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Sleep In Sunlight

Chapter 8:



"I'm fine. I just really wanted to go out in the garden today." Sasuke nodded. "Well, let's go. It's a nice day out and everything." The blonde shook his head. "Can't. I can't go anywhere today."

"Hn. Why not?" The raven shifted in his chair. "I'm doing it." He huffed out bluntly. "I talked to the doctor this morning and I told them I wanted to do the surgery. I go in at six."

"Huh?" Was all that Sasuke could spit out. He was kind of happy that he was hearing this, but at the same time he was a bit shocked. He didn't think Naruto was the kind of person to change his mind so suddenly, and the fact that the surgery was taking place in just a few hours was a little scary.

"Th-That's great..." He stuttered, suddenly feeling somewhat awkward. "What made you change your mind?"


"There you go, Naruto." The man in white smiled as he stuck two needles into his arm and delivered the drug. "Your dad will be here shortly. Then we'll be taking you into the OR." Naruto only nodded.

Sasuke breathed in deeply. His insides were tight with nerves. His heart was pounding. He wanted to throw up. "Sasuke?" Naruto said after the man in white left the room. He looked up into the big blue eyes he had come to love. "Hm?"

"Are you scared?"

Sasuke shook his head. "No." He didn't want to admit that this was starting to break him down inside. He knew if he said it out loud he would lose himself and start crying. He wanted Naruto to be calm before going into surgery. "There is no reason to be scared. Everything is going to be fine." He stated trying to sound as calm as possible.

Naruto closed his eyes, feeling tired from the drug that continued to drip into his veins. He was drifting slowly. He felt like he was floating. "Sasuke, will you do me a favor... if I don't make it out."

The raven felt like he was choking. They way Naruto sounded wasn't like his usual self. It was airy and slow. He knew it was the anesthesia, but it still freaked him out. He leaned closer, laying his arms on the bed. "Yeah... what is it?"

Naruto did his best to pull his eyes open, he wanted to see Sasuke. His lifted hand clumsily and placed it on Sasuke's cheek. He had always wanted to touch Sasuke, just to see if he got the same feeling he got when he looked at him. He smiled.

Sasuke felt a shiver go down his spine when he felt the blonde's hand rest on his cheek. Surely this is what heaven was like. "I want white roses... for my funeral... if I don't make it."

Tears were welling up in Sasuke's eyes. He tried his best to hold it back. He pulled Naruto hand to his lips, placing a kiss on his palm. He didn't want to lose him. "Yeah. I can get those for you... but not for a long long time. You're gonna make it through this." He kissed the soft hand again and laid it gently on the bed. "You're going to make it and after you get all healed up me and you are going to sit in the garden and eat ramen together. Ok?"

Naruto tried to laugh, but it came out like a choked breath. "That sounds amazing."

"Naruto." The two looked over at the door when Shizune popped in. "We're going to take you up there, ok?" The blonde didn't respond. His eyes remained closed.


Sasuke sat out in the waiting room by himself. He didn't like to wait. The clock on the wall that he never took his eyes off seemed to take three hours to tick to a second. Why did this have to happen? Naruto was doing this for him.


"Th-That's great." Sasuke stuttered, suddenly feeling somewhat awkward. "What made you change your mind?"

Naruto smiled. "You."

The raven's eyes widened as he just stared. "Me?"

"Yes, you." He chuckled at the look on Sasuke's face. "I figured someone is going to have to make sure you stay out of trouble. It might as well be me... and... I don't want to miss out on all the time we could have together."

End Flashback

The raven's heart thumped at the memory. The thought of being with Naruto forever made his stomach tighten with pure joy. They could be happy together.

"Thank you, Mr. Uzumaki." Sasuke's head shot up when he saw the tall blonde man standing in the entrance talking to the doctor that took Naruto away. It amazed him how much Naruto looked like his father. Their eyes were the same.

Minato walked over slowly and sat next to Sasuke. They didn't speak to each other. They were both stuck in their thoughts over the boy they both loved.

Suddenly they both looked over to the entrance of the ICU after hearing a scream from the other side. A doctor, followed by a crying woman and her husband came through. "Isn't there anything else you can do for him?" The woman sobbed out to the doctor while her husband held her close.

The doctor's eyes were saddened by the mother in front of him. "I'm sorry Mrs. Nara. At this point, it is doing no good for anyone to keep Shikamaru on life support. It would be better to just let him leave us in peace." Sasuke swallowed hard and looked away from the scene. Minato did the same. They both wondered if there would be a similar situation with Naruto.

Hours and hours passed. Neither had moved from their seat. The blonde looked down at the boy next to him and smiled. "You must really care about him to want to stay passed midnight." Sasuke looked up. "Yeah... I do."

"Excuse me," The two jumped when the silence around them was disturbed. "Mr. Uzumaki, Sasuke." The doctor came close to them and peered down with sleep deprived eyes.

"I have some good news."

Three months later...


"Jeesh, you eat like a pig." Sasuke rolled his eyes as the blonde continued to stuff his face with the noodles. "I'm starving!" He defended. "They haven't let me eat real food since the surgery." He smiled and slurped some more.

It was a beautiful sight for Sasuke. He didn't think this moment would come. He had waited for three months for Naruto to heal enough for him to fulfill his promise. Now, here they were, sitting in the garden, staring out at the sunflowers, eating ramen. This had to be the best day of his life.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke and cocked and eyebrow. "Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked. Sasuke smiled.

"I love you."

Naruto's eyes widened for a second before he relaxed back into his soft smile. "I love you too, Sasuke... You saved me."


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