look at me, he was all starry-eyed. "What are you?" He asked me, and once again, I got the feeling there was a piece of the puzzle I was missing.

My breath caught in my throat as he leaned in once again. Only this time his mouth found my own. He grazed my lips gently, and I was surprised by how velvety soft his lips were against my own. They were cool, of course, but I was used to that feeling. I could tell he was inhaling my scent, and the deeper he inhaled, the more excited he got. And then, all of a sudden, his lips crushed against mine. I completely forgot all about Bill down the hall, asleep in the bed we'd been sharing since arriving in Dallas. All I could think about was the here and now, and in this moment, I was with Eric, and no one else. Whether it was the bond, or just my own feelings coming out, I don't know.

When it became clear to Eric that I wasn't going to fight back, or run, he put me down. I was thankful for that because my arms were really starting to hurt. He slipped his hands inside the robe, and forced it off my shoulders. The rush of cool air in the room did all sorts of things to me, and those feelings were only compounded when I felt his hands on my breasts. I didn't push any part of him away. Suddenly, the prospect of being with Eric didn't seem so bad. I let the heavy gray robe fall to the floor around my ankles, leaving me standing there in a relatively small yellow nightgown. His hands pressed against me, keeping me against the wall while he kissed me. Without even realizing I had done it, my hands had grabbed onto the top of his jeans, pulling his lower half to me too, and when I broke away from him to catch my breath a little, I was amazed at what I was feeling pressed against hip.

He was already shirtless, and what a site that was. Oh my. Such pale smooth skin stretched over muscles more powerful than I could imagine. I felt a sudden emptiness south of my bellybutton, and I knew he felt it too. His eyes flashed at me, and I found myself scooped up off the floor. He kissed me the whole way to the enormous bed on the other side of the room. For the first time, it occurred to me that Bill was just down the hall in our room, but I couldn't stop. I'd gone too far already. I told myself it was the bond, and I was powerless to stop this.

Eric set me down on the bed as gently as he possibly could, and I felt like I was floating on a cloud. What amazed me was how not nervous I felt. I suddenly had the feeling that he would do whatever he had to in order to make sure I was safe. I liked the feeling of being under the protection of a vampire, even if it was the same one who had manipulated me into taking his blood just a few hours before. At that moment, it didn't matter one bit what he'd done. I pulled off my nightgown while he removed his pants, and I just sort of froze for a second. Oh my.

I was filled with a brand new appreciation for the male body. Eric was absolutely beautiful all over, and he was staring at me with the hungriest expression I'd ever seen in my life. He climbed onto the bed beside me, his eyes taking in my body the same way I was taking in his. Finally my eyes caught his again, and we just stared at each other for a few seconds. He tilted my chin up with the tips of his fingers, and slowly lowered his mouth to mine again. I thought I was ready for it, but I was wrong. Eric had been kissing women for centuries, and he was spectacular at it.

His mouth moved from mine to my jaw, and then slowly, made it's way farther down my body. His fingers against my skin felt like ice cubes with my increased body heat. Yet, I felt like I was the one who was melting under him. He seemed to know all the right spots to touch or kiss, and when he moved to part my knees, I was too weak to resist him. I couldn't recall a time when every single part of my body felt so alive. Even my hair was tingling with anticipation. I was teetering on the edge, and about to free fall into that warm bliss that was just waiting to wash over me.

My body resisted just a little when he began to push his way into me, but it didn't take long for him to slide all the way in. Again my breath caught in my throat, and when I could breathe again, I found I was gasping and panting under him. His thrusts were slow and rhythmic, determined to make this last as long as he possibly could. My hands reached down and grabbed his beautiful backside, and I pushed him into me faster. My hips rose to meet his, and before long, he was working at a much faster pace. We rolled so I was on top of him, which caused an entirely new sensation to flow through my body. Oh my...

Strong hands rocked my hips back and forth, and I could feel his eyes on me, watching my face change as I moved above him. I started to tighten up around him, and he rocked me faster against him until I was crying out and digging my nails into his muscular thighs. I cried out one last time as my entire body shook with pleasure. Oh my...oh my...

He sat up, and I wrapped my arms around him. I kissed his face and neck as he continued to thrust into me. I was sucking on his neck, and he started to growl quietly. His hands were on my rear end, then my back, and then in my hair, moving my head so he could kiss me some more. With his hands still in my hair, he pulled my mouth away from his, and then plunged his fangs into my neck. I don't know if I cried out then from the pain in my throat, or from the bliss radiating from my belly, but he shook underneath me, and I could feel him starting to go a little weak all on his own. He let go of my hair, and his arms wrapped around me like a vice so that my chest was crushed against his. He lapped at my neck for as long as possible before the wound closed and healed itself.

Exhausted, he flopped back on the bed. I climbed off his large body, and sat on my knees beside him on the bed. It took a minute for the reality of the situation to sink in. Not only had Eric gotten me to drink his blood, now he'd had mine too. We were completely bonded to one another, and to top it off, we'd had sex to seal the deal. My eyes filled with tears, and I scrambled off the bed to retrieve my nightgown.

"Where are you going, lover?" He said with that same starry-eyed expression on his face.

I pulled my nightgown down over my head, and then put on the bathrobe I'd had on as well. I just glared at Eric with hatred, although I was more angry with myself at that moment than I was with Eric. I was such an idiot. I should have just left it alone. Now it was an even bigger mess than it had to be. I turned to go, but Eric was already at the door by the time I was completely turned around.

"You haven't answered my question." Eric's fangs had receded, but all it would take was a single cross word for that to change.

"I have to get back to my room." I was trying my best not to cry, but I was on the verge of failing epically at it. "Bill's probably already wondering where I am."

"Oh I doubt that." Eric smiled devilishly at me. I was bonded to Bill too. Wherever he was, he knew where I was, and what I had just been feeling.

I squeezed my eyes closed, and wondered if I could throw myself out one of the large windows a few feet behind me. "This is over. Right now, Eric. Our deal is off. I don't work for you anymore." I figured this was the only way. "You got what you wanted, and now it's done."

"It's not over." Eric assured me, stepping out of my path.

"Fuck you." I answered, and then stormed out of his room before I could do something else I would regret.

I got back to my room to find Bill in the shower, of all places. Without a second's hesitation, I pulled off my robe and nightgown, and got in there with him. "Where have you been?" Bill asked me when he felt my hands on his back.

"Couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk." I kissed his shoulders.

"I was worried about you." He didn't turn around.

"I didn't mean to worry you. I'm fine." I promised him, although I think we both knew that was a lie.

"I'm just glad you're back." He turned, and pulled me into a hug under the warm water that would wash away all traces of Eric.

"Me too." I smiled up at him.