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Sun filtered through the crisp leaves of a large tree and spilled onto the rough stone bench Shisui sat on. He waited quietly, like he always did since he met the little pink haired girl, for her to finish another day at school. As time ticked by his thoughts slowly slid to events that happened a week ago.

"Shisui-nii, I'm up!" Sakura called out as she sat up in the boy's bed. She glanced around before looking out the only window in the room. A calm red-orange sunset spilled gently over the village and Sakura smiled happily.

"Good." He smiled. "Does your leg hurt a lot?" He questioned squatting down next to her.

He watched Sakura wobble slightly trying to stand on her own. She winced as pain shot up her leg and she quickly reached out grabbing onto Shisui's black shirt to stay up right. Shisui left out a sigh and picked the girl up.

"Your clothes have dried, so you can go put them on if you want." He stated looking down at her.

"Alright!" Sakura giggled, wrapping her arms around Shisui's neck.

As they both exited the room, Shisui made his way to the bathroom carrying his precious cargo. He placed her down on the white toilet and looked over at her as he left the room telling her he'd be back in a second. Sakura looked around the bathroom curiously and glanced at the bathtub. There were a few labeled and unlabeled bottles. Those that weren't labeled, Sakura guessed, had been in tub quite a while and the water peeled off their sticker. She reached out, picking up a clear bottle with a tan substance inside, and popped it open. A soft cinnamon sent wafted out as Sakura sniffed it curiously.

"It smells like Shisui-nii!" She laughed, quickly placing the bottle back as Shisui reentered the bathroom.

Shisui handed Sakura her clothes and watched her stare at him quietly.

"Shisui-nii….." She mumbled.

"What is it?" He asked looking down at the girl, as she puffed out her suddenly pink cheeks.

"Get out!" Sakura blurted causing Shisui to quickly turn and waltz out of the bathroom his face slightly red.

Shisui waited, hearing quiet ruffles of clothing before Sakura called out to him again. He slowly opened the door to see Sakura in her normal, black long sleeve shirt, which had three little slits in the sleeves and khaki shorts. She held out his dirty shirt to him and he tossed it over his shoulder to pick her up.

"I think I should take you back home now, alright?" He said as Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck again.

"Okay." Sakura smiled resting her head on his shoulder.

"Just be quiet, I could get in trouble if someone sees you." He muttered as he walked out the back door of his house and into the forest.

The sun slowly crept its way down the sky as Shisui carried Sakura through the forest and back onto a stone path that lead towards the civilian houses. Walking down the almost empty street, save for a few open vendors, Shisui stopped in front of Sakura's house.

"Go through the back!" Sakura chirped pointing to a somewhat hidden rear entrance.

Nodding, Shisui walked around the house and entered through an old wooden fence into her backyard. He made his way to the backdoor, with Sakura still attached to him like a koala.

"The back door is usually unlocked until I got to bed." Sakura stated as Shisui opened the door, juggling Sakura in one hand.

He glanced around the house quietly as he pulled the door shut behind him. The house was quite plain, which surprised him. Even for three people to live here, the house was barren of family photos and decorations.

"If you go forward and right, there's a staircase." Sakura pointed out to a hallway in front of them.

"Alright," Shisui chuckled. "You lead the way."

He walked quietly down the hallway, glancing about trying to find some form of life, of presence, an atmosphere, a family touch to the house, but failed to detect any. As he climbed the wooden stairs Sakura had pointed out earlier he felt quite sad for the little girl in his arms. It didn't seem like there was any sign of a family in the house, just her lone presence when she was there. Opening the door she eagerly showed him, he entered her room and placed her on the cushiony bed. He was surprised at how nicely furnished it was for being only a child's room. There was a long desk, a full length mirror, a nice sized closet and a book case. He looked over at Sakura to see her beaming up at him.

"What is it?" Shisui smirked, looking down at the girl.

"Do you like my room?" She questioned, her eyes filled with childish hope.

"Of course I do. It's very warm." He stated sitting next to her on her bed. "I have to go now though Sakura. I just wanted to make sure you got home safely."

He watched Sakura's eye cloud with sadness at his sudden need to leave. Sighing Shisui pulled her into a soft hug.

"You can't go to school due to your sprained ankle, so I'll check up on you until you're better, alright?" Shisui asked only to smirk again at Sakura's sudden bright eyes looking up at him with joy.

"You'll visit me?" Sakura squealed with joy.

"Well, I need to make sure you're alright." He stated, "But I have to go now." Shisui released Sakura from his gentle embrace and watched her pout puffing her cheeks.

"Shisui-nii, can I ask you something?" Her cheeks still puffed with a soft red.

"Yes?" He responded.

"Can I trade you my Bun-bun for your shirt?" She asked seriously.

"Your Bun-bun," Shisui questioned, not quite following where the little girl was going with this weird bargain. "What's a Bun-bun?"

He scanned her movements as she dug under the covers of her bed and pulled out an old rabbit doll.

