Sleep In Sunlight


Chapter 1: Impressions of Prissy Bitch and Giant Bag of Shit

Naruto: 15 Sasuke: 16

"I really don't want to go there." Sasuke said to his older brother from the passenger's seat. "Well, that's to bad." Itachi replied. "You did something stupid, so you have to pay the price." Sasuke pressed his foot against the dash board and rolled his eyes. "So my punishment is to sit with some diseased freak for four hours. Isn't that dangerous?" He said sarcastically. "No. They wouldn't put you with someone contagious." Itachi glanced at Sasuke. "Get you foot off of there."

Sasuke slammed his foot down and stared out the window. He watched as hell came closer and closer.

Naruto laid in his bed holding his head groaning. "Can I have more medicine, Shizune?" He asked the nurse. "Here you go." She handed him a small cup of water and two large pills. He through them in his mouth and gulped the water. "Do you know who's supposed to come here?" He asked. Shizune shook her head. "I don't know his name. But I know he's the same age as you. He goes to the same school you went to." Naruto looked out the window. "Is it going to rain? It's pretty cloudy." Shizune peeked out the window too. "I'm not sure. It doesn't look to bad. You might still be able to take a walk later."

He watched her exit the room. Naruto glanced around the room. White walls, tiled floors, a plastic cushion couch, and a TV in the corner. Just your basics. Since he had been here for a long time he had made the room more to his liking. He had a few posters covering the wall to add color. He filled the small shelf by the door with his books. It wasn't much, but it made it comfortable.

'I hope this guy actually stays longer than the others.' He thought as he turned the TV on with the remote.

"Come on." Itachi opened his car door and got out. Sasuke soon followed staring with a disgusted look at the hospital. He never liked being around sick people. "Four hours. Then I can leave, right?" He asked, glaring at his brother. "Yeah." Itachi walked next to Sasuke. "You should wipe that glare off your face. You may actually make friends." Laughed dramatically before returning to the glare. "Yeah right. Half the people in here are half dead. Why would I even want to make friends?" Itachi just rolled his eyes and pulled open the heavy door.

Sasuke walked in last only to see someone puking in the hall. "Eww." He cringed. "Let's go." Itachi grabbed his younger brother's arm and dragged him to the front desk. "Hello, can I help you, sir?" The woman on the other side of the glass spoke through the open whole. "Yeah, my brother is supposed to be here for the visitor program." The woman grabbed a note pad from her desk draw and flipped through it. "What's your name?" She looked at Sasuke. "It's Sasuke." She flipped through a little more. "Ok, you can go to room... 424 on the fourth floor." She placed the pad back in the drawer. "Do you need help finding the place?" Sasuke rolled his eyes and shoved past Itachi. "No."

Sasuke walked through the halls keeping his eyes on the ground so he wouldn't have to be exposed to the sight of sick people. He spotted the elevator and hit the button. When the door opened he was happy to see that it was empty. He walked in hitting the four button on the wall. The doors closed and the cabin jerked up. Sasuke concentrated on the numbers as they lit up every time he hit a new floor. There was a bing sound when the doors opened. He walked out to see there were only a few doctors in the hall. He stepped out and began searching for the room.

A woman tapped him on the shoulder and he glared at her. "What?" She smiled sweetly. "Are you here for the visitor's program?" He cocked an eyebrow. "Yeah." She pointed down the hall. "You're looking for the room to your left at the end of the hall." He nodded and started walking.

He knocked on the door, but he heard no response. He tried again, but got the same results. 'Oh god, what if I have to spend four hours with a deaf person.' he cringed at the idea and decided to open the door. He looked around the room and saw a boy his age asleep on a bed. 'Wait a second... I know him.' he thought.

He walked over to the bed and pulled on of the chairs to sit by him. He stared at him with slight confusion. 'Hope he's not dead.' A loud snore came from the blonde and Sasuke rolled his eyes. He saw the TV remote, grabbed it, and turned on the TV. The TV came on blaring loudly. Sasuke jumped and dropped the remote. He scrambled to retrieve it and quickly turned the volume down. He took a breath and relaxed himself.

"Nice..." Sasuke heard someone chuckle behind him. He turned to see the blonde sitting up and smiling at him. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the familiar grin. He slumped back into the chair not paying attention to him.

Naruto fiddled with the end of the blanket staring at the quiet raven sitting near his bed. 'I know him...'
"Um... hi." Naruto said lightly trying to sound extra friendly. He received a quick glare from the other boy. "My name's Naruto." Sasuke didn't take his eyes off the TV. "I know that you idiot."

"Oh..." Naruto was uncomfortable with the rudeness of the other boy. "Well, aren't you gonna tell me your name?" Naruto said a little louder. "What you don't remember me from school?"

"No, I do." Naruto defended. "I've seen you around, but I never knew your name." Sasuke didn't answer, occupied with the show. Naruto became annoyed and threw his pillow at the raven's head.

"What the hell?" Sasuke yelled turning to glare at the blonde. "Oh I know your name!" Naruto stated over dramatically. "It's Dick Head the third! Am I right?" Sasuke huffed and through the pillow back at Naruto. "It's Sasuke you prick!"

Naruto laughed at Sasuke's anger. "So how was your day?" Naruto asked sweetly. "Why the fuck does it matter?" Sasuke spat. "Why are you such a prissy bitch?" Naruto screamed.

"What the hell did you call me, you giant bag of shit?" Sasuke continued to glare at Naruto even though he remained silent. "Don't you know how to be nice?" Naruto asked. "Nope." the raven answered with sarcasm. "Why would someone like you even want to be here?"

"Trust me. I don't want to be here."

"Then why did you volunteer?"

"I didn't."

They sat in silence and Naruto began to feel the disappointment rush over him. He was looking forward to having someone to talk to. He has been stuck in this room for almost a month. He had other volunteer visitors, but they only visited him three or four days and that was it. "Why are you here?" Naruto asked simply.

"Punishment." Naruto looked up at Sasuke. "Punishment for what?" Sasuke flipped through a few channels before answering. "I stole alcohol from a gas station." Naruto knitted his eye brows. "Why the hell would you do that?"

"I don't know." Sasuke said. "I was thirsty."

"Oh," Naruto understood now. "So this is your community service." Sasuke didn't reply.

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Naruto broke it. "Could you grab the orange book off that shelf over there?" Naruto pointed to the shelf near the door. "What? Can't you walk?" Sasuke bit out.

"No." Naruto said simply.

Sasuke glared and walked over to grab the book. "Here." He through the book into Naruto's lap. The blonde pulled a pen out from inside the binding, flipped the book open and began writing.

Sasuke studied the blonde. 'He can't walk? Is he paralyzed or something? How could that happen. He was fine in school.' "Is that why your here?" Sasuke asked. "You can't walk?"

"Why do you care?" Naruto didn't look up. "I don't." Sasuke looked back to the TV.

After a while Naruto closed the book and looked at Sasuke. "So can we talk without insulting each other?" Naruto asked. "I don't want to talk." Sasuke said. "But that's the whole reason you're here. We're supposed to talk." The blonde pleaded. "Just shut up."

Naruto got angry. 'All I wanted was someone to talk to and they send me this fuck head!'

Naruto through the cover off of himself and got out of bed. Sasuke whipped around to him. "What the hell? I thought you said you couldn't walk." Naruto turned and glared at Sasuke. "No, I'm not allowed to walk." Naruto made his way to a closet and pulled out a wheel chair. He unfolded the hinges. Before he sat down he opened the door. "Don't come back tomorrow!" He yelled.

'What the hell was that about?' Sasuke thought.