Title: No Returns

Author: Lazalot_Anreads

Beta: None

Characters/Pairings: Bella/Jacob

Rating: NC-17

Challenge: None

Summary: Just when Bella is starting to heal, the Cullens return. Her reaction is not what anyone would have expected.

Notes: New Moon AU

Chapter 001 - Bella's POV

For a long time after Edward left, I was sure my heart would never heal. Then I started hanging out with Jacob, and something changed. Suddenly I could breathe again. I was alive.

So when HE showed up at school one day with Alice and Jasper, I was terrified. The hole in my chest was ripped open once again and I wanted nothing more than to run straight into Jacob's healing arms. Luckily for me, he showed up on his bike just as Edward was approaching me.

I ran to him and he wrapped me in his embrace, whispering soothing words as I shook and cried against his chest. He hugged me tightly, and it felt like he was the only thing keeping me from flying apart. He probably was.

"Bella." HIS voice came from behind me. I kept my face hidden against Jacob's neck. "Bella, please. I need to talk to you."

Jacob growled at him. "Back off, bloodsucker! If Bella wants to talk to you, she'll talk to you. Otherwise, leave her theFUCK alone!"

"Go away, Edward," I mumbled against Jacob's throat. My breath hitched and I fought back the next wave of tears. "GO AWAY!"

"He's gone, Bells," Jacob said a moment later, relaxing his hold on me just a little bit. "Hop on and I'll get you out of here."

I wasted no time in following his suggestion. Taking the spare helmet he held out for me, I put it on and climbed onto the back of the motorcycle, wrapping my arms tightly around Jacob's waist as he gunned the engine and took off.

He took me to his house, for which I was grateful. The Cullens couldn't bother me there, after all, thanks to the treaty. We went inside and sat down on opposite sides of the couch. The space between us hurt me, but I could tell from the look on his face that he had something important to say and that he needed the distance, so I didn't try to move closer.

"When Sam told me that they were back this morning, I knew I had to go to you," he began. "He thought you would jump right back into Edward's arms, but I knew better. I knew you'd be frightened and that you'd need me, so when he tried to order me to go to school and forget about you, I fought him. I won - obviously - so now I'm the Alpha of the Pack. Sam and Paul aren't too happy about it, but that's how it is. Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is because I want you to know that I can and will protect you, ALWAYS. Nobody can keep me away from you now."

Relieved, I moved closer and he wrapped me in his arms. "Thank you, Jake. I - I didn't know what to do this morning. If you hadn't shown up when you did …" Trailing off, I shuddered. If Jacob hadn't shown up that morning I would have had to talk to HIM, and I never wanted to talk to HIM again.

"I know, baby." Jacob stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. "You can't skip school everyday, though, and neither can I. I think you should transfer here."

I was surprised. Pulling away to look at him, I asked, "Can I do that? I thought only the Quileute could attend your school."

"I'll talk to the Elders. You need to be protected from the Cullens, and this is the best way." He smiled at me, and as always, it warmed my heart. "Even Charlie would understand why you would switch schools, under the circumstances. It's perfect."

"Okay," I said quietly, smiling back. "You're so good to me, Jake. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I know you don't want to hear this, but Bella …" Jacob sighed, trailing off. "Never mind."

I thought I knew what he'd been going to say, and it hurt to know that he was afraid to tell me. Taking a deep breath, I put all of the feelings I had for him into my voice and looked him straight in the eye. "I love you, too, Jacob Black."

He froze, and several emotions passed over his expressive face. He finally settled on hope. "Do you mean that, Bella?"

"I didn't know until I saw him again." I spoke in a whisper, as if I were telling him a secret. "But I HATE him, Jacob. I'm still hurt, but no part of me loves him anymore - I'm too busy loving YOU."

"Oh, Bells." He was stunned. "I - you know I love you, too, SO much."

There was a long moment of silence, and then Jacob suddenly slid off the couch and got on his knees before me. He took my hands in his and cleared his throat. I held my breath.

"Bella, I need to tell you something," he began. "I kept it from you because I knew you weren't ready to hear it, so please don't be angry with me. The thing is … I imprinted on you after I phased for the first time."

I was shocked. I truly had no idea what to say, so I settled on a simple question. "WHY?"

Of course Jacob knew exactly what I meant. He always did. "You were still hurting over HIM. I wasn't going to just dump this on you. Besides, I wanted - WANT - you to love me because of ME, not because of the stupid imprint. So I waited."

He was right. I wouldn't have handled this nearly as well back then, when I was still convinced that I loved Edward and only Edward. He was also right about not wanting the imprint to be the only reason I loved him. I couldn't be mad at him for that.

"Jake, I DO love you for you. You're my sun, don't you know that? You're so important to me …" I trailed off, knowing I wasn't explaining well.

But Jacob had a brilliant smile on his face, so I must not have done too terrible a job. "So … does this mean I can kiss you now?"

I didn't answer verbally. Instead I leaned forward and captured his lips in a sweet, chaste kiss before pulling away to look him in the eye. The next move was his.

Before I knew what was happening, he had me on the floor with him, straddling his lap. His hands tangled in my hair and he caught my lips in a kiss that set my entire body on fire. I threw my arms around his neck and held on for dear life, moaning in ecstasy.

It was over all too soon. Jacob used his hand in my hair to gently tug my head back away from his lips and smiled at me. "I love you, Bella."

My heart melted at his sweet expression. "I love you, too, Jake."

Still smiling, he leaned in to kiss me again. This time it was slow and tender, an affirmation of our love. It became intense quickly, and I felt his hands slide under my shirt to touch the bare skin of my back. I whimpered.

"Bella," he whispered, planting kisses on my throat as his hands stroked gently over my back, "I want to make love to you someday."

Every nerve in my body was suddenly screaming. Someday? "What's wrong with today?" I asked breathlessly.

He gasped and raised his head from my neck to look me in the eye. "Are you SERIOUS? You really want to make love with me now?"

There wasn't a hesitant bone in my body. "Yes." Maybe we were moving too fast, but everything about the two of us being together just felt RIGHT. It felt natural. "Take me to bed, Jacob."

His eyes darkened with love and lust, and he rose from the floor in one smooth movement, still holding me in his arms. My legs wrapped around his waist as he carried me down the short hall to his bedroom. He closed and locked the door before laying me down on the bed.

He sat down next to me, just looking for the moment. I felt my cheeks redden, but I couldn't look away. "You're so incredibly beautiful, Bells. Have you ever done this before?"

I could tell that it hurt him to ask, and was glad I could give the answer he needed. I never wanted my Jacob to hurt, and especially not over me. "No."

He exhaled, obviously relieved, and gave me a goofy grin. "Neither have I. There's just one more problem - condoms. I don't have any, and I doubt you do either. Are you on birth control pills?"

My blush deepened, but I answered him honestly. "Yes. As for condoms, I'm actually glad we don't have any. It sounds corny, but … I don't want anything between us."

Jacob's eyes grew even darker, and he reached up to touch my cheek. "I don't want anything between us, either. I want … God, so many things, Bella. I don't want to scare you, so we'll take this at your pace. You lead, okay?" His fingers trembled slightly against my skin.

Instead of replying, I sat up and kissed him again. I kissed his lips, his cheeks, chin, forehead, even his nose. Then I rested my forehead against his and took a deep breath. "I don't want to lead, Jacob, and I don't want to take things slow. I want - well, I want to feel all of you. Including the wolf. I want you to let go of your control for once and just TAKE me. Make me yours, Jake."

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than he kissed me, deeply. It quickly became animalistic, our tongues tangling and battling for dominance. His beat mine into submission, of course, and then he moved on to my neck. He took a bit of skin between his teeth and bit it, then sucked it HARD. He was leaving his mark on me.

Somehow, while he was chewing on my neck, he got our clothes off. He slid onto the bed on top of me, totally naked, his rock hard cock nudging my inner thigh. I moaned, and he growled as he kissed his way down my body, stopping to pay extra attention to my sensitive breasts.

"I love your tits." He spoke plainly, but he was blushing. Still, he went on, "I love everything about your body. I love the way you smell … God, Bells, you make my cock so hard I could cut DIAMONDS with it."

"I love everything about you, too," I told him shyly. "Especially the way you smell - like trees and wind. You turn me on so much, Jake. PLEASE keep going."

Suddenly I felt his fingers dip into my soaking wet pussy, and I moaned long and hard. "You're so wet for me." He growled and flipped me so that I was on my stomach, then pulled my hips up so that my ass was in the air.

I blushed furiously, but I was so excited that I couldn't help but spread my legs as far apart as they would go. "PLEASE!" I begged.

He slapped my ass lightly. "Eager little slut, aren't you?" I assumed that was a rhetorical question and wiggled my hips. Suddenly he thrust two fingers into my tight heat and started stretching me. I had seen his cock, and was grateful that he was thoughtful enough to prepare me.

He added a third digit and started pumping his fingers in and out of me as I gasped with pleasure, rocking my hips. "You're soaked, baby girl. Are you ready for my cock?"

"Yes, YES - I NEED it! PLEASE, Jake!" My begging must have gotten to him, because there was nothing smooth about the way he jerked his fingers from me. Good. I wanted him to come undone, too. "PLEASE!"

He took me hard and fast, not even pausing after breaking my barrier. It hurt, but the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure. When he reached an arm around my waist and tweaked my clit, I lost it, screaming at the top of my lungs as I came. He followed right behind me, shooting his come into my womb and making me come again.

We collapsed, exhausted.