"I'll trade you this, for that!" Sakura stated point to her doll, then Shisui old shirt he had forgotten he had taken along.

"Now why would you want my shirt?" Shisui chuckled.

"Cause it's you!" Sakura exasperated, not understanding how he didn't understand her.

"Won't you miss your doll?" Shisui looked at her with concern.

"No, because then I'll have Shisui-nii all the time!" Sakura puffed out her cheeks again, growing impatient.

Nodding, Shisui plucked the old doll from Sakura's hands and tossed her his old shirt that was resting on his shoulders.

"But there's one condition." Shisui stated, fidgeting with his newly obtained doll. "You may never show that to anyone else, and you can't wear it unless I'm with you. It's our secret." He stated seriously searching the girl's green eyes for any sign that she might break the promise. If someone were to catch her with a shirt from the Uchiha clan and decide to question her possession of it there'd be a commotion in his family for sure.

"I can't have that." Shisui thought.

"Okay." Sakura nodded; confident she could keep yet another one of their secrets.

Smiling Shisui got up to leave only to have Sakura tug the hem of his shirt.

"Can you toss me that book Shisui-nii? I'm not really tired." She stated pointing to a large book on her desk.

Picking up the book Shisui handed it to her and turned towards the door.

"Wait! Come back a second!" Sakura shouted waving her arms, signaling him to come over to yet again.

Letting out a soft chuckle Shisui walked back to her yet again and squatted down next to her bed.

"What is it this time?" He smirked, slightly amused at how she was trying to get him to stay.

He twitched, feeling Sakura gently peck him on the lips before pulling away.

"See you later Shisui-nii!" She smiled at him before cracking open her large book.

Shaking his head Shisui looked back over to the academy entrance just in time.

"Shisui-niiiiiiiii!" Sakura called out, running to him energetically. She halted just in front of the older boy who sat waiting for her silently. "How are you?" She chirped.

"Fine." Shisui stated glancing away from the girl feeling a bit awkward about the memory he had just relived in his mind. She managed to heal up pretty quickly in that single week. Her leg didn't seem to bother her in the slightest now and he was thankful for that. Shisui had kept his promise of visiting her each day to make sure she was alright and she was more than happy to allow him to come over whenever it seemed because perhaps she was a lonely child.

Glancing over at the afternoon sun Shisui quickly got off the bench and offered Sakura his hand. Feeling the little girl's hand slip into his and lace their fingers together Shisui started to walk off, Sakura following right next to him. Their feet made soft scuffing noises on the stone path that lead away from the academy and Shisui glanced over at Sakura through the corner of his eyes. His blank face turned into a frown as he spotted a dark purple mark near her lower lip.

"Sakura, why do you have a bruise?" Shisui stopped looking at her seriously.

"Ummm, Ami hit me kind of hard when we were sparing in class." Sakura mumbled. "It really hurt, she's such a jerk."

"Is she the one who hurt you before?" He questioned kneeling down; Shisui brushed Sakura's short pink hair out of the way to get a better look. The bruise wasn't that bad, it was smaller than a coin, but was still fresh and would take a bit of time to heal.

Glancing back up at Sakura he watched her nod quietly before noticing she wasn't looking at him, but just above his head to avoid making eye contact. Sighing Shisui picked her up and held her to his chest before walking again.

"If she hurts you why don't you tell one of your teachers?" He asked softly.

He felt her burry her head in the crook on his neck and hold on to him tightly. It was obvious that whatever reason was holding her back from seeking help was enough to keep her quiet, even from him and the frown grew larger on Shisui's face.

"So you can't ask anyone for help then?" He asked, feeling her nod slightly. "Not even me?"

He felt her squeeze him slightly as she held onto him while he continued to walk to her house. Entering the backyard Shisui let her go and placed her in front of him. Reaching out Sakura held onto the hem of his shirt, her head lowered slightly sniffling. Shisui sighed placing his hand gently on Sakura's head running his fingers through her hair comfortingly.

"She said no one would care." Sakura whispered feeling her eyes sting from the oncoming tears. She gripped Shisui's shirt tighter, her knuckles turning white as she bit her lip, attempting to stop herself from crying. "She said no one would help me." She choked out a sudden sob.

Shisui watched as Sakura quickly clung to his leg and hid her face in his shirt crying.

"I was never good with these kinds of situations." Shisui thought sighing. "At least she's being open about her feelings now."

Placing his hand gently on her back he gave her a gentle push signaling her to come inside with him. She clung tightly to his shirt as he awkwardly walked inside with her pulling on him. Sakura shuffled her feet against the wood floor as more tears kept spilling from her green eyes. She didn't want to go inside. She really just didn't want to go anywhere. Her chest hurt a lot for some reason and her eyes stung pretty badly. She pulled herself closer to Shisui as he closed the door behind them and sniffled. Sakura felt him pat her head and she peered up at him through her hair which had stuck itself to her wet cheeks.

