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Chapter 19:

Bailey wondered what caused the alien crew of the Normandy to camp in front of his desk. They arrived at least two hours earlier and so far hadn't made a move to leave. Occasionally, the quarian would use her omnitool, but nothing more. And on top of that, he hadn't seen Shepard at all. When the quarian opened her omnitool for the hundredth time; Bailey finally had enough.

"Okay, I've had enough of you loitering. Either you tell me what's happening or you start walking," he said, trying to read the alien faces with growing worry over their commander. She'd been pregnant last time he saw her around and many would see that as the perfect time to strike her down. Spectres always had enemies after them. Shepard more than the normal amount. A shame, really, he liked the woman. She was... one of a kind…

"The Commander is having her baby," the rather well-endowed asari spoke while keeping her eye on the krogan bouncing on the corner, "It has made the crew… nervous."

Bailey glared again at the krogan, who looked close to punching the turian C-Sec officer nearby. His eyes moved to the drell standing still in the next corner in what appeared to be a prayer, then to the quarian cursing softly while working again on her omnitool, to the pacing turian right in front of his desk before settling back on the calm asari.

"Guess I'll have to buy the kid something," he said and the Justicar smiled at his words while Bailey resigned himself to having them all on his office.

With one last glance at the Krogan, he thought maybe having them there was not such a bad idea after all. The last thing he needed was a jittery group of... soldiers? ...mercs? ...men willing to work with a spectre walking around his ward. With a tired sigh, the officer went back to work, grateful that at least they were silent.

"Oh, Keelah! It's done!" the quariang exclaimed another hour and a half later.

Bailey looked away from his terminal and watched as all the aliens rushed towards the quarian. He almost worried she might get trampled. The noise in his office suddenly worse than that time the Dark Star strippers rioted after a volus couldn't take no for an answer.

"Everyone calm down before I lock you up for disturbance of the peace," he said though the smile told them he wasn't being serious. Still, they obeyed and he managed to ask, "So, quarian, what was it?"

"It's a boy. Oh, Keelah, I've never seen a human baby before," the quarian looked flustered even through her suit.

"Congratulations, Garrus," the drell said, "Becoming a father is one of my fondest memories. Enjoy your lifetime together and I'll pray to the gods you don't make the same mistakes I did."

The C-Sec officers stopped to look at the turian. Bailey had heard the rumors and seen that special Al-Jilani made a few weeks ago, but actually hearing it was ten times better.

"You're the father?" Haron asked and Bailey had to wonder what exactly was going through the turian's head, "But that's impossible!"

Garrus sighed, though Bailey had been around enough turians to notice the heated glare he sent Haron.

"Her previous mate lost all rights when he abandoned them. She's my mate now," Garrus said, mandibles flaring, as if daring the other turian to challenge him.

Bailey knew Haron long enough to know he was going to say something back. But right when Bailey was wondering if Haron had a death wish, the doors opened and Jack strode in.

"What are you shitheads doing here? I thought you'd be partying or something," she said before strolling past them.

"Wait, Jack, did you see it?" Tali asked and the bald woman stopped.

"Hell, yea! The little bastard's ugly as hell, but Chakwas said that's normal. Lively one, though. Just the way Cerberus likes them, I think," she said before leaving.

There was a minute of complete silence before Bailey watched the aliens stampede out of the room and to the ship. He couldn't help but laugh at their antics, until he noticed the asari was still there.

"You're not joining your friends?"

She gave him a small smile, "Later. I find myself with a problem, Captain."

"Anything I can help you with?"

"Perhaps," she said as she approached him, "You see, this moment is one I thought I'd never see. My daughters cannot give me grandchildren and I grew… resigned to that fate. You said something about buying a gift. Is that customary for human births?"

Bailey looked at the clock. His shift was almost over and he could always leave Sanix in charge. With one more look at the asari, he messaged the turian and crossed the distance between them. He offered his arm to the asari.

"I know the perfect baby store to find the boy a gift."

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