Title: No Returns

Author: Lazalot_Anreads

Beta: None

Characters/Pairings: Bella/Jacob

Rating: NC-17

Challenge: None

Summary: Just when Bella is starting to heal, the Cullens return. Her reaction is not what anyone would have expected.

Notes: New Moon AU

Chapter 006 - Jacob's POV

I opened my eyes to see Bella smiling down at me, the sun shining through the window at her back. I was confused; the last thing I remembered was having the most incredible, most intense orgasm of my life as staked my claim on her. "Huh?"

Bella laughed softly. "It's time to go to school, Jake." She was already dressed in a cute little light pink slip dress with a flared skirt. "Get up and get dressed."

I groaned and stretched, delighting in the way she raked over my body with her eyes. "Sure, sure."

As soon as I was showered and dressed in a pair of baggy blue jeans and a black wife beater, she dragged me out of the house. "It's sunny!" she told me happily, as if I couldn't see for myself. "The Cullens won't be in school today!"

Oh. So that was why she was so happy. I grinned. Cullen free days made me happy, too. "Good. We both need a break from those damned bloodsuckers."

By the time we got to school, my stomach felt like it was trying to consume itself. While I appreciated Bella letting me sleep in, it had made me miss breakfast and I was STARVING. No way would I make it to lunch. "Bella, baby, are there any vending machines in this school?"

She just smiled at me and dug in her bag, coming up with a very large red Tupperware container. I caught a faint whiff of bacon. "This ought to hold you until lunch." She handed it to me.

Somehow, Bella had managed to cook an entire pound of bacon that morning without me waking up. God, she was a miracle! "I love you SO much, baby." We kissed and separated as the warning bell rang, heading to our respective classrooms. I started eating and, even though I was savoring each bite, I was done by the time I reached homeroom. I shoved the Tupperware container in my bag and sat down in the same seat as the day before.

The tall redheaded girl in the seat next to me turned in my direction, flipping her long hair over her shoulder. "So we didn't really get a chance to talk yesterday. You're Jacob, right? Jacob Black?"

I nodded noncommittally, barely glancing at her, hoping she'd take the hint that I wasn't interested.

No such luck. "I'm Caitlyn McDougal. Most people just call me Cat, though."

I was irritated. It was Forks High, for fucks sake! She HAD to know that I was taken. I decided that I needed to be more blunt. "I'm not interested."

Caitlyn - I refused to use her dumb nickname - pouted and crossed her arms, thrusting her chest out. It made me sick. "Please don't try to tell me that you're taken. No way is a God like you serious about Isabella Swan - she's SUCH a little drama queen. Totally immature."

The teacher, Ms. Haste, chose that moment to walk in or I would have given that bitch Caitlyn a piece of my mind. She told us to study quietly, so I got out my history book and started reading the assigned chapters.

A diamond shaped note landed on my book. My name was written on it in flowery cursive. I knew it was from Caitlyn, so I just knocked it to the floor and continued reading. It was rude, but then so was bugging the hell out of someone that was clearly not interested, not to mention TAKEN.

By the time I met Bella for lunch, I was more than a little freaked out. Caitlyn had been basically stalking me since that morning; every time I turned around, she was there. It didn't matter what I said, she just WOULDN'T quit.

"What's wrong, Jake?" Bella asked as soon as she saw me. She looked concerned. "You look TENSE!"

I pulled her close, kissing her lips gently. Immediately I began to feel more at ease. "I'll tell you all about it while we eat. Let's grab some grub and go sit outside."

Once we were seated at an empty picnic table - not that I expected that to last long - I told her everything. She listened intently to the whole story without interrupting, her face growing redder and redder. For once, though, her blush wasn't due to embarrassment. It was due to fury.

"That's harassment!" she said as soon as I'd finished, totally indignant on my behalf. "You should report her to the principal."

The idea made me uncomfortable. "I'm not a narc, Bells."

"Fine. I'll take care of it."

Before I could ask what she meant by that, Bella's the people I assumed were Bella's usual lunch crowd descended on us. She introduced everyone, leaning into my side. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders even though I was surprised by the uncharacteristic PDA. It made me deliriously happy to know that Bella was proud of me.

"So," Mike, who I knew from that time Bella and I had gone to the movies before I phased, said to me, "that thing with Cullen yesterday was INTENSE. Word is he wants Bella back. Is that true?"

I decided to try to be friendly even though I really didn't care for the guy. "Yeah, but the only time he'll ever touch her again is in his dreams. I'm not letting that asshole near MY girl again after what he did to her." I wasn't just referring to Cullen dumping Bella, but the rest of it was none of Mike's or anyone else's business.

The girl called Angela - the only person sitting with us that Bella genuinely seemed to like - suddenly leaned forward and said, "Hey, why is that girl staring at you like that? She's totally giving me the creeps!"

Before I could stop her, Bella was out of her seat, stalking across the cafeteria with determination. I almost got up and followed her, but my instincts said no, so I just waited and watched as my girl walked right up to Caitlyn McDougal and got in her face. I eavesdropped shamelessly.

"I want you to quit stalking my boyfriend." Bella's tone was cool and confident, and completely unlike her. It made me hard.

"Please. He's only with you because he feels sorry for you. Why ELSE would ANYONE be with a plain Jane like YOU?" Caitlyn spat. I couldn't believe it. How could anyone, even a jealous girl, refer to my beautiful Bells as a plain Jane?

"You have absolutely no clue of what you're talking about." I could practically hear Bella rolling her eyes. "If you weren't making Jacob so uncomfortable, I wouldn't even bother with you. But you are, so listen closely. This is my only warning - stay away from MY Jacob or I'll hit you where it REALLY hurts." Wow. Scary Bella. I couldn't WAIT to get her home!

As soon as she got back to our table, I stood and kissed her. "You're magnificent."

Her cheeks reddened and she smiled, pressing herself against me and wrapping her arms around my neck. I let my hands fall to her hips, squeezing gently as we gazed into one another's eyes. "I can't believe I just did that." Her voice was shy. "Did you hear what I said to her?"

"Of course not!" Jessica interrupted, a sour expression on her face. We had forgotten about our lunch buddies. "You were clear across the cafeteria! How could he POSSIBLY have heard you?"

I ignored her, and Bella followed my lead. We sat back down to finish our lunch, tangling our legs under the table and sharing the occasional look and touch.

When we got back to Bella's, Charlie was awake and waiting for us. He looked like he was in a foul mood, and I soon found out why. "Edward Cullen called a little while ago. He said to tell you that he'd see you tonight. Why the hell are you making plans with that asshole after what he did to you?"

"I'm not," Bella replied, and shot me a worried look. "I'm not even talking to him. But …" I could see her debating whether or not to tell Charlie about Cullen's freaky behavior. Catching her eye, I gave her a slight nod. It was best for him to be aware of the situation - or as aware as he could be without knowing about Vampires and Werewolves. "Well, Edward has been trying to get me back, and he's been SERIOUSLY creepy about it. He's like a completely different person, Dad. I'm afraid of him."

Charlie's expression turned murderous. "If he shows up here tonight, call me. I've got the night shift again, but Jake will be with you, right?"

Bella's cheeks flushed and she nodded silently. I guess she figured out that her father knew a lot more about our relationship than she'd thought.

"I'll be here." I looked Charlie directly in the eye. "I won't let anything happen to her, sir."

He nodded solemnly and patted my clapped my shoulder on his way out. A few minutes later, I heard the cruiser pull away. I immediately turned to Bella and planted a scorching kiss on her sweet lips.

She was shaking by the time I pulled back, and I could smell her sweet arousal. Good. I'd been half hard all day with wanting her. Now I was going to make her FEEL my desire. If I'd had the will, I would have made her beg; as I was I barely got my jeans undone and her panties out of the way before I was drilling her to the kitchen wall.

She LOVED it. I didn't kiss her, I just watched her face as she moaned and shouted my name. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut and her forehead was furrowed in concentration. Sweat trickled down her flushed cheek and her full lips were stretched in a perfect O. She was GLORIOUS.

"Oh, oh JAKE!" she started to tremble, right on the edge of orgasm.

I leaned in so my mouth was right up against her ear, letting her feel my hot breath for a moment before I spoke, slowly and distinctly. "I'm YOURS, Bella. I belong to YOU, body and soul."

"YES!" she shouted, and came hard, her muscles milking my own AWESOME orgasm out of me in short order. I growled her name as I flew over the edge, thrusting as deeply as possible inside her before shooting my seed.

Once we'd caught our breath, we straightened our clothes out - me shoving Bella's torn pink panties into my pocket - and stumbled to the living room couch, where we sat side by side.

"I've been waiting to do that all fucking DAY." I let out a sigh full of satisfaction before continuing. "Shit, Bells, you completely blew me away with your confidence today. Oh, and the way you staked your claim on me to that weird Caitlyn chick made me so fucking HARD that I actually had to jack off in the guys' bathroom." I turned my head to look at her.

She turned her head to look at me as well, a smug smile twisting her lips despite the redness in her cheeks. When she spoke, though, her voice was deadly serious. I shivered in reaction to it. "You're MY Jacob and I swear to God, any woman who tries to take you from me is going to know REAL pain. I'm not letting you go, Jacob Black. Not EVER."

I pulled her onto my lap, a tender smile on my lips, and kissed her long and slow. Our tongues tangled in a now familiar dance and our hands roamed each other's bodies - not looking to arouse, just looking to reassure. We were there, we were together, we were in love … oh, SO in love. Everything was right.

When we finally ended our kiss, I stroked my hands through Bella's long, silky hair and smiled brightly at her. "You're mine just as much as I'm yours, Bella Swan, and I'm not letting YOU go either. Ever."