"Let's go to your room and talk." Shisui stated making his way to the staircase with Sakura dragging her feet behind him. He stopped at the top of the stairs and looked down at Sakura as she trudged along each step gently rubbing her eyes to dispose of the tears that poured out. As she made her way to the top of the stair Shisui opened the door to her room and let her inside first.

"Now, would you explain everything to me, Sakura?" Closing the door Shisui watched the young girl crawl onto her bed. He stepped over to her and sat quietly on the soft cream colored blanket. He glanced around her room before quickly looking back at Sakura who was now curled into a small ball. Her hair clung to her face and her nose was somewhat red as she hiccupped slightly. It really wasn't the day he had been hoping for, between his missions and clan duties it was hard to fit Sakura into his life, but he managed. Somehow he always made sure to make room for her. Reaching out towards Sakura he rested his hand on her shoulder gazing down at her. Shisui watched Sakura brush a few strands of hair out her face and take a few shaky breaths.

"Shisui-nii, I'm not an ugly forehead monster am I?" Sakura asked looking up at him.

"Of course not, you're Sakura!" Shisui chuckled, gently tapping her red nose. "Is that was Ami calls you?"

He watched Sakura nod quietly in response to his question. He took his hand away from her face and placed in it his lap thinking. "Sakura, if you want Ami to stop, you need to stand up to her." He stated.

Sakura froze in terror at the thought of ever opposing Ami or her two giggling goons. There was no way she could fight them, and the last time she tried to flee she still got beaten up. Furiously shaking her head Sakura rejected Shisui's idea. She rolled over and took her pillow into her arms and clung to it desperately. She knew deep down she could never fight against Ami and win, it was obvious seeing as how she ended up with a bruise on her lip and an even more damaged ego at the end of their spar today. If it hadn't been for that cute Ino girl she would have gotten beaten to a pulp! Sakura shuddered at the thought and glanced at Shisui who only returned her gaze with a sad look.

"I take that look on your face as a no." Shisui sighed and flopped down on the bed next to her. He couldn't be there for her every day, even if he wanted to protect her from her bullies. She'd have to grow up anyway, with or without him, but having to go through daily bulling wasn't going to help her mature.

"Not the way I want her to." Shisui thought before shaking his head. He'd have to fix this problem if he planned on helping her in the future. He couldn't be there and if he couldn't be there she'd need to know how to stand up for herself.

"Sakura, the next time Ami does something I want you to tell me alright? I don't really know what I can do, but it's better than holding everything in." He stated his eyes wandering over the tiny girl. "Does your bruise hurt at all?"

Sakura shook her head remaining silent before a small imaginary light bulb flicked on in her head and she quickly kneeled next to Shisui. "Shisui-nii can you do something for me?" Sakura asked somewhat excitedly.

"What is it?" Shisui questioned propping himself up on his elbow facing the girl.

"Can you kiss my bruise to make it better?" She smiled happily pointing to the small purple blotch near her lip. "Ino said that if my mom or dad kissed it, it'd heal really quickly, but they aren't here…" Sakura's smiled turn into a small pout as she recalled her parents sending a letter stating they're be delayed an extra week before returning home.

Shisui stiffened slightly staring at the girl in surprise. "Why does she always make me do these things?" He frowned, thinking before turning away. "I can't Sakura, sorry." Shisui muttered looking away.

Sakura nodded in disappointment and flopped next to him holding her pillow to her chest. She let a quite sigh escape her lips and she wiggled under her blankets. Rolling over Sakura looked at the back of Shisui's curiously. "Shisui-nii what are you thinking?"

"It's nothing." He muttered. "Other than the fact I'm probably going to hell for being so creepy at such a young age."

Turning to face the little flower next to him Shisui frowned. "Do you really think that if I kiss it, it will heal faster?" He stared into her eyes as she contemplated his question.

"Yup!" Sakura giggled happily.

"WHY?" Shisui looked at her confused.

"Because, Ino said that love fixes all booboos!" Sakura stated mater-of-factually.

Mentally groaning, Shisui gently reached out and placed his hand gently on Sakura's cheek. Watching her silently, Shisui gently pressed his lips against the bruise near her lower lip attempting to be careful as to not kiss her directly. "Even though I already have," He thought miserably in his head. "I swear I'm not a pedophile so it doesn't matter right?" Pulling away Shisui glanced down at the blushing girl next to him.

Smiling Sakura reached out and hugged Shisui tightly. "Thank you Shisui-nii! I bet it'll be better in the morning!" She giggled.

"Right…of course it will." Shisui shifted looking around the room awkwardly. He took a deep breath and tried to relax as he felt Sakura squeeze him slightly.

"I love you Shisui-nii." Sakura giggled one last time before relaxing next to the dark haired boy.

Nodding, Shisui wrapped his arm around the little girl and pulled her closer to him.

"At least I'm not as creepy as the people from the Aburame clan." Shisui thought shuddering slightly.